It’s common practice for bodybuilders to get a tan before a competition, either the old fashioned way or with the fake spray-on stuff.
Oh, and of course, they also like to dehydrate themselves and apply a couple quarts of olive oil.
One thing you’ll notice about these ridiculous men is that, while they look like caricatures of the dudes from Jersey Shore, they at least took the time to tan their entire bodies evenly. Patrick (born November 25, 1988 (1988-11-25) (age 27)) or Pat for short is known as PopularMMOs, is a American Gaming YouTuber that's mostly makes Minecraft videos. Captain Cookie, is a bossy captain that orders Pat and Jen to do his work or send them on quests.
The Disguised Man, is a man dressed as a zombie during the Crafting Dead who helps Pat and Jen in the beginning.
Carter, is Jen's favorite character in the Crafting Dead and often has little intelligence on the topic of conversation.
Jelly Bean, a self proclaimed genius who helps out Pat and Jen with the mystery of the killer.
Skittles, Jelly Bean's more cautious cousin who currently resides in Honey Boo Boo's house from the Crafting Dead.
The Mayor, mayor of the village that Pat and Jen exploded and now lives at the base in the Crafting Dead. Lenny, a villager who as a hatred for Jen and claims that she is the killer in the Crafting Dead.
Chad, a weird villager who keeps the skulls of his family and washes them In the Crafting Dead.

Valentine, an elf-like archer who believes that Jen is always checking him out in the Crafting Dead.
Hoss, the base's doctor who uses a phone as a diploma as far as we know in the Crafting Dead. Kylie Jenner (Villager), is villager that trades Golden Apples, an Enchantment table and Super Lucky Blocks in exchange for diamonds during his Challenge Games. Chuck Norris (Villager), is a Villager that trades strange items for Emeralds, and sometimes for odd stuff that is cheaper but slightly worse than what they can't afford from Ted (If they have bad luck opening blocks in the challenge games). Ted (Villager), is a Villager that trades items for weapons, emeralds for armor and diamonds for emeralds.
Troll Trader, is a criminal from Orespawn and a new trader they made that has a lot of troll items that Pat and Jen can buy to troll each other. Kami: A sheep that was dyed green that lives up in Kami's Lookout otherwise known as the Fansion. Popo: A sheep that was dyed black that lives up in Kami's Lookout otherwise known as the Fansion.
Banana: Captain Cookie's pet crystal apple cow who turned into a mooshroom and lives in Kami's lookout otherwise known as the Fansion.
Lucky Chicken: a chicken who sacrificed himself for Jen when Pat was playing with his bubble gun in the Fansion. Pat and Jen first met each other during high school when doing community service for a local animal shelter. They got a new cat named Cloud after they returned their previous cat Alice to their local pet shelter.

Now that the base has been evacuated due to an attack from Herobrine and a clone of Bob, he lives in an abandoned fort that he found.
Now that the base has been evacuated due to an attack from Herobrine and a clone of Bob, he has left to a previously abandoned fort that he found. It has since been revealed that he was really a good guy, and the Bob who was committing villainous acts was really a clone created by Herobrine.
During Pat and Jen's Lucky Block Race series, he states that in the future, he becomes king of Earth.
After the destruction of their house (accidentally, by Pat) he lives in a base he built for himself.
She is a giant zombie who is the mother of Jen, Evil Jen and Bob and might be the wife of Herobrine.
Pat and Jen were trying to decide between the names Kopo or Poko, and it is unknown if they ever agreed on a name. So, to enhance the contrast between the glare of the lights on the skin and the actual skin tone in all those muscle crevices, they tan.

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