Virgoans are extremely interested in their partners as well, and will ensure their lover is happy at all times. Is there anything else hiding underneath this man’s precise personality?The Type of Woman Virgo NeedsA Virgoan isn’t persuaded by a pretty face, nor does he find himself enthralled with a woman who’s dazzling with jewels and fancy clothes.
He needs a stable, secure, and confident woman who knows her worth and doesn’t rely on her looks to get her way.
In fact, a Virgo man will most always choose a beautiful and strong personality over a good-looking female any day.
A Virgoan will sit back and assess his potential woman for some time before making the decision to pursue her- he must first make sure you are not some ditzy woman with a pretty face, but rather a smart gal with a head on her shoulders and a confident personality that is easily recognizable in a crowd.
He also needs a woman who can boost his confidence and ego, and a lady with a wild side that can bring him out of his rigid shell a bit.Virgo in a RelationshipThe Virgo man is always striving for perfection, and will review his work endlessly until he finishes it with utmost perfection- and this includes his love life, too.
It is only when he has decided that the relationship has met his standards of perfection that he will allow himself to become comfortable enough to fall in love.
He will be faithful to the woman he loves.Virgoans are not only known for their faithfulness, but their thoughtfulness as well. They will always (and we mean always) make time for you, even though his days might be booked with full time work and part time schooling. The Virgoan will take special precautions and plan out his entire schedule to make sure he’s home to make his spouse dinner and play with the children during all of his free time.It’s not often that you will see a Virgo man do anything extremely out-of-the-blue or romantic. His sensible nature and relaxed relationship style sees no need for extravagant schmoozing or romantic candlelit dinners on the ocean shore. Remember, he is the type of guy who is willing to do anything for his lady and makes time for her no matter what.
He’s not high maintenance in the slightest and is in it for the long haul, which means you can’t put your fears of ‘hit it and quit it’ to rest.
Advertisement Virgo in the BedroomDuring the first encounter with a Virgo man, you might notice one thing: his extreme rigidness. Virgoans don’t have a natural confidence about them, and this lack of confidence extends into the bedroom. You won’t expect any surprises or wild encounters with a Virgo man, as every aspect of the event is planned carefully beforehand and done so in the correct order during the night.However, as the Virgo man becomes more comfortable with his lover, the rigidness will disappear and it will be like making love to entirely different person. Suddenly the surprises appear and you see a new found passion and wild drive in your Virgo lover. You will soon notice that his careful attention to detail and his strive for perfection can be used in a spectacular, pleasing way.One way to get the Virgoan to come out of his shell and love you more deeply is to reassure him often of what a great job he is doing. As we’ve mentioned before, Virgoans are constantly seeking to be perfect in everything they are doing, and hearing from you that their work is perfect will boost his confidence and help him to relax more under the sheets.Negative Side of a Virgo ManThe biggest negative trait a Virgo man possesses is his overcritical attitude.
As he’s always seeking perfection in everything he does, he will certainly criticize every aspect of his daily routine until it meets his (sometimes impossible) requests. Many women find this to be annoying and this critical attitude can sometimes show up during the course of the relationship, which sometimes may lead to a messy and hurtful breakup.The Virgo man is also a bit picky and harsh when it comes to choosing his mate, which can appear as judgmental. Virgoans will sit back and watch before making a move on a woman for the sole purpose of deeming whether or not she is ‘good enough’ for him. Of course, nobody is fond of a gentlemen who is extremely judgmental and picky when it comes to choosing a lady, so this can be a big put off for many woman.Last but not least, a Virgo is very stuck in his ways and won’t change his mind for anything or anyone. This is a part of his overcritical attitude and constant need for perfection in every aspect of his life. The both of you are extremely driven and determined with everything you do and give 100 percent to your partner at all times.

The both of you are seeking long term relationships and take relationships extremely seriously. This relationship will flourish as the two of you strive for a seemingly perfect and limitless relationship.
He wants the perfect woman who can boost his confidence and stay by his side no matter what. But I had just broke up with my ex and i was devastated and i wasn’t looking for anything, at least not serious at all. It was a picnic in the middle of nowhere and I had an appointment before dinner so i asked if it was okay for him to give me a ride.
When you guys met, it felt like the entire world stopped turning for him whenever he was around you. Even though you deliberately tried to get him to stop chasing you, he still was persistent in trying to win your affection. It is normal for relationships to pass from the infatuation stage to the affectionate stage after a few months or years. This does not mean that he loves you any less–from the sound of it, he probably loves you even more today than he did before. While it is understandable to worry when you know that his ex is still around and his friends still hang out with her, he is with you for a reason.
He loves you and wants to be with you over the long term, so just enjoy your relationship and relax.
Hes been open with me that his friends really like me and he has outright said that he likes me. I feel like with the things we do though that we already are in a relationship or dating at least. He is very open about me not getting hurt in this situation and has been very kind about me needing to sometimes re-evaluate. He has been honest with you and said what he wants, so now you just have to decide if what he wants works with your own plans for the future.
Good luck, Eva!Reply web admin April 23, 2016 at 8:46 amIf he has been hurt before and is unwilling to commit to a relationship, it could be a long time until you guys are officially dating. It sounds like he does have feelings for you, but he still wants to just be friends with benefits.
It could be months or years though before he wants something more, so you may want to think it through before you decide to be with him or not. If you are willing to wait it out and feel like this could be something special, then it may be worth staying in this situation for a few more months to see where things go.
While he probably cares for you as a friend, it seems like he is never going to want an actual relationship.
If you are not willing to have just a sexual relationship, your only real option at the moment is to cut ties with him and move on. If he grows up and wants to settle down in the future, he can always get back in touch with you then.
Until that time, you have to move on and live your life without being held back by a dead-end relationship. Good luck!Reply virgo girl April 6, 2016 at 7:20 pmim a 21 year old virgo woman and I have a 21 year old male boyfriend weve been together 8 months now at first everything was great, and we was seeing eachother all the time he lived in Rochester mn and I loved in Minneapolis mn.
He may have thought that he was over her when he met you, but it seems like that was not the case.

While he logically knows that it will never work with her, their history together makes it hard for him to just forget everything that has happened. I would go ahead and wait a few more weeks at least to see if he has gotten over her and returned to normal. If he has not returned to the loving, attentive man that you first met by that point, it may be time to move on.
Feb 21 2016 11.59am Firstly I want to say thank you, thank you so much for your reply to my message, it has helped me immensely. I have taken a deep breath and a step back, not keep thinking about what I Want with my Virgo man. I will make myself speak to him after my divorce abut possible future together, but for now I will relax, instead of making him go faster than he is comfortable with, I need to enjoy what I have now. The last time I saw him, he wanted me to call him my king, he actually said that, and I felt like his queen I could not stop smiling (As this is exactly what Maica had said. He then disappeared for about two months and now he’s back we still have conversation but not as we did in the past.
The female scorpion appreciates his analytical mind while the male virgin finds her charming and confident.
The earth sign Virgo is no different, but it’s because he studies every little detail of a situation. But once the Scorpio female strikes up a conversation with him, she will understand his methodical nature.The Virgo, in turn, will use that time to try and figure out who she is and what she wants out of life. She won’t give him all the answers, for she always keeps a little for herself, but she will tease him enough to keep him coming back for more.And this will be the case with a lot of things in the Scorpio woman Virgo man relationship.
Both the Scorpio woman and the Virgo man are often successful in their careers, and they’re both cautious with their finances.The Scorpio woman is a born leader while he is ambitious and determined, and this creates a strong match.
Their home life will be very comfortable, and they can trust each to make rational decisions.The Virgo male is grounded and practical in his approach, giving her a solid foundation on which to build their physical relationship. She is passionate and intense, and he can match that intensity when he wants to.The Scorpio woman will have to reassure him that it’s okay to try new things, and he will have to learn some of her more primal techniques. And that won’t be easy, for she’s used to taking the initiative and leading men where she knows they want to go. But her Virgo partner is more thoughtful, more conscientious of how and why things are happening to just rush into something.This may drive her crazy at first, but once he obliges he offers her a consistent sexual mate. Sometimes she may be overbearing and this prevents him from being able to execute his tried and true style.The only snag in the Scorpio and Virgo relationship is his desire for perfection. Virgo men are so structured and disciplined that they may come across as cold or distant, and this will make their Scorpio partner suspicious.Scorpio women can be very jealous, and if the Virgo isn’t forthcoming with his feelings they may think something is wrong. Of course, the only way he knows how to argue is with logic.ConclusionScorpio is a fixed water sign whereas Virgo is a mutable earth sign, the Scorpio woman man compatibility gets a FOUR Hearts rating. The Virgo man will have to learn to connect with her emotionally and the Scorpio woman will have to realize she can’t always read his thoughts.
But if the Scorpio Virgo couple can reach this common ground, they will be together for life.

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