Other acceptable practices include getting an annual physical, dressing for comfort and wearing a leather jacket.Trimming nostril, eyebrow and ear hair is also okay.
Respondents said the most important things that men over 50 can do to stay young without trying too hard are to maintain a work-life balance, keep up to date with technology, use their age to their advantage by sharing knowledge and connect and communicate with younger adults.Hollywood is no stranger to A-list male celebrities over 50. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
Taylor Swift may be single, but if you are a 55-year-old man, she does not want your number. Joseph Bernatche of Portland, Maine, learned that lesson the hard way when he was arrested on July 27 after passing a security guard at Taylor’s Rhode Island mansion a note with his phone number, asking her to call him. Indeed, her security force has a history of overzealous behavior towards potential trespassers. If they do, Robinson says it’s unlikely that Bernatche, a veteran with no record, would see jail time. However, no matter the case’s outcome, Bernatche will still have to live with the humiliation of being exposed as a middle-aged Swifty.
Bernatche has pleaded not guilty but will attend a pre-trial conference in Rhode Island tomorrow morning. Twenty-two-year-old Lucas Vorsteveld of Vermont was arrested in May for allegedly trying to swim up to Taylor’s manse. Invited guests to the property have included Selena Gomez, rumored boyfriend Ed Sheeran, Jessica Szohr and Matthew Gray Gubler. Got any photos and ideas of what a tall, reasonably fit, 40-year-old man look like with his shirt off? Images of most professional athletes, like Laird Hamilton, aren't terribly useful, because their bodies are often not reasonable for workaday slubs to aspire to, at least not in the short term. Same for guys like Hugh Jackman whose physique is part of his calling card and the result of intense personal training beyond the reach of mere civilians. George Clooney might fit the bill, but I can find only the one image via Google, and it's just plain goofy.
You could have knocked me over with a feather when I saw a photo of Matt Lauer in swim trunks.
Well, a particular opera singer my wife finds to be compelling looks like this, this, and this. Actually, if you are talking about reasonably, average-guy kind of fit (not gym-rat fit), then Barack Obama comes to mind for me.
As tempted as I am to provide the fourth mention or link to Obama in this thread, I'll just point out that Sean Connery was 44 (maybe 43) when this picture was taken.
Well, I'm a reasonably fit 40 year old male, by no means a gym rat, and I'm built pretty much exactly like that Cassell guy fire&wings posted above.
I'm not going to go searching for pics of shirtless men while I'm at work, but the host of Dirty Jobs on Discovery, Mike Rowe, is in his mid-40's and in reasonable but not movie-star shape, and appears shirtless once in a while. Maudlin, I was so worried that that would be a link to something Zardoz-related, and yet I clicked on it anyway.
The shots of Obama are useful, too, because clearly, he's been a busy guy over the past year or two.
I run across many sorts of people in that age range all day long and, well, most of them have a small belly, if not more. To me, 'reasonably fit' means someone who's clearly in decent physical condition, but has got a few extra pounds, a bit of a spare tire maybe, stuff like that.
Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. Next door to Detroit Beer Co. and across the street from the Detroit Opera house, the craft coffee purveyor has been soft-opening for a few weeks to iron out the kinks, and just went grand this past weekend. For ASHE Supply, the coffee and the fashion aspects smoldered together in the brand’s primordial furnace, an attempt to set the nascent company apart from others.
Nichols and fellow co-founder Mike Kennedy were buddies through high school and college, and neither of them had roasted or served coffee professionally prior to ASHE Supply. Their entry into specialty coffee came as home baristas over the past 10 years, although Nichols’ sensibility was particularly keenly honed through travel and time spent picking the brains of working baristas and cafe managers in shops across the country. Previously the owner of a sales agency in the surf and snow industries, Nichols’ escapades on the surfing and snowboarding circuits not only exposed him to a variety of coffee styles and markets, but also awakened in him the desire to settled down and start a business that would keep him in one spot for long enough to call it home. Additionally pleasing to Nichols and company is how ageless the community of motorcycle enthusiasts is, which helps invite older customers into the relatively newfangled world of top-quality coffee that’s already known to attract younger artists and professionals. Thank you, Dale, for acknowledging a few very common truths from the world of online dating.
Now you’re going to get the same song and dance as every other guy who has written to complain about women on the Internet.

Understand, Dale, there is nothing wrong with you being attracted to a fertile and youthful woman in her 30’s. I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. If everyone is looking downstream, age-wise (except the few who have a “kink” for older types), where does that leave those of us who really are looking for a peer?
Do yourself a favor and don’t let the older man not enter the dating picture with you.
Other than the obvious of younger people being seen as more beautiful and vibrant, there is a major reason why men prefer younger women at any age.
I actually had plenty of older, successful men interested in me throughout my years of dating, but they didn’t interest me beyond a few dates.
So no, not all women prize money over everything – I am testament to that, as are my friends. So if you have superficial criteria for dating, please don’t project that on to the rest of us. I have found by discussing this with nearly every guy I know that men for the most part ARE attracted to women who are younger. Also, I would note that on most of the online dating sites, most women are doing one of three things. What I will say first is that I have been talking with women both in South America, such as Brazil, and also women in the Orient.
Both women from South America and he Orient tell me that they notice a huge lack of respect for men when they come here. So should it really come as a surprise that more and more men are turning to other countries? I don’t have any issues with woman having power, but it seems you have a problem with men still having power.
I really am not bothered by what anyone here thinks because I know what my own life is like. You may get it but it seems most do not and most here seem to be deluding themselves as to the reality. It seems to me you give out solid advice, at least most of the time…solid enough that any woman who chooses to learn from it should be able to solve her problems with men, because in all likelihood, her problems have more to do with her default attitude toward men. As the old saying goes, keep doing what you are doing, and you will continue to get the same results. Rusty a lot more women are going for younger men because those men are fit and look much better than men your age and over. I am 57 almost 58 belong to a gym work out everyday DO NOT NEED VIAGRA and my wife tells me I am sexually satisfying in every way! Priya you sound very self-centered wait till you get older then maybe you will respect older men! Yes, it is just your personal opinion, and not one shared by myself, or other women I personally know who will date men up to 12, maybe 15 years older.
But big on the dona€™ts list are skinny jeans, spray tans, body piercings and botox injections.And more than 40per cent believe men should shave their heads to make a fashion statement.
I would imagine that shirtless pictures of movie stars from the 40-50s (or so) would fit the bill.
The examples we're offering here, while not movie star quality, still need to keep fit to a large degree. Or do you want people whose relative fitness and attractiveness are a big part of their jobs?
Or, conversely, is a little overthin, not well-muscled, but not extremely so (even though recent research shows it's healthier to be fit and somewhat fat than sedentary and skinny). The Motor City is for makers, where craft and production are the cathode and the anode whose interaction welds society together. Behind the bar stands a 5-kilo US Roaster Corp roaster, through which rolls a concise lineup of coffees comprised of Ethiopian beans sourced through Zephyr Green Coffee Importers, an El Salvador sourced through Bridgeport Coffee and a Nicaragua from Gold Mountain Coffee Growers.
Inspired especially by the coffee he enjoyed up and down the West Coast, Nichols partnered with Kennedy with the goal of creating a grounded lifestyle brand that incorporated the stylish, active outdoorsiness he’d championed for years as well as a top-shelf coffee program that both mirrored and fueled the adventure. How does a 56 year old man find a good younger woman that would be interested in marriage and willing to have children by him? You’re done with the bar scene and you’re very much interested in settling down to have a family of your own.
You get BOMBARDED by emails from fifty and sixty something Baby Boomers looking to trade up in the world.
If you truly listen to what most women tell you they want in a man, regardless of age, they want financial security.

Women today are abandoning their roles as house wifes and want to be like men, thanks to the feminist movement. Physical fitness (in the contemporary sense involving dedicated trainers, special diets, etc.) had not established itself yet, but, of course, the movie stars still tried to look good with their shirts off. Yes there are professional body builders that have gone to the extreme, but it has more pictures of vain, fit, shirtless men than you can shake a stick at.
If my job required me to maintain a level of fit-ness -- one that require special diets and a lot more time in the gym -- a level that's not at all average, doesn't it become less reasonable for the HVAC guy? The earliest roasts, on home-style equipment, occurred about four years ago, and it simply took longer to hone the skill and acquire the machinery they needed to achieve their goals for quality in coffee.
You double check your profile to see if there’s something you wrote that’s attracting these older men. We’re all so dazzled by looks and youth that we pass up amazing people who are a much better fit.
I do know, however, that as long as they close their minds to dating people who are age-appropriate, they’re really going to struggle with online dating. Instead of searching through hundreds of thirtysomething women who wouldn’t give you a second look, Reverse Match shows you who IS open to dating a 56-year-old man. I think the record so far is the 74-year-old who said he could have his daughter pick him up at the nursing home and bring him into the city if I were willing to meet for coffee. Not only financial security today but they want someone that projects the possiblitly of even more financial security in the future. I have been the breadwinner throughout our relationship and when times were economically tough she would be unpleasant and demanding.
Also any man looking for foreign women usually find them in developig countries- as in they (the women)  are desperate and need that golden ticket to the US. Liking posts and photos and commenting on videos were huge no-noa€™s as well.Respondents were divided over whether a tattoo was OK for men over 50, with 51 percent saying the most acceptable part of the body for a tattoo would have to be the upper arm. At least you know that a woman on MillionaireMatch might be more willing to sacrifice youth for security. Even women of significant means rarely get involved with men who have less financial resources than they do. I was treated like a possession that had to deliver her lifestyle needs and loving attention or else.
I prefer to find a guy who has a decent job and career who can be a good friend and partner.
You definitely need a wake up call you probably date a guy in his 30’s that takes you for granted do not knock us older guys we know how to treat women right!
Other topics that divided respondents include dressing for fashion, wearing white loafers and always picking up the check at a restaurant.The good news is that most of those surveyed think men experiencing mid-life are 'never too old' to enjoy themselves - from bungee jumping, sky diving and hang gliding to windsurfing and water skiing a€“ but that they should be practical. Older men are a lot calmer and have more patience where as the guys my age expect everything to be instant! About a year ago I met a very attractive and intelligent 22 year old woman at work who sought me for the financial security I could provide. Chances are a guy like that is close to my age and we are in the same place in life facing similar challenges. Nearly 60per cent think men over 50 should make sure they are saving enough for retirement, and 49per cent believe they should simply 'get over' mid-life. Yet these men keep on writing – talking about how they’re young for their age, how they’d love to have children, how they have everything in life except a good younger woman. This does not mean that you’re not a great guy with a ton to give and the purest intentions. He says, if I have to financially support all these women I may date or marry it, I might as well get something out of it. Of course, in my dating adventures I always come across much younger guys who are very attractive and I will dally with them for a little while before going back to my search for Mr.
Now I am seeking a young partner who does not take me for granted and appreciates what I have to offer.
But, no less shallow than the majority of women expecting men to provide their financial freedom rather than being happy earning it themselves, and marrying and otherwise great guy. It doesn’t stop older men from writing, but at least you don’t have to explain yourself to a man who doesn’t want to hear your perfectly valid explanation.

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