When it comes to holidays, the gifts that Husbands get often pale in comparison to the gifts that Wives get.
Last year  I sat with Terrence and showed him one of my Pinterest boards that I had filled with things that I was planning to make him but never got around to. In any complete family there comes a time when the couple is ready to have a baby, but what if your partner is still not ready for that. Christmas Day may not be the time to let your man know that  there are a few things that you need him to work on. Trust me when I say that he was not disappointed, nor did he encourage me to get started on the crafts because he was missing out.
We will tell you how best to proceed in a situation when the husband does not want to have children. One might think that you were trying to be, oh…passive aggressive, by wrapping up a self-help book for Christmas instead of having a conversation. Instead of getting our guys what we THINK they want, let’s look for things that are going to be useful and enjoyable for them.

It’s just a little narcissistic to think that your husband, who looks at you every single day, really wants you to wrap a framed photograph of yourself and present it to him. I mean, I know a lot of y’all are way more crafty than me, so your homemade Pinterest gifts might be welcome in your marriage.
When it comes to your husband’s Christmas present, though, try not to go more than one generation away from the most recent release.
Despite the fact that the partners are in a legal or civil marriage, and even have a separate living space, one of them might be against the addition to his family. First you have to find out from your partner the reason why he doesn’t want to have a baby.
Perhaps his terribly afraid of the lifestyle change that will provide the new member of the family.
Or he doesn’t see himself as a father, it may well be that he could not imagine you as a mother. Psychologists say that fear of having kids is inherent in men who had no childhood of his father.

The main task of every woman is to convince your husband that he can be a wonderful father. Naturally, you should know that you child will always be well-fed and clothed, but should convey to your partner that you do not need to wait a certain amount in your wallet. When you have children, you learn to think more globally and to plan your expenses in advance.Need to understand the man that at birth, your relationship will develop more and more and not concentrate exclusively on the new family member.
Men often behave like big kids, fearing that women will care about them and will be less to love. Make it clear to your partner that your relationship to it will only get better after the baby is born, because it will be the fruit of your love.You need to articulate your position in front of a man about how important child in the family and to show that women see the meaning of his life in the birth of children. You should not push him, throwing threats, because this way in this situation can only worsen the situation.

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