It was the feminist dream of the 1960s a€“ a world in which men and women share the load equally. History repeating: Wedding bliss in the 1950sMore than 1,500 adults were asked about the attributes that they a€?most valueda€™ in a spouse or partner. Nearly 40 per cent said a€?financial stabilitya€™ is one of the most important qualities in their husband and they rank gardening as more important than an ability to cook or clean. Gifts for MenHe may not need it, or know what it does, but it will look good hung on the peg . Power to Change – What Men WantAs an aspiring psychologist I've decided to do what it seems every good psychologist . Naturally, we were not surprised with many of the “answers” offered by the heavyweights of search, and would like to share them here with you!

Tanya Jackson, corporate affairs manager at the building society, said: a€?A lot of women used to think they wanted a metrosexual man.
Valentines Day Quote: 19Monica I'm making my husband brownies for valentines day, mainly because anything I buy him will be what Jim Jeffries said. I would highly recommend it to those couples that might go thru phases in life, trials and tribulations and need some divine guidance.
According to research published today, most men want a traditional wife a€“ and women are often only toohappy to oblige.In turn, it claims that the husband women most desire is a a€?retrosexuala€™ a€“ meaning they are more hunter gatherer than a a€?metrosexuala€™ stay-at-home father. I would highly recommend it those couples that might go thru phases in life and need some guidance. More than 2.1million women say they do not work because they are a€?looking after their family or homea€™.

Only 193,000 men gave the same answer a€“ a figure which has fallen by 6 per cent over the past year.
It is basically a documentary on nowadays maritime situation and how it affects its gastronomical employees.
Some men might feel uncomfortable receiving a gift worth more than $30 from a casual acquaintance.

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