I’ve always said that if I ever become the son of someone rich or famous I will fall off the face of the earth and live out my days staring at the sea. On a recent trip to Tony’s southern California home I asked him what Riley was up to, and he told me to go into the garage and see for myself.
Here’s an interview I did with Riley about his music in the hope that he would drop the act and admit he was just pretending and actually paying someone to play for him. He said the first minute sounds good but after that it sounds like the same shit over and over and over again.
Yeah, those guys go for like 20 or 30 minutes straight on the same song; it gets kind of gnarly. Do you wipe your dog’s ass with the toilet paper you keep stealing from your old man? I like the vision of Birdman finding out the hard way that there’s no toilet paper on the roll. I was annoyed to find Riley jamming out with his buddies like he wasn’t rich as all hell.

At his house they have a place where they jam, but they got in trouble because it was too loud. My friend Russell was going around having them do all sorts of shit like a full on music video director. Some days I stare at the clouds and daydream about all the things I wouldn’t do if I were rich. But whenever Figgy and those guys are playing it sounds just as good as any other band these days, so it’s not a bummer to hear good music.
But he just showed me this closet area where he keeps all the rolls, so I stopped stealing his. But I remember there was a time when I was doing a street trick that he couldn’t do and he was tripped out by it.
He even quit his dad’s company, Birdhouse, to ride for Baker to show he can make it on his own.
Maybe we can get him to sing on one of Figgy’s best track and send you the recording.

I remember the first night we were there he went out after skating all day and we just kicked back. If I had a dad who owned a skateboard company I would make him turn me pro as soon as I was able to speak, and I sure as hell wouldn’t bother learning to skate. We were in this huge house and I was sleeping on the couch downstairs and then at five in the morning I hear a bunch of people come in. I’d just have him buy me the best skater in the world, a la Richard Pryor in The Toy, and inform the skater that he was now me and would be changing his name to mine and putting out video parts for me.

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