Seems like alot of people are just calling a period of severe caloric reduction or deficit a "cleanse"??
Cleanse, detox, or whatever we call it is more about what you don't eat (or inject) vs any particular supplement or weird protocol.
For example when your taking in extra toxins into the body or creating them such as taking things to kill say lyme disease , Herxheimer reaction is a reaction to endotoxin-like products released by the death of harmful microorganisms and you will need the support of a detox program because your body cant handle the amount of endotoxin buildup to do itself even with diet and exercise. I kind think about this too with all the crap bodybuilders take and all the solvents and chemicals in things they use their body with diet and exercise may not be able to handle the load of toxin buildup, which a detox program every once in awhile may help assist with what the body is suppose to do naturally as posted in the article Tom posted.

Nothing is off limits when we talk about our bodies; this includes how we maintain our vajayjay’s.
Comments like these are all too common when girls talk, we know that the conversation must relate to their time of the month. Should someone do this after using anabolics for a period of time especially after using long and harsh cycles? We talk about our latest wax or why we refuse to wax, we talk about how our men like it or why we refuse to keep it a certain way.

The V is often a foreign space to a man, and mentally they like to believe that is it naturally perfect and no harm can come to it. Girls will gladly let other women know that it is their time of the month and the horror that they are currently going through.

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