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A lot of single girls want to know and ask themselves regularly “what do guys look for in a girl?”.
After nearly 4 years of backpacking you’d think I have my packing list down to a tee, but once again I found myself frantically sorting through all my options when it came down to packing my bag for backpacking South East Asia. With that in mind I started to look for light, breathable clothes that wouldn’t weigh me down and take up too much space. Most of the weather in Southeast Asia is hot and humid, so I’m not really going to need too much cold weather gear.
For other tops I’ve thrown in a couple of breathable cotton t-shirts, some singlets and my favorite party shirt, knowing that I don’t need much because Southeast Asia is a mecca for cheap disposable clothes at every stop along the way. I’m definitely bottom heavy on this trip, as I’ve packed a lot of different styles of shorts.
Even though you can get cheap knock offs of most shoes I’ve gone for the originals on this trip, because sometimes you can’t substitute quality. Free Runs, or any other shoes with that light, compactable material are great to travel with if you like to stay active. So there you have it, my year long list of accessories and clothes for Southeast Asia all summed up beautifully in this short post. Last word of advice, pack light and be prepared to add to your clothes selection after seeing how cheap some of the stuff is in Southeast Asia! At Don't Forget To Move we help promote and inspire adventurous, authentic and responsible travel around the world. It shows she doesn’t take herself too seriously and knows how to live life seeing the funny side of things.
If a man knows his girl is honest, it takes a lot of stress out of the relationship and leads to trust. Guys do not respect girls who just agree with everything they say and it is not something they look for in their ideal partner.
Showing a guy you care every now and then will mean a lot to him and often it will mean more than you know.

As a guy packing for Southeast Asia you’d assume it to be easy; board shorts, singlets, couple of shirts and your favorite stubbie holder, but considering the fact we’re away for the year I had to put a lot more thought into it! In saying that I have still packed a couple of items to combat the odd cold night, and the very frequent downpours during the rainy season. To battle the rain I’ve got a light breathable Patagonia shell jacket to keep me cool and dry.
I’ve only opted for one pair of long pants, choosing a pair of light cotton pants from Patagonia (in case I need to go anywhere classy).
They have so many practical functions; light to wear and pack, quick to dry and never need ironing. I’ve packed the mandatory Haviana thongs (or flip-flops to you weirdos outside of Australia), a pair of Nike Free Runs and some Teva snadals. I know they’re not the best work out shoe due to a lack of support, but they sure beat packing your heavy cross-trainers. They’re extremely well suited to the hot, humid and sunny regions of Southeast Asia to protect you from the heat and cool you down. Everything you’ll need is here and a quarter of the price if you need to buy something along the way.
This is basically me for the year, bar a couple of purchases along the way to restock my ratty clothes that will inevitably wear down and fall apart. He's spent the past four years working in non-profits throughout Latin America and Southeast Asia, with a lot of island pit-stops and wild adventures along the way. Travelers have the power to shape the world that they explore, by choosing destinations, tour operators and experiences that prioritize the care and protection of local culture, as well as the environment and animal populations. This time I swore I was going to be more planned and prepared, as opposed to rushed and unorganized. But those days are over, and I’m here to share with you the best packing list for men traveling to Asia.
I’ve probably got one too many to be honest, but when going away for the year it’s nice to have your own clothes sometimes. I used to think Teva’s were only reserved for Americans, like it was something you could only buy if you worked for the Peace Corp or in a summer camp, but boy was I wrong. They also have an SPF 50 factor to limit the suns harsh UV rays from penetrating straw hats and the like.

I’m on a wash one, wear one rotation at the moment with the jocks, and I haven’t even brought out any of the socks I packed. There are definitely a couple of gadgets and gizmos that I might have included, but you can check out that post to see all the little extras we missed. My rain jacket was useful for all those rainy days, but it didn’t get a massive workout because when it rains the best thing to do is just get under cover. We show travelers how to see the world authentically through unique stories, engaging photography and videos, honest reviews and practical travel tips.
At Don't Forget To Move we support eco-friendly initiatives, local community projects and socially conscious businesses that help promote ethical, responsible and culture focused travel. For the first time ever I actually sat down and did some forward thinking on the climates we were going to be traveling through. Rather than purchase some of the cheaper knock-offs I brought along a couple of things from back home. My whole life packed into a 70L backpack and hauled onto my back, trudging through the excitement of backstreet Bangkok, hiking the uninhabited countryside of Cambodia and popping in for a swim with turtles in the Philippines. Together we can start a movement towards responsible tourism that positively impacts the cultures, communities and environments that we explore. What I found was pretty consistent across the board for Southeast Asia weather… hot and humid, with a decent chance of rain.
As someone with flat arches, my Teva sandals offer way more support and comfort than rubber flip-flops ever could. I definitely should have cut back on those and as a result I ended up ditching a few along the way. With a handy clasp buckle to clip on and off and a neutral color scheme, I like to think I make them look stylish, even if your first thought is middle-aged tourist with knee high white socks.

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