We don't deliver junk but only the best and top rated funnies from the world wide web to save you time. Okay, let’s agree for a minute that there are fat guys around who have to walk with those extra bellies everyday either because of over-eating or alcohol habits or because of some hormonal problems. Sexy time is a time for aggressive dry humping and attempting to keep the bed from sliding around too much. It is not the time for having the chats but still some persist in keeping up a running commentary of proceedings that to my mind completely wrecks the mood. Whatever the 'it' refers to doesn't really matter, you just generally don't want things disappearing at this moment.

Unfamiliar sounds of the slapping, smacking variety should never be investigated further, just do your best to block them out and focus on the Dido CD. This happens far too frequently especially when there's a short gap between relationships though I find saying names during, in general, is a bit weird.
If we're having sex with someone, generally the aim is to titillate not to amuse them with our saucy antics.
Believe it or not, they too are humans and get extremely offended when someone makes fun of them or asks them anything about their bellies.
Neither, apparently, is likening sex to that time you felt sick on the Waltzer at Funderland no matter how jerky it is.

The starring is creepy and the faces we pull should not be witnessed ever if at all possible. Pretty much any soundtrack from unnecessary updates, rogue farts to bad music can destroy the mood.
I will visit your place sometime soon so that you could give me more suggestions on how to look smarter.

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