The National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, has officially barred pregnant women, nursing mothers and those presently undergoing postgraduate studies at tertiary institutions from registering for the compulsory year of service. The Director General, DG, of the NYSC, brig-Gen Johnson Olawumi in a retreat in Kaduna this Thursday said that those affected should not bother enlisting for the service until they are free to participate effectively. He went on to say that pregnant women and children were not allowed in camps nationwide explaining that they would not be able to participate fully and carry out the four cardinal programs of the NYSC (mobilization, orientation, primary assignment and winding up passing out parade,) which are necessary for one to be qualified to receive the NYSC certificate. Also discussed at the retreat was the case of concessions on posting with respect to marital and health ground and how from henceforth all posting requests would be submitted online ahead of the service as opposed to the usual act of bringing it to the NYSC headquarters in Abuja. In some cases, we are talking about unexpected combinations of products – bananas with steam tables (this is salty pasta), ice cream with chips, onion chips with cheese and Nutella paste spread over them.

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The more that the variants of such deviations are many - from malformations of specific organs varying severity before the delay physical and psychoverbal development, which sometimes makes itself felt after the birth.At the same time genetic disorder is not always is inherited by relatives. According to its representatives, a pregnant woman usually develops unexpected cravings for pickles, chocolate and crisps. Eleven percent of pregnant women told that they wanted to try soap, six percent of pregnant women were eager to try chalk, and five percent strove for the toothpaste. You will find various articles on parenting, pregnancy, health and childbirth on this site.

It turned out that the list of unexpected and unreal food preferences included rubber, shoe polishes and even tennis balls. In general, twenty percent of expectant mothers preferred a dessert, eighteen percent of the respondents selected meat, and thirteen percent pointed out vegetables.

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