There are still a few months until we get to see the film adaptation of the popular YA trilogy Divergent, and while we've already given you a Divergent guide for beginners, there's something else you need to know. Theo James, 28, is a British actor who played a Turkish diplomat on the first season of Downton Abbey and earlier this year had a short-lived CBS series called Golden Boy.
Theo plays Four in Divergent, the instructor who eventually becomes a love interest for Tris (played by Shailene Woodley). Take a look at our Comic-Con interview with him, in which you'll notice he's very thoughtful and very British. With his perfectly chiseled jaw and flawless olive skin, we just know we'll be completely captivated while he's on screen.
Ansel Elgort is only 19 and a fresh face on the Hollywood scene; his film debut in the Carrie remake hit theaters just this month. In Divergent, Ansel plays Caleb, Tris's brother, who gets separated from her when they choose different factions.
We interviewed Ansel at Comic-Con this year, and he was so adorable, we couldn't handle it. Ansel is even charming and sweet as Tommy Ross in the Carrie remake; he and his onscreen girlfriend, Sue Snell (played by Gabriella Wilde), decide they want to be nice to Carrie and give her the night of her life. Miles Teller has probably had the most exposure of the three Divergent boys; you might recognize him from his breakout role in Footloose.
Miles plays Peter in Divergent, a fellow member of the Dauntless faction who will stop at nothing to come out on top.
Despite the fact that he plays an intense character in Divergent, Miles is better known for his comedic roles.
After Divergent, we're excited to see Miles in his new project That Awkward Moment, which he stars in alongside Michael B. Scroll down to see some of the funniest answers, then head to the comments and weigh in with the movie lines you think could easily double as breakup lines. We have Miss Save The Last Dance herself, Julia Stiles, the uber talented Heath Ledger (RIP), the super Alex Mac, Larisa Oleynik and her once a upon a time, 3rd Rock from the sun, boyfriend, Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

This could be the best use of Allison Janney in film or TV to date with her never-ending  quest for throbbing member synonyms.
Mr Stratford: Just one time around the living room so you will understand the full weight of your decisions! You are not going out and getting jiggy with some boy I don’t care how dope his ride is! In the cast of the film are three up-and-coming, totally adorable actors, and we'd like to give you a rundown of each one.
After appearing in the fourth installment of the Underworld franchise last year, he's finally getting his chance to be center stage as the male lead in Divergent.
After Divergent, we can look forward to seeing him alongside Dakota Fanning in the upcoming film Franny. Even though he's so new, Ansel already has another big project lined up (aside from Divergent, of course): he's going to be Augustus Waters in the film adaptation of The Fault in Our Stars.
In a strange coincidence, both Ansel and Shailene are set to star in The Fault in Our Stars together as well, but instead of portraying siblings, they're love interests.
Three very different men from Divergent who are all beautiful and special in their own ways. On Friday, the folks over on Reddit considered that very question, offering up the lines they'd co-opt if they had to let their lover down easy (or not so easy -- "You're tacky and I hate you"? I submit to you, that if you haven’t watched it recently, go find the movie and watch again.
Excluding that, there is nothing that is not absolutely 1000% perfect and wonderful about this movie. Sometimes i feel like he may be a wee little man, but then sometimes he looks amazing in a suit. As an example, we might not think like Jason Bourne (The Bourne Identity) in everyday life but if we were in a hand-to-hand combat situation, we would definitely want to think like him.
Not only is he smart, he’s also a deadly force with a wicked sense of humor.Yeah, in a hostage situation, guys definitely want to think like this iconic action hero.

Not only is he charming with the ladies,  his actual job is to help other guys find out what women want and help them make a connection. He knows how the female mind works and he’s smart enough to make a living doing it.Hitch knows how to approach women and when to give them space. If you’re looking for a movie character who can help you get the attention of the lady of your dreams, all you need to do is to think like Hitch.If Will Smith can bring confidence, style and a lady into the like of regular guy Albert Brennamen (Kevin James), his mind may help do wonders for your love life…Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) is not a role model by any stretch of the imagination. He’s a manipulative crook who ultimately faces charges for his crimes.He also has a brilliant financial mind. In both Wall Street and its sequel, this cunning businessman proved that he was willing to do whatever it took to be financially successful. Absolutely.Guys might not want to make the decisions he did or end up in a jail cell but in the financial world, thinking like Gekko would be a way to get ahead. If you think that “greed is good,” then Gekko is one of the best.Watching the first thirty minutes of Steven Spielberg’s WWII masterpiece is an intense film-going experience but it only opens the door to the story of Captain John H.
Miller (Tom Hanks), whose assignment is to find and preserve the life of a private whose brothers had been killed on the battlefield.If you’re in a position of leadership, Captain Miller is definitely the person you want to think like. Not only does he successfully lead his men, he inspires confidence and and earns their respect.“Earn this” is what Miller tells Ryan at the end of the film, urging the young private to live his life so well that he has earned all of the lives lost in combat on his behalf. In helping rescue Private Ryan, Miller earns our respect and admiration as a soldier whose honor and integrity are always clear.Peter Gibbons isn’t the best employee at his company.
And he doesn’t care.Instead of accepting the status quo, he’s willing to stand up against his boss.

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