Do you think they reflect your preference, or do you believe some guys are just wrong in the head? Rounding it all up though, what do guys like in a girl physically? The poll seems to have revealed the obvious. Take a good-looking guy who appears to take care of himself, walks tall and confidently, holds his head high and may not be overly successful but shows a certain strength in what he chooses to do for a living.
The problem some see with this guy is the one fact – he does NOT communicate well with others.
In a strange way we do find women who are primarily attracted to better looking guys BUT it’s not for the reasons we usually assume. We understand women are more naturally attracted to communication and socializing and yet they do find themselves attracted to good-looking guys who are quiet and shy. Obviously this type guy is NOT triggering those items like some men do but yet she is still drawn to him.
Is it because we as people assume the quiet ones are less concerned with those around them?
He doesn’t brag or display over-confidence but is that because of his shy nature or is it that he’s truly humble?
We must admit since love and hate are so closely related we can, women included, easily find ourselves attracted to someone we actually hate. My point now becomes yet another question we must ask ourselves if we’re wondering whether or not girls like quiet guys.
Are we asking it because we do lack the attractive skills of communication and it’s not something we are willing to overcome?
Either giving us real proof before we put ourselves our there or a definite answer to avoid being rejected. Whether a girl likes a quiet guy or not should have nothing to do with our ability to create attraction. Being quiet, shy, humbled, reserved, socially held back or refraining ourselves from communicating with women may have a use to the less than handsome guys out there.
Women must feel compelled or urged to want to know more about you so she can become deeply attracted to you.
Girls may find themselves attracted to the mystery of a quiet guy BUT (generally speaking) she is more attracted to the unknown than she is to the man. Girls DO like the shy thing a little because it may be a sign of humbleness or a guy’s natural indifference to the world around him. It also may encourage her to step up to the challenge or bask in the satisfaction of opening up a man.

Girls are rarely if ever attracted to guys who are less than average and show absolutely no signs of social competence and sexual communication. Some guys may benefit from refraining a little from the small talk and sort of allowing HER to qualify herself more to him AND to create a little mystery so she has something to look for. A woman’s attraction is triggered deeper by guys who COMMUNICATE the right things and will always outnumber the totally silent guys. Cocky Comedy – How To Use Cocky Comedy To Make Women Feel Instant Attraction And Literally Addicted To Being Around You. No, there will not be any free beer or hot women screaming and begging you to drink up but just more tips, deals, updates, and everything is centered around making you a more attractive guy. Tiffany's Solo Debut, VIXX’s 5th Win, Lay Is Too Exhausted, Wonder Girls Comeback, And Monsta X Teasers!
Tiffany's Solo Debut, VIXX’s 5th Win, Lay Is Too Exhausted, Wonder Girls Comeback, And Monsta X Teasers! Exo was my first group and lay was my first bias and i think its best for him to leave Exo. Cant wait for the comebacks!I literally screamed when i saw hyuna and keumjos cover of baek yerins as i am, i really love that song! I understand why everyone wants to blame SM for what's going on with Lay's health but it really isn't their fault what he does when he's not with EXO or doing EXO related promotions, etc. What Girls Said 6 AnOrdinaryGirl45 mho 20% You look nice! Learn more Cast Your Vote Which of Gwyneth Paltrow's Exotic, Ultra-Fancy Sex Toys Would YOU Use? Judging by the results of the research, men once again proved that they have no idea what women really want. A Plus is a technology-based digital media company focused on delivering positive journalism and being the voice of good in the world. Lovepanky goes under the covers into the world of men, and tells you more about what really turns men on when they see a woman. But all said and done, the poll does reflect the preferences of most men, and we’ll just have to live with that. Specifically those who are more concerned with how others see them and use it as a gauge to judge themselves.
He signed with YG because he wanted to be in a "safe and well-established environment." This is a surprise signing by YG Entertainment. Lay is in charge of his own schedule and as a major EXO stan I think he needs to give himself a break.

Perhaps, a few people do love ears, or someone other than us does have a sense of humor too when it comes to figuring out what men find attractive in women!
She may be, in the very broadest sense, using him to make herself look and feel better about who she is. I love him and would like to see him more often but not if it means his health is compromised. Or just maybe, girls are just so cute as a button that guys like just about everything in a girl!
To achieve this feat a soldier must score over 90 in combat, physical, mentality, and shooting. His health is more important to me than EXO's comeback in June or any other kind of EXO event. The only songs from Hello Venus that I've heard were upbeat dance tracks so listening to this song was a new experience to me. Even though the girls won't be promoting this track they will be getting ready to make a summer comeback.
1539 sparkly-crystal 5 Reasons Why I Don't Care If a Guy Lives With His Parents 832 Hannah591Editor Recommended Questions How do I look? What did you guys think of their track "Glow"??PT???160509 ZTAO "Edge of Innocence" Official Movie TrailerA teaser for Tao's upcoming movie, 'Edge of Innocence' has been released.
In this movie Tao's love interest could a hold a secret deadly past but that doesn't appear to stop him from wanting to be with her.
They have the visuals and vocals to back it up.Monsta X has released individual member teasers for their comeback album 'The Clan Part. After rumors surfaced that Wonder Girls were making a comeback, a rep from JYPE responded by saying that the girls are currently working on music and are gearing up for a summer comeback. The rep also added that there is no date set for their comeback but it will be over summer.
Are you guys excited for a Wonder Girls comeback?AOA - JOYFUL WEEKENDS WITH AOA (TEASER WEEKEND VER.)AOA has released a "weekend" teaser for their 'Good Luck' comeback. AOA will be making their comeback on the 16th.Yesterday it was reported that Lay passed out because of food poisoning but now it's been revealed that he passed out from exhaustion. While blaming SM is the obvious and easy choice, fans have pointed out that Lay is the one responsible for booking his appearances and promotions in China when he's not with EXO.

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