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Tom Mison (31): This hottie stars on Sleepy Hollow opposite Nicole Beharie and the show has already earned a second season! Tim KangA (40): This cutie play the taciturn, short-sleeve wearing, tough guy on the Mentalist. Noah Wylie (42): Noah is an oldie but goodie in the entertainment business and has been one of my favorites since he played a cute newbie-doctor on ER. Check out BB&W Kids, the first major website celebrating multiracial, multicultural and inter religious families!
CHRISTIAN BALEAmerican Psycho, 2000Yes, Patrick Bateman (Bale) is a touch sadistic and basically murders everyone who crosses his path. Highlight Hollywood readers are our #FashionPolice, and they were excited to give their critiques tonight of the best and worst dressed on the Oscars red carpet! Sofia Vergara was a vision as usual, so she made the list.  Other best dressed ladies included Reese Witherspoon, Cate Blanchett, Charlize Theron, Alicia Vikander, Brie Larson, Lady Gaga, Julianne Moore, Margot Robbie, Naomi Watts and Jennifer Flavin, on the arms of her handsome Oscar-nominated husband Sly Stallone, who was also one of the best dressed men of the night. The gentlemen who were best dressed include Leo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Christian Bale and Bryan Cranston.  Look at the photos below, and check out the guys in the slideshow at the bottom of the page.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Eyebrow Tattoos, Avril Lavigne Tattoos, Tear Drop Tattoos and Blacklight Tattoos. Check out this cross tattoo, done on the arm, that shows Christian tattoos can be also attractive and sleek in appearance. This back tattoo, showing a pair of folded hands with a chain having the cross, looks very graceful and points towards the god-fearing nature of the guy.
Elegant and enchanting; the cross with wings is a symbol that faith can take you to any spiritual heights.
Created on the back, the Celtic cross tattoo, has got a very solemn and soulful look that represents the faith of the man.
Etched as a tribute to the Jerusalem pilgrimage, this Hebrew tattoo stands for lover, and looks quite simple. The prayerful Mother Mary, makes for a charming tattoo piece, done on the arm of the guy, that looks decent as well.

This portrait of Jesus looks very graceful and is full of religious and spiritual overtones. Symbolizing the message of love, peace and brotherhood; this Christian tattoo has got a lovely, creative touch.
Innovative Jesus portrait showing him with a torn crown and has act 16:9 etched below, that is the part of the Bible where Macedonia is mentioned.
Imposing and majestic in outlook, the Celtic cross tattoo has been done in a very neat manner with knots on the arm. This is a mystic Christian tattoo that pertains to a celestial or heavenly being but looks very artistic. Simplicity is beauty; we have heard this phrase and if you want to see a sample, the cross tattoo, shown here, is perfect example.
The menorah, the star of the David, Jesus fish and Hebrew lettering for Jesus, together create a profound Christian tattoo. Strong and stunning, just like the faith of the wearer, this cross tattoo with vines and leaves, inspires awe in the eyes of the onlookers.
The three dark crosses and the fearsome cloudy backdrop is a symbol of the undying faith of the man in Christ.
Man with his arm, showing a praying hands tattoo that has a rosary and cross woven around it, which is a symbol of his religious belief. Picturesque Christian tattoo, showing a crucified Jesus, looks very soulful and somber, that touches the hearts of the onlookers.
The dark Celtic cross and the white angel wings stand for the power of Christianity that uplifts the believers and gives them hope in times of crisis.
This tattoo is inspired from the statue of the Christ, situated in Rio and looks very unique. In loving memory tattoo created with the name, date of birth and death of the dear one, with the wish that his soul may rest in peace. The pink cancer ribbon, curled around the cross, creates awareness and is also a mark of tribute for the deceased Denise.
Dark and gloomy Christ tattoo, carved on the back, presents a very somber and evocative portrait, that has been done perfectly.

Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
He is guest starring on Hawaii 5.0 and you may remember him from the short-lived series The Event. Special mention Billy Burke (46) who I have adored since the movie Fracture and who you know from the Twilight films. Wow I guess that study was true, guys look hotter when they aren’t smiling in photos lol! Despite the negativity about black women dating out or being a€?unwanted,a€? there are men of all races who think we are divine. The entire body of the car is made up of carbon fiber, and underneath the hood is a 5.2-liter V10 engine from a Lamborghini Gallardo! But he also has killer abs (har, har), an impressive beauty routine, an impeccable apartment and a respectable job. In the footage, Bond is seen dealing with the bad guys.During filming of "Spectre" in Austria, Craig takes part in what producers describe as a "major action sequence" while wearing head-to-toe black and carrying a gun. God, the most abiding symbol of religion, is someone who is worshipped and revered by all of us.
There are various ways and means to reach out to god and tattoos provide a cool and unique way out. Talking about the former, they are not such a religious lot as the latter but not devoid of religious sentiments. Here we have presented a gallery of 25 Christian tattoos for men that will tell you more on the subject.

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