But while normal people take a long time to get good in the gym, one 17 year old girl has come along and shown just how easy it can be to become a superstar gym-goer. The unidentified woman goes through a huge series of moves on camera that would impress pretty much anyone and would be a huge victory for most of us to achieve. Someone decided to record Calesta "Callie" Day as she was practicing for her performance at the Festival of Spirituals, and the video has gone viral.
This little girl likely has better ball-dribbling skills than you, your friends, and most NBA players! If you have been on the web today, you've probably seen these controversial images of Lea-Ann Ellison, who is over 8 months pregnant doing CrossFit. 7-year-old Jack Hoffman became an honorary Husker after the University of Nebraska football team adopted the young brain cancer patient back in October 2011.
To say that Jen has "above average range of motion" in her hip is an understatement- scratch that, a huge understatement. In an experiment that involved broken glass, a lot of alcohol and no hangovers, the Home Science YouTube Channel created their very own jet engine. The stars of "Money Monster" made a huge splash on the red carpet before the movie premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Nick Jonas gets a tad emotional (and pretty steamy) in a new music video for his single, “Chainsaw.” The singer is seen wandering around a cabin reminiscing about an ex-girlfriend — basically making it the ultimate breakup video. Conspiracy and a lack of financial knowledge sit at the heart of the Jodie Foster-directed thriller. The Fine Brothers stepped out of their typical "react" comfort zone to talk about someone we recently lost that has hit us all oh so hard - the one and only Prince. Did you know there was once a thing called a "courting candle" that families would put out for a man and woman to get to know each other while it burned down to a certain point? The prank is in an effort to promote "Alice Through the Looking Glass" which hits theaters on May 27th. Coyote from Brave Wilderness went on an expedition to track down the elusive Eyelash Viper.
LONDON, March 25 (Reuters) - Got a tech idea and want to make a fortune before you're out of your teens?

The money is there, just waiting for clever new moves, said 17-year-old Nick D'Aloisio, who can point to a roster of early backers for his Summly app that includes Yoko Ono and Rupert Murdoch.
The terms of the sale, four months after Summly was launched for the iPhone, have not been disclosed and D'Aloisio, who is still studying for school exams while joining Yahoo as its youngest employee, was not saying. D'Aloisio said he was the majority owner of Summly and would now invest the money from the sale, though his age imposes legal limits for now on his access to it. D'Aloisio, who lives in the prosperous London suburb of Wimbledon, highlights the support of family and school, which gave him time off, but also, critically, the ideas that came with enthusiastic financial backers. He had first dreamt up the mobile software while revising for a history exam two years ago, going on to create a prototype of the app that distils news stories into chunks of text readable on small smartphone screens. He was inspired, he said, by the frustrating experience of trawling through Google searches and separate websites to find information when revising for the test. Trimit was an early version of the app, which is powered by an algorithm that automatically boils down articles to about 400 characters. That investment attracted other celebrity backers, among them Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher, British broadcaster Stephen Fry, artist Ono, the widow of Beatle John Lennon, and News Corp media mogul Murdoch. That all added up to maximum publicity when Summly launched in November 2012, but the backers brought more than just cash for an app that has been downloaded close to a million times. His business has worked with around 250 content publishers, he said, such as News Corp's Wall Street Journal. He taught himself to code at age 12 after Apple's App Store was launched, creating several apps including Facemood, a service which analysed sentiment to determine the moods of Facebook users, and music discovery service SongStumblr.
He has started A-levels - English final school exams - in maths, physics and philosophy, and plans to continue his studies while also working at Yahoo's offices in London. Although he has created an app worth millions, D'Aloisio says he is not a stereotyped computer geek.
With gyms popping up around town and Crossfit Competitions becoming more and more popular, many are seeing how serious this sport can be. Day has been trying to raise enough money to record an album for almost a year, but after the video of her singing exploded, the donations began pouring in.Check out her GoFundMe page here.
A bone cancer survivor, Jen had only showed this unique talent to half a dozen people until she decided to make this video as an entry to Ellen’s “Here’s My Talent” contest.

Julia Roberts and George Clooney were joined by director Jodie Foster for this photo opportunity with the eagerly awaiting press.
Or that a lady never served herself from a buffet line, but rather told her date what she wanted so he would fetch it for her? Depp used an interactive billboard equipped with a camera to prank park-goers—but the best part? The man runs a community animal shelter and plans on keeping the pups for about six months. The two-week-old dog was lying on the ground making adorable moaning noises, which its owner immediately began videotaping. He found one in the forests of Costa Rica, and even though the venomous snake got veeery close, Coyote didn't bat an eye.
Just do it, is the advice of the London schoolboy who's just sold his smartphone news app to Yahoo for a reported $30 million.
It caught the eye of Horizons Ventures, a venture capital firm owned by Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing, which put in $250,000. People reading the summaries can easily click through to the full article, driving traffic to newspaper websites.
If youa€™re like anyone else, it probably took you a reasonably long while to be able to smash out tonnes of push ups, clean and jerk a huge percentage of your bodyweight, or to power through a gym session like ita€™s nothing. To learn more about Jen, her battle with Ewing Sarcoma, and how she learned to walk again, click here.
Kate Beckinsale reads some of the most eye-rolling, antiquated dating advice given to ladies in the 1800s to land a beau.
They took Fimmel the Bridge to Nowhere in California - a location that can only be reached by a treacherous hike or chopper ride - where he went bungee jumping.
What is your stance, do you support her pregnancy fitness, or do you think it's a danger to the baby?

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