How do I tell a guy I’m not interested and just want to be friends without hurting his ego? How do I tell a guy I’m not interested, and just want to be friends without hurting his ego? Feelings are a sensitive thing, and we are not responsible for how someone chooses to react to not getting what they want. Now imagine more vulnerable feelings, ones that make you feel exposed, like when you express you like someone for the first time.
I used one of my favorite approaches when a really cute and fun guy, who I would have considered dating if he was looking for a real relationship, tried to make a move on me.
We also consulted with couple’s counselor, Jeff Wright on this topic, and he offered the following wisdom: “You are assuming that not hurting his ego is your problem.
How can I make sure I’m not staying with someone who isn’t bringing out my best self? Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community.

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A Guy And A Girl Can Be Just Friends But At One Point Or Another They Will Fall For Each Other. Kitestring is a way to make sure your friends can have your your back in a simple, stress-free way. That being said, we want to do our best to take measures to protect ourselves, and be kind. Sometimes making some careful comments about your feelings for him before he has a chance to make his move helps minimize embarrassment. Getting turned down by a girl you are interested in romantically is never easy to take … but it is an honest result. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products. A man realizes that if he hopes for anything romantic to evolve between you two, he’ll likely need to make the first move (We encourage you to make the first move if you feel like it.

He didn’t have to feel rejected, and I didn’t have to feel exposed or go along with anything that I did not truly want. You see someone you were friendly with in biology class, and you’re hoping she’ll choose to sit next to you, but instead she sits at another table.
We were not saying no to one another, we were saying no to the terms, which is way less personal. And think you’re so kind, fun, cute but I want to keep our relationship platonic.” You may get a “why?” And you can choose how much or how little you want to say.
Ego’s heal themselves relatively efficiently … It’s your responsibility to be true and clear.
What we want to avoid is taking the assumed meaning and context we’ve created in our head and acting on it like it is fact.

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