Subscribe to Cosmo any way you like it – receive a magazine home delivered, or get the digital edition on your iPad and iPhone. A new study from Britain reckons 98% of guys have shared a bed with another dude. 93% have spooned or cuddled with another man.
The journal of Man and Masculinities published the study - conducted by sociologist Mark McCormack, of Durham University, and Eric Anderson, of the University of Winchester - proves that the ideas of masculinity have come a long way. McCormack told The Huffington Post, “We knew they [straight males] were hugging and cuddling, and we wanted to understand this phenomenon in more detail.
Their research involved interviewing 40 young male athletes – which they chose for their inevitable close male friendships, but also because they’re stereotypically considered to be ‘masculine’ – about their behaviour among friends. We’re certainly glad to see the absurd social taboos about male friendships, and male relationships, being considered less important by SNAGs (that’s a ‘90s acronym for ‘sensitive, new-age guy’ which felt entirely appropriate here). That being said, it’s behaviour we don’t see much of (especially in the media) unless it’s presented in a comedic way. Join the Cosmo Crew to have your say, score awesome offers, appear in the mag, share your tips and upload pics. Whoever invented International Cocktail Day was a genius ???? Try the Gingerbread Brandy Alexander: Heat 2 cups of brown sugar, 2 cups water, a 5cm ginger root (peeled and chopped), 5 cinnamon sticks and 1 teaspoon of grated nutmeg in a saucepan.
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I do not wish for my personal information to be disclosed to our client partner The Body Shop. I do not wish for my personal information to be disclosed to our client partner PANDORA for marketing purposes. I do not wish for my personal information to be disclosed to selected third parties not directly associated with this competition. I do not wish for my personal information to be disclosed to our client partner GUESS for marketing purposes. I do not wish to receive information on Bauer’s future offers, competitions, surveys, products, services and events. When I was younger, I used to think that boys were a different species… an icky, germ-covered species that loved to fart and burp and make fun of girls just for being girls. Source: ShutterStock They Care About Making A Good First ImpressionA lot of people seem to think that guys don't care about how they look, but that is so, so wrong. Source: ShutterStockGuys Can Have Frenemies Too I've found that the word "frenemy" seems to only revolve around female friendships, for some reason. Source: ShutterStock They Like 'Girly' Movies and TV Shows A lot of people seem to think that guys are practically allergic to rom-coms, but I can tell you that this is completely untrue. Source: ShutterStock Guys Take A Long Time To Get ReadyI know there are some dudes out there who take 5 minutes to get ready, right? Source: ShutterStock Dudes Get Insecure About Sex Stuff TooYou should know this one already, but I figured I'd throw it in here anyway.
Source: ShutterStock Guys Stalk You On FacebookDon't let them fool you - guys totally Facebook stalk the girls they like or their ex girlfriends.
No offense, but was I the only one reading this thinking your boyfriends and brother are complete sissy boys? Give us your juiciest, wildest, weirdest and embarrassingest (it’s a word) hook up stories! For insight into his personality, naughty desires, and more, observe how he snuggles with you on the couch.
Think about this snuggle position: curled up body-to-body, your bum pressed to his package, his hands free to roam around up front.
Expect him to show you his affection with his gestures and actions, rather than with words. This entry was posted in Quotes and tagged couple, couples, cuddle, cuddling, perfect, Quote, Quotes, relationship, relationships, saying, sayings on February 11, 2013 by .
He is secretly in love with her and getting closer to her means he will put himself in any position where sex might just accidentally happen.
Nice guys cuddle when they wish to MAKE a woman their lover and don’t know what or how to do it.
Yet being an optimistic person and I would hate to have a bunch of good guys out there thinking how they feel my pain and and that it was a bad thing.
Of course I didn’t know my conversations were putting me in the friends zone just left to cuddle.
Listening to women this way is a HUGE Advantage over other guys who may not be very good at it. Becoming a non-sexual friend as she spouts out without worry every last detail of her terrible experiences with the guys she has sex with. You may even be attracted to him and hoping he feels the same way but for some reason he won’t make a move on you. If your subtle hints are not working and you assume he is not attracted to you, he’s NOT going to change anytime soon. If you’re spooning then reach back for his hand, make sure you notice where it is, grab it and wrap it around you.
Men DO cuddle with their lovers and nice guys DO cuddle with women they wish to BE their lover. No, there will not be any free beer or hot women screaming and begging you to drink up but just more tips, deals, updates, and everything is centered around making you a more attractive guy.
And I can almost guarantee none of those three items makes you less attractive to some men, just the same as my short ass has very little to do with how attractive I am. Things have moved quickly between them and, despite some initial suppressed jealousy from me, I am happy for them both and have done my best to help them through any relationship struggles they’ve had so far, over first arguments, jealousy and trust issues. He wants to stay with me again but I’m concerned about whether it could affect his relationship and our friendship. Yes, as far as I’m concerned your friend IS looking for something more with you and since he has a girlfriend he gets to take all the time he needs until you come around. But I DO know guys, and have some experience watching relationships and the ability to read them which includes your relationship with him and his relationship with his girlfriend.

In this time I know my boyfriend has continued speaking to his ex just as frequently as he would speak to me. Last weekend we had gone out with friends and unfortunately I had to look after a friend who got into a panicked state.
This week my boyfriend went to the bar with his friends and then came back to mine incredibly drunk.
Last night, when my boyfriend could tell something was wrong, I told him some of my concerns. But what I would do, is be honest about the messages and anything else and finally break up with him and tell him he’s free to do what he likes. Last night though I stayed at his place and we ended up cuddling the entire night…like full body contact for 8 hours. These stats might sound shocking to baby boomers, but according to millennials… it’s just standard practise. The researchers were surprised by how nonchalant guys were about the physical closeness of their relationships. If you are already a member just log in, or join the Cosmo Crew to have your say, score awesome offers, appear in the mag, share your tips and upload pics.
My cousin (who is a guy, obvs) used to call me all the time to talk for hours and gossip about all of our mutual friends.
My boyfriend stresses over his outfits when we're going out somewhere nice, like a wedding. While it's true that dudes tend to be a little more laid-back with their friends (they're more likely to just say it how it is than girls are), it's completely possible for them to also have frenemies.
It’s no surprise he was much too concerned with getting laid and treating me like a pain in the ass little brother than teaching me how he did it. I have very little experience with the opposite sex other than friendly relations so when someone asked me out on a date after a month of knowing me I panicked and fled. I know it’s long but I know so little about relationships and I feel I have stumbled into something more complicated.
I had seen my boyfriend talking to his ex and decided to keep out their way but after an hour of us being separated and me looking after my friend outside, he told me he had decided to go home alone. I have a nut allergy and since he had eaten nuts I told him that he could stay, that I wanted him to stay, but he couldn’t kiss me. About how he regretted not staying at mine, that he was sorry for how he acted, that he felt awful. That night was almost too good to be true – we had always done cute things together but to do something like that to want to make things up to me? Nothing about the messages, but just how, despite my trusting him and knowing that he would always be honest with me, I couldn’t stop my imagination from inventing things about he and his ex. At some point I told him I’m too warm and tried to move away but instead of letting me go he just removed the blanket. I never imagined them getting heartbroken over a girl or caring that a huge stain was all over their good shirt. I mean, not just like any of us, because obviously we’re all different and unique and all that good stuff. Finding out more about the inner workings of guys can help you see them differently – and, who knows, it might even score you a date. Any guy I've hooked up with has seemed just as excited about the idea of cuddling as I have. I know this because I watch my boyfriend, brother and all of my guy friends do it on a daily basis.
It causes you to write letters or reveal your most private and deep feelings AND it actually causes you to like or love him even more. If you have a minute to give your thoughts on my situation it would be greatly appreciated. If you respond I would be very grateful; if not, thank you for writing such an insightful article anyway. You might want to think about that angle as a good reason as to why he acts like nothing happened after. You might want to consider why this thing needs to be hidden and while your in bed with him… talk to him about it.
I know that she could be quite flirtatious and I have been told some of the things she said to my boyfriend but he has assured me there was no encouragement on his part and he remained neutral to her advances.
I found out the next day that his ex invited him over and they had done shots (he did say to me that he thought maybe she was trying to get him more drunk) and then they spent the night together.
I also unfortunately saw a few messages on his phone from his ex from the day after they had spent the night together after he was drunk. He used to tell me everything (and I mean everything) about the two of them from when they were together and after the things that had happened recently I couldn’t help but think things. Looking back on this, it was pretty unfair of me to stereotype guys so much and to assume that they’re all the same. But when it comes down to it, your average guy probably isn’t all that different from you.
And I've heard many, many dudes say that one of their favorite parts of hooking up is the cuddling afterwards - and that it's also one of the biggest things they miss after a breakup. Should I DM her and be like, 'oh, it's like that?'" These were total bros and you would probably never expect that out of their mouths. My boyfriend regularly takes longer than I do to get ready, from taking a 40 minute shower to checking his Facebook to picking a shirt that doesn't need to be ironed.
So the next time they make you feel crazy for doing it, ask them honestly if they can say they've never done the same.
I watched my little brother sink into a deep depression after his ex ended things and it still makes me sad. We talk about our future all the time, very seriously – about the immediate years and how we will make things work but also about our kids and growing old together.
In this time, he spent three nights with me in which we cuddled, nothing more, but did ultimately lead to his break up with his girlfriend.

I was told it was only a friendly thing and since I felt bad about abandoning him I didn’t communicate any unease. I am ashamed to say that I begged him to stay and he called me manipulative in what I was saying. He said that he thought he was with me when he woke and nuzzled his ex’s shoulder which surprised her.
My boyfriend seemed to understand – he said that yes, he was a little bit hurt by it, but he thought my thoughts were only natural after everything that had happened before, including how we had got together and that he understood and did t blame me for my insecurities. What should I do to fix how I’m feeling, or to save whatever might be affected by this?
I told him a couple of months ago that i was attracted to him, but that i didnt want or expect him to reply. Guys aren't into drama, but if you're close with them, I've found that they'll definitely indulge in a little gossip and secret-sharing. Even if they put on a confident front, they might only be doing this because they feel like they have to as a guy. My boyfriend told me that when he dumped his ex because she was cheating, it was the worst few months of his life - he said he couldn't even get himself out of bed.
In any case, I would and have refused every time since I would never wish to hurt him and complicate matters with his girlfriend. He tried to kiss me more times than I could count but it was just a game and I repeatedly told him I wouldn’t let him even if I wanted it due to the consequences. Is my friend looking for something more like you suggest, in spite of his having a girlfriend who he loves, or is our case the exception to the rule in your article and totally innocent cuddles? He asked me to marry him and I said yes since I couldn’t see myself with anyone else. I had tried to keep them together since I thought it best for him and when they did break up I was determined not to start anything serious with him until I was certain his feelings for his ex were gone.
Despite me having nothing against her, I do feel intimidated by her and will avoid her if I can.
I knew he was drunk and therefore couldn’t be held responsible too much for what he was saying.
He promised me nothing happened nor will ever happen, that he is entirely devoted to me and that he never wants to be with anyone else.
And when I recently went away on vacation, I found that my brother's best friend regularly made us late to our dinner reservations because he took so long to get ready. In my view the consequences would be too great and, even if he thinks it is okay, it would weigh too much on my conscience.
We’re both stubborn and both good at poker faces and also extremely talented of hiding our emotions from one another. Nevertheless, I was surprised when he presented a ring to me – nothing expensive for now, but something as a symbol just for us of how much we mean to each other.
Unfortunately in just over a week we were together privately and, although no one else knew as we wanted to keep things quiet for a while, for us we were in a serious relationship.
Eventually I said if he wanted to go home then he could but that I wanted to walk back with him to check he was okay. I told him that I couldn’t be hypocritical as he had stayed at mine when he was in another relationship but that it was different to be staying with an ex rather than a friend.
We have become really close and talk every day, and he has been such a great friend, we share a lot of secrets etc together. I know he wants to stay again soon but I wouldn’t want to do anything that compromises our friendship or hurts him. I told him that more than anything I was hurt that he had chosen to spend the night with another girl when it was so obvious that I wanted him to stay with me. I don’t want to hurt him by having to ask again, by doubting him in spite of what he said. A couple of weeks ago, i was having a particularly bad time, and he told me i needed a cuddle. We messaged each other before bed, he saying, although he was more blunt in his drunken state, that he missed me, hated being apart from me and that he hoped I slept okay. He accepted this immediately and wanted to make it up to me, promising to take me out for dinner the next evening. He has told me before that honesty and trust are the most important things in a relationship – would he be breaking his own word?
I met up with him at his house, and we lay on the couch and hugged, touching each others, back and arms.
This is my first serious relationship and sometimes I worry we have moved too quickly, especially since he has had relationships before (although he says they were completely different to what we share now) and they have affected his mental health to a degree, meaning that I am extremely conscious of not hurting him. Ten minutes later he told me that he was no longer in his own bed but was staying the night at his ex’s. I want to trust him completely, he has my entire heart in his hands and I don’t think I could cope right now if anything happened.
I know he lost a lot of friends after his girlfriend of 2 years ago cheated on him and they took her side over his. We had the most lovely evening – French restaurant, he insisted on letting me only get the tip, watched a comedy at mine after, he gave me a massage and we spent the night cuddling. Whilst i am very aware of the age gap, and feel a fool for how i feel for him, we are just very close. He replied with the whole “Robynn, Im a piece of sh** as a boy friend, im a di**, blah blaah blah!!! I say wow explain myself a,lil more and how I put alot of thought into it, and blah blah blah now hes ignoring me.

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