What Guys Said 19 BertMacklinFBI mho 21% to a certain extent, i don't mind it. Because those who are girls in video games besides girls are either perverts or they are good as playing as them.
If I'm working, like mowing the grass, painting the house, raking, any kind of outdoor work, it is great to go shirtless.
To be honest i found it highly annoying but it wasnt her i just didnt want to leave the single life behind and wanted to be left alone.
Hey STUPID , do you really take everything you see serious ?you fucking IDIOT did you go to court , did you file papers , do you know my name ?
Trying to relive their youth and party and be all sexy  To have fun like anyone else?

You aren't getting a shirt all wet with sweat and you can enjoy the sun and the air on your skin. This may lead to a split-second advantage in combat games, or a more subtle subconsious advantage when negotiating.
NO so WAKE THE FUCK UP RETARDand keep on pushing the line and I will make sure Ron sees you for what you are KAY ?
When I was a kid spending the weekends at my dad's cabin with my brothers we were always shirtless. At the beach with my buddies we just wear boxer trunks and spend the whole day outdoors, in and out of the water. Getting all clingyWe get it, we’re AHMAZINGGGG and you always wanna hug and kiss and love us.

Not understanding high fashion This one bothers me the most… Especially as your go-to fashion guru. A little black dress while it does make a girl feel sexy, is not the only thing stores sell. Understand that sometimes high fashion forces women to dress like men, or like MC Hammer, or like Sandy from Grease. Tweet Get in Style, Lifestyle Tagged with: how to keep women happy, how to piss girls off, how to ruin a relationship, men's fashionLeave a Reply Name (required) E-mail (required) URI Your Comment Click here to cancel reply.

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