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Harrell plays the much younger brother of Jared (Bumper Robinson), a twentysomething professional who shares his Cleveland bachelor pad with friend and musician Sean Barker (Chris Hardwick).
According to Sean, on the scale of bad ideas (ranging from Hanson, to shooting the president), living with Maestro ranks at the top. Chris Hardwick isn't the only bad thing about "Guys Like Us," which premieres Monday at 7 p.m.
TIM GOODMANMonday, October 5, 1998 There's a misguided belief that somehow critics find it easier to write negative rather than positive reviews.
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When Jared's father takes an engineering job in Venezuela for 14 months, young Maestro has no other option but to live with the guys. The munchkin's antics interfere with the responsible Jared's work ethic and foil Sean's happy-go-lucky lifestyle. That the sheer weight of their disgust and disappointment, fury and bitterness will somehow produce words that float out effortlessly.
Camera mugging aside, it's hard to get warm and fuzzy about a kid who gets passed around like a bad penny, and conventional wisdom allows only so much leeway when it comes to the welfare of kids on TV.The show, however, is not without its moments.

Robinson has real charisma while Hardwick, the former host of MTV's "Singled Out," brings authenticity to his slacker role. He's just the worst thing.But the show itself isn't going to appeal to much of anybody over the age of 10.
Because UPN has pulled what was supposed to be the pilot for its alleged comedy, "The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer" (9 p.m. Two young, single guys - Jared (Bumper Harris) and Sean (Hardwick) - are sharing an apartment. Jared's father takes a job in South America and drops 6-year-old Maestro (Maestro Harrell) on the guys.Jared isn't thrilled. 44), thus forcing TV critics across the country to do what they surely wouldn't have - watch the second episode, another 22 minutes of what has to be a contender for worst sitcom since (gasp!) last season.
Here's what watching these shows makes you want to do: Drive insanely down to Los Angeles, scan the phone book frantically, then drive over to the houses of all the writers and personally drag them outside and punish them. Maybe it's the fact that we're coming to the end of the fall rollout, that 26 of the 36 new shows have already been reviewed and there just isn't another way to creatively say "lame." Maybe the end result of seeing "The Army Show" and "The Brian Benben Show" and "The Secret Lives of Men" is to create the world's shortest critical fuse, and, through no fault of its own, UPN just happens to be next on the list with yet another show about a motherless child, yet another show about a blue-collar fat guy and, well, the first and hopefully last show about an idiotic Abraham Lincoln, his black butler and a very horny Mary Todd Lincoln.
Maybe, just by coincidence, all those things came tragically together to distort rational judgment and send a certain someone to anger management class.
All three of these shows are bad, and it is taking enormous concentration - interest, even - to want to write about them. Because in some small way that dignifies them, alerts people to their existence when no one should ever have to see them.
Of course, it gets you thinking about Dante's "Inferno," and maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Maybe if we apply that blueprint to these UPN sitcoms, we can come up with something positive to say. 44) isn't as good as its near-clone, "King of Queens," on CBS, but it's a lot better than "Guys Like Us," and flat-out brilliant in comparison to "The Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer." Considered in that context, there's no need to be overly harsh. Yes, it's dreadful and unfunny, but its failure is no greater than the hordes of other blue-collar-guys- watching-big-screen-TVs-and- battling-the-wife shows that have preceded it. 4) - maybe we could just say that it's less awful than its near-clone, "My Brother's Keeper," on ABC.
Or that Chris Hardwick, who became famous on MTV, is so much more polished and likable in comparison with John Sencio of "The Army Show," who also came over from MTV to prove beyond a doubt that being a talentless, mugging boob is no detriment when it comes to introducing Marilyn Manson videos. See, mothers and school teachers across the country would be proud: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. If you must know, here are the skeletal details: "Guys Like Us" stars Hardwick and Bumper Robinson as two single guys getting along swell until 6-year-old Maestro Harrell, playing Robinson's brother, moves in.
It really is about a sexually confused Abe Lincoln, his British butler (perhaps that's an easy way for the producers to get around the word slave), his dim-witted British "manservant" and a randy Mary Todd Lincoln. Preposterously bad jokes pile on top of each other as this unimaginably bad premise manages to be even worse than expected. The surprise here is that through the muck you can tell that Chi McBride, as Desmond, has a load of talent.

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