While some philosophers would like to claim that freewill is an illusion, the reality is that we can say yes or no. We can choose the mental pictures that we develop in our minds, and these mental pictures set off a chain reaction. The world doesn’t care about what you think you are or what your intentions are or what your motives are.
The horoscope system for Pisces men predicts certain things because that’s how they normally go through the chain reaction I mentioned above. There’s still space for freewill here because if you know one hundred Pisces men, chances are, there are many differences among them.
As the Pisces man gets older, this heightened emotional sensitivity tends to degenerate into plain old insecurity.
The easier path is to be sensitive to how people respond to you but not really being sensitive as to how you impact other people.
This is why it’s not very hard for psychiatrists to break through to many men because of these several layers of defense mechanisms. This may seem like a positive thing but depending on a situation, it may not be a positive thing.
Pisces guys can talk it out, sure, but in many cases, it can be narcissistic and self-serving.
A very unusual trait of the Pisces man is that he might interpret your rejection as a form of attraction or attention.
So if you reject them, they might think that there’s something with you, and you need their help all the more. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others.
If you wondering whether a match between a Capricorn man and a Pisces woman is a compatible one, then here's what you need to do. Love is complex and when you put horoscopes, zodiac signs, and compatibility in the mix, things can get even more complicated. Couples all around the world, whether their relationship works or fails, have their share of indifferences and contrasts.
Now, if you are a Capricorn man and have recently started dating this woman, wouldn't you want to know about each of you as a couple? A Capricorn is very down to earth, ambitious, practical thinker, driven, has patience, very self-disciplined and overall responsible.
Challenging themselves is what this man would seek, but due to the sometimes pessimistic nature, he may fear the idea of failing. All these personality traits mixed together brings us to an important element about this man, work is very important to him as he won't look at it lightly. A Capricorn man is very romantic and emotional, but sometimes suppresses his emotions and feelings.
She is ultra-feminine, extremely attractive, romantic as ever, very caring, highly creative, intuitive and gets hurt easily.
This zodiac symbol of two fish moving in opposite directions represents the conflicts of desires in flesh and spirit. Now comes the part where we bring both the zodiac signs together and talk about whether or not their relationship can sustain peacefully and romantically. Overall, the comparability in their lives will bring a considerable amount of balance for one another. If you want to get cozy with a Pisces man and eventually win their heart, you will have to take some action to get to the point of a heated spark here and there.
If you like to wear elegant dresses and perfume, and if you can possess confidence while you strut by him, your Piscean man will notice you.
A Pisces man loves a woman who is also a bit exotic and erotic and even though they won’t seek out this type of woman, they would love to meet one.
If you are a good listener and can focus on someone’s problems, thoughts and expressions without letting your mind wander, you just may be able to win the heart of a Pisces man.
Pisces men are unique creatures, soft and creative, yet they have a mysterious side that women cannot always figure out.

In this special report I will reveal the four most unusual traits of Pisces and give you my own expert opinion on these characteristics. Let’s say you’re swimming near a beach, and you feel the current of the water moving against you. This is how they normally come up with an emotional response and this is how they normally physically react.
However, if you are going to have a heart to heart in-depth conversation with them, you would see general patterns.
In other words, instead of a two-way street or seeking others, it becomes a one-directional type of mentality. Usually, this happens when they become husbands not so much when they become long-term boyfriends. Guys can talk when they are sad, but this is really not the kind of emotional talk that goes deep enough. This is quite an unusual trait with them, but if you look at their emphasis on emotional authenticity, even if they outgrow that a little bit as they get older, there are still enough traces of that to enable Pisces guys to truly talk out their emotions. The value of a man is not just the fancy degrees that he has or the social status that he has.
In many cases, the material success that they enjoy is just an outward manifestation of something deeper that they value more. So if you are wondering whether an easier, less complex way to know if a Capricorn man is right for a Pisces woman, then you need to read the rest of the article. Of course, in life, there can never be only "take" where you keep on expecting things from the other person and not happen to "give" anything in return. Known as one of the dreamers of all the zodiac signs, this woman is spiritual, mysterious, idealistic, emotional, and imaginative by nature. There is always a battle between her self-indulgence and self-denial, while balancing both the forces, a very difficult task. Sentimental, selfless and caring, she puts her loved ones before herself and rarely becomes angry. Capricorn helps keep Pisces grounded, while Pisces provides a different, romantic outlook towards Capricorn's practical ways. Pisces may be the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, but when it comes to getting close to one, it isn’t as easy as you would think.
If you talk and share about your family with your Pisces man, he will most likely warm up to you fast.
Move slow with your Pisces man, share your dreams and goals, express your feelings towards him and go from there.
Other planets in your birth chart have various effects on different part of your relationship and compatibility.
When you have a mental picture, and your emotion responds to that mental picture, you physically react to your emotional response.
If you respond to certain external stimuli with mental pictures that provoke this emotional reaction that triggers physical action, it leads to result, and unless you are very aware of this process, you can end up in a place where you don’t want to end up. Instead of becoming this highly emotionally advanced being, many Pisces men choose the easier path.
A lot of this is wrapped up in their inflated ego regarding their ability to talk to and listen to women. Because two individuals, whether they belong to the same zodiac sign or different ones, will be a lot different than one another.
Nothing can get in the way of their plans and ambitions, plus, they don't like to take any shortcuts or cheat during the process.
When considering his public image, this man will always cherish his respect, recognition and praise about himself. She can sense and feel things which others sometimes tend to overlook or miss, which can be applied in different fields, such as a creative artist, emotional healer, or an astute business woman. Some Pisces women are attracted towards drama, art or fantasy, a mean used to escape from the daily life, its reality and any disappointments. She's extremely loyal and generally benefits from a strong partner who is protective, caring, and optimistic himself.

As long as both partners are ready to accept and appreciate each others' characteristics, traits and individuality, their compatibility will be harmonious and sustain for a long time. This does not mean rude, brash or loud as that will have him out the door and down the street in seconds.
He is the type of man that will introduce you to his family once he knows you are someone he wants to commit to.
Most likely, you will pull on some of your Pisces man’s heart strings and light a fire. To understand the roots of any relationship problem, to forecast your relationship and to help you understand your partner better, get the astrology compatibility report now! However, when we talk about two different people, falling in love and wanting a relationship, their individual horoscopes should blend into one, making a "soul connection".
Now since we are specifically talking about a Capricorn man and a Pisces woman, the only thing comes to mind - these zodiac signs possess the nature of two river banks which can never meet, a relationship between them is sure to blossom. He loves to laugh in bed, appreciates a good sense of humor, is an adventurous lover, playful in bed and loves to help around the house or otherwise. While the man is determined, stays strong and supports his partner, this woman's delicate and vulnerable self will be protected. If you want to get closer to a Pisces man and warm his heart, consider the following tips to make him notice you and consider you as a potential partner.
Be outspoken in the sense where you approach him first and start up an ice breaker conversation. Just keep in mind that this sensitive gent isn’t into wild flowers, mohawks, tattoos and tongue piercings and you will be off to a good start. But, before we can talk about how compatible a Capricorn man is with a Pisces woman, why not understand what each of the individuals are made of, what are their personality and traits and then understand their deeper connection. To understand their compatibility in detail, let's break them down into individual zodiac signs, learn them separately, and then together as a couple. Due to their patience, they value steady progress as compared to short or sudden fluctuations of activity. He can make her feel secure and provide the right kind of sustenance she always searches for. He usually loves art and information, so bring up creative topics and talk about your favourite artists or the last book you read. As a family guy all around, he will love meeting your family unit if you have a strong family base and he will want to get involved in family activities every chance he gets. Whether that relationship or union works out or not, all depends on the links of the two different zodiac signs. Also, bad news doesn't do much to alter or change their mood, as they rarely tend to hold it to set themselves back.
He will only do so when he feels that you, your traits and lifestyle are compatible with his. Even though he is not expressively romantic, he will always stay loyal to her and with time, she can teach him how he can easily vocalize himself romantically.
You can speak to a Pisces man about anything creative or culturally enlightening as it will make him feel more at ease with you because you share the same interests.
The woman on the other hand, will prove to be a good wife, never dominating or suppressing him.
Some signs find deep links together with ease, while some have to work for it and some zodiac signs can never make it work together.
He will put all his power to make any situation work and put all his efforts into it, only if his partner is ready to do so as well.
Of course, the efforts we put in has a lot to say about who we are as a person, and can sometimes, define how our love life will work.
So keep in mind, whether you are a Capricorn or a Pisces, the only way you can make things work is by giving it your best.

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