Men without women soon devolve into a grumpy, slightly whiffy adolescent state that, ironically, is like anti-catnip to the opposite sex.
Without you we’d all be sitting unshaven in our pants arguing about whose turn it was with the Xbox. But I guess a general consensus would be a lady who gets on famously with your friends, gets your sense of humour and makes you feel special. Obviously I can’t answer this for every man who inhabits the planet, however I know what I like and would hope for in a woman.

And finally, looks are important, of course, but only in the sense that we fancy each other.
Someone who gives them the space to be grown up and revel in preconceptions of being a #LAD, whilst occasionally (generally when there’s no-one else around) treating them like a child. Le Blow is a UK lifestyle and wellbeing blog (like Goop, minus the bullshit), written by Natalie Wall - a thirty-something living in London and wanting a simpler life.
Someone who takes the piss out of themselves, for me, is a rare attribute in a woman, but a defining one.

I personally believe lust is one of the first things to evaporate in a relationship, so a mutual and acute desire for one another is key.

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