There are no internal deep conflicts that you might be aware, unlike the case of most Cancer and Gemini signs.
With that said, if you want to attract a Libra man and seduce him to do what you want him to do, you have to first get over to the number one barrier most Libras face. Libra male personality types face a serious problem called analysis paralysis – they are always weighing things and situations up. What they do not realise is that they are eating too much of their time going around in circles.
Many Libra men eventually mature and from being stuck and they achieve a point where they reach equilibrium – this is a point where points are equal and balanced; this is the highest point of the Libra man.
Libra guys are very superficial – they know this, they’re not ashamed of it and why should they be ashamed of it? So if you want to catch the eye of the Libra man so you can seduce him, you first have to go to the first stage which is to look good. This means, of course, to have the right hair, clean skin, be trimmed and slim and wear clothes that compliment your personality.
Looking good often means bringing out the very best of your personality and highlighting it. For example, if you are trying to project confidence and you wear very shabby clothes, it’s not going to work out. They never want to have to sacrifice or they have to sign on the dotted line – they don’t want that. The secret to seducing a Libra man at least from a superficial perspective is actually quite simple: Focus on him.
Libra men have no problems talking, so all you need to do is to talk to them to be able to seduce them. They’d like to go on autopilot and this is their big flaw when it comes to seduction. One of the surest ways to make the Libra guy hit the exit is to give it up too quickly, that’s right.
Being sensual on the other hand, is being able to use your feminine sexuality in a very physical but not so physical way. Seduction is all about you being in control, seduction is all about reaching a point of partnership. You need to know this is if you are trying to seduce a Libra man, because he needs to feel like a winner.
I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. More than anything, what the Libra man wants from a relationship is to be sure—a hundred million trillion percent sure—that you’re The One. Libra is the sign of the judge, so he subjects prospective mates to a lengthy evaluation before committing. The Libra man craves peace, and if you’re better at making war than love, you’ll only delay his evaluation process.
Anything too extreme throws Libra out of alignment, turning him into a grouchy ogre, even a tyrant. As much as he may take the long side roads to the altar, Libra is the sign of partnerships, contracts and marriage. If you are in relationship with a Libra man, this could be a breakthrough year for you, or it could be just like any other year. If you are in a relationship with a typical Libra male personality, you know this feeling all too well. However, the biggest frustration that you feel is that there’s something getting in the way of your relationship truly living up to your highest ideals and your biggest dreams. Also, issues and opportunities can also come up when they are put into play with the personality traits of other people born under different signs of the horoscope. However, the greatest form of laziness that Libra men grapple with is a mental form of laziness. With that said, there is a tremendous benefit to this aspect of the Libra male personality and the year ahead will bring a lot of challenges. You have to understand that what may seem like a personality flaw in one particular context might actually be an asset in another situation. This is one of the most complex of all the personality types so please leave your questions below and I will be sure to answer them.

From, um, Down Under, where men are apparently less likely to be familiar with the ins and outs of feminine products, a new spot for Libra pads. Note to client - really, it would have been OK to leave out the forced product name drop at the end. Featured Profile BtoB marketing requires cutting-edge sophistication to reach clients in real time. They feel that they are being rational and responsible, and they feel that they are being smart when they do this.
While in appearances, they seem like they have it all together, they might seem that they are rich, successful but unhappy – but at some level or another, they are stuck.
Seduction really is a form of persuasion where you disguise your will to work it in such a way that it produces action on the part of another person and they feel that action is a product of their own will – that is the essence of seduction. They feel that they can use some of that power because at some level, they feel that they are not in control. So the key to seducing a Libra man and getting him to do what you want him to do is to focus on being sexy and confident and maybe a little bit of sensuality, but never sexuality. They know that it is this internal deliberations that go on forever that really hold them back.
However, if you are going to deceive the person and come up with stories just to seduce the guy, I don’t recommend it.
As hard as it is for the Libra guy to commit, if you speak to him through your heart, you make the commitment process much easier. With the Libra man, your relationship can feel like a pendulum, swinging wildly until it finally settles at a comfortable point. During his weighing and measuring process, he’ll examine whether he’s “settling” by being with you. If your demands, temper or unexamined emotions tip his scales too far, he’ll wisely draw back and let you reconfigure your own system. Even though he can be a spoiled brat, he has little tolerance for you being pouty, clingy or childish.
Our Libra grandfather had two favorite sayings: “Too much!” (when we served him an over-filled dinner plate) and “Q-U-I-E-T!” (he’d bellow out this warning out before taking his daily nap).
Do you want to know what changes and developments you can expect to see in the characteristics and traits of the Libra male? It could be the year you both finally rise and shine, or it could be yet another year where you find yourself just scraping along.
What does change is their intensity and the opportunities and problems that they cause when they are combined with other Libra male personality traits. Keep the following five facts in mind, they can provide you with guide to the Libra male for the rest of the year. Usually people define laziness as just being unwilling of exerting the effort needed to get ahead. If you are in a group of people and times are tough, you can always rely on the Libra male to look relaxed and at ease. They may seem relaxed because they don’t want to read between the lines and dig any deeper.
They know the mannerisms, and the speaking tones needed to put people at ease or at least give people a certain frame of mind. His ability to communicate in an eloquent and understated way can take the Libra far in life. While this is more pronounced in female Libras than male Libras, this tendency is still quite a strong trait. Well, try not to be too hard on him, you actually have enough focus for both you and the Libra in your life. The easy-going nature of the Libra male personality can breed a lot of insecurity and even an inferiority complex on your part.
However, there are many internal contradictions and competing drives that can derail it. How bad can 2014 get? Do you have any questions or thoughts about the Libra male personality profile for the year ahead. Once you take out any type of external contradictions in terms of the signals you send out, you are doing well, you are looking good. They’re not insecure like other signs of the horoscope, they just like predictability.

If you want to seduce a Libra man, be sexy, don’t be sensual but definitely don’t be sexual. So a woman who is sexy can play with a man with her fingers and guys tend to gravitate towards this.
By encouraging him, but at the same time keeping him checked, you can use this to your advantage. However, there are emotions that they want to be reassured that what they are doing is okay.
If you show compassion, if you show vulnerability and show some form of deep personal weakness that they can identify with or relate to, they can let you into their hearts.
Of course, he may foster that very dependence with baby talk, silly voices and cute nicknames. He needs to retreat and refresh himself, and has a few regular routines that must not be denied. The right relationship can be a wonderful canvas for him to express his finest qualities of diplomacy, love and harmony. Be very clear – the Libra male personality is 100% different from the Libra woman, especially when it comes to love and romance. This is why if you want this to be your breakthrough year, you have to start training yourself to look for the extra details, to double check your work, to do the extra homework, so to speak.
You should expect the Libra in your life to ask you for help in the coming months – however it is up to you as to whether you offer them support or not.
What will defeat the Libra man is his inner sense that he doesn’t deserve to be happy because he feels too lazy, or he feels that he is not pushing himself enough. People would want an easy-going guy to be around them, especially when times are looking tough.
Well, for Libra men, the worst it can get is that they will end up living in the same hell they were previously. Most people react somewhat negatively to people who don’t look like they have it all together. At the end of the day, being sexy is all about being in control and being confident – guys like that.
If you tell them that what they’re doing is okay and you put limits on it, they instantly see you as somebody they can trust. He wants you to be autonomous and capable of finding your own happiness, with or without him. For our grandpa, it was a 1:00 nap, followed by a cup of Lipton tea and two crumbly Pecan Sandies—every single day of his 30 post-retirement years. All these questions and more are answered in this special personality profile of the Libra man. We are talking about you feeling like you’re not fully living up to your fullest potential in your relationship.
There will be a lot of emotional turbulence if not financial or even physical and natural turbulence.
This is a hell created by confusion, indecision, a feeling of low self-esteem and self-worth. At the same time, he likes to feel like you’re the missing piece in his romantic puzzle, to create an even higher state of bliss together.
Unfortunately, he also has a case of verbal diarrhea, and will babble out his whole messy thought process well within your earshot. If you’re going to be a little girl today, he wants you to be a sophisticated woman tomorrow. Be that as it may, you have to balance the easy-going nature of the Libra man with your own inner sense of focus. Whatever the Libra man requires to unwind and rebalance—a cold beer, a run on the beach, an hour in his model airplane studio—the wise woman learns to let him have it. If you provide the counterweight that balances out his bad habits and shortcomings, he’ll gladly join forces.

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