If you want to get women to like you, the one and only thing that you need to focus on from now on is sexual attraction. When you interact with a woman, you simply need to arouse her sexual desire and she will automatically like you. Women don’t care how intelligent you are, how good of a guy you are or if you have good intentions before you make them feel sexually attracted to you.
You can make a woman feel sexually attracted to you by displaying confidence, making her feel girly and feminine in comparison to your masculinity, being charismatic, charming, making her laugh, etc. There are many different ways that you can trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction and desire for you and when do it, she will automatically like you and be interested in you. However, if a guy talks to a woman and comes across as a typical nice guy who is trying to impress her by showing how honest, sincere, trustworthy and nice he is, she might like him as a person, but she isn’t going to be feeling sexually aroused by his approach.
Women only care about all the nice things about you after you’ve made them feel some sort of sexual spark. Prior to attraction, pretty much all guys are seen as being the same to a woman and she has little or no interest in them. A woman will only switch ON and be interested in a guy if he is able to trigger her feelings of sexual attraction and then build on that throughout and interaction.
What makes a woman want a man is his ability to trigger her feelings of sexual attraction and then build on that as she continues to talk to him and interact with him.
If a man is making a woman feel a lot of attraction when he interacts with her then she will want him, and if he isn’t making her feel that way then she will either ignore him or only see him as a friend. If you want to make a woman like you and want you in a sexual and romantic way, you have to be able to spark her feelings of attraction by displaying the personality traits and behaviors that women find attractive, when you interact with her. Women don’t choose to have sex, and get into a relationship with a guy based on how nice and sweet he is.
What matters most to a woman is whether or not you make her feel sexually attracted and turned on when she interacts with you. Once her attraction has been triggered, she will then begin to pay attention to and like other things about you (e.g. For example: A guy might be really sweet and nice and treat a woman like a princess on a date. Most of the guys who are failing with women simply don’t know what you are about to learn in this section. It is 100% true that some beautiful women only want a good looking guy who has male model looks, but what is also 100% true is that the majority of beautiful women place less importance on looks and more importance on how a guy’s personality, behavior and inner qualities make her feel. Yes, it is true that some women will only accept a good looking guy, but the majority of us guys are just average or below average looking and we can still attract and keep hot women.
If he really builds on her attraction during the interaction, she will even begin to see any physical flaws he might have as being cute. Well, a female friend of mine once helped me understand the inner workings of a woman’s mind and how she really feels attracted to a guy. The truth is that most women (not all) place a lot less importance on a man’s physical appearance than most guys think. As long as a guy can trigger her feelings of sexual attraction and make her feel attracted to him in other ways, a woman usually won’t get hung up about the fact that he doesn’t have male model features. If women only wanted to have sex with and date good looking guys, most of the guys in this world (including me) would be single, because most guys are average or below average looking. When you have the ability to trigger and build on a woman’s attraction for you during an interaction, you will find that most of the women that you meet like you and be interested in you. Many guys completely misinterpret what the woman is saying and assume that if he is nice to her, she will then like him and want to be in a relationship with him. Women do want a guy to treat them well, but if all a guy is doing is being nice, then she’s not going to be interested in anything sexual because there is nothing to feel turned on about. If a guy doesn’t realize that, a woman will simply lose interest in him and then hook up with another guy who actually makes her feel attracted.
When the nice guy sees that the other guy didn’t treat her as nicely as he did, he then comes to the conclusion that women want bad boys or that women lie about wanting a nice guy.
What he doesn’t understand is that a woman will choose a nice guy over a bad boy every time, but only if the nice guy can trigger her feelings of sexual attraction (e.g. Almost all women do not want to be treated badly, but a woman would rather hook up with a bad boy who makes her feel attracted, than a weak, wimpy, nice guy that only makes her experience friendly feelings.
There’s nothing wrong with being nice to a woman, but niceness is not what makes a woman feel sexually turned on or aroused. You don’t have to be a bad boy (at all) to get women to like you, but you do have to display the behaviors and personality traits that are naturally attractive to women (e.g.
Getting a woman to want you and feel intense desire for you is not as difficult as most guys think….and you don’t have to be good looking, rich, successful, or a bad boy to make it happen. You simply have to be able to display some (not even all!) of the personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that are naturally attractive and arousing to women.
When you do that, a woman cannot stop herself from feeling attracted to you because it happens naturally and automatically without her even having to think about it. Making a woman feel a lot of attraction for you during an interaction also causes her to want you to get you to like her. I will email you 3-4 times a week with new tips, techniques and examples of how to attract women for sex and relationships. I didn't know what to say or do to attract women, so I was single and alone for a long time.
When I created the controversial attraction techniques that I now teach here at The Modern Man, beautiful women began flooding into my life and I've enjoyed my choice of women ever since.
I've already helped 1,000s of guys to get instant results with women (100s of success stories here) and I would love to help you too. I will e-mail you 3-4 times a week with new secrets, techniques and examples of how to attract women for sex and relationships. The main thing that makes a woman want to sleep with a man is his ability to spark intense feelings of sexual attraction when she interacts with him in person.
For example: If a guy displays confidence, charisma and charm while he interacts with a woman, she will automatically have some sexual feelings for him. If he then builds on her feelings of sexual attraction by making her laugh and making her feel girly in comparison to his masculinity (i.e. Sexual attraction is what makes a woman want to have sex with a guy or then start a relationship with him.

If a woman doesn’t feel sexually attracted to a man, she might want to be his friend and experience friendly feelings for him (e.g.
If you want to make a woman want to sleep with you, don’t waste time trying to be her friend or hoping that she likes you as a person if you can just show her how nice, trustworthy and intelligent you are.
If you want her to experience a desire to sleep with you, the main thing that you must do is spark her feelings of sexual desire for you by the way you interact with her. When she feels sexually attracted to you, she will then appreciate the fact that you’re also a good guy. She will feel as though she’s hit the dating jackpot because she gets to be with a guy who is not only nice, but who who can also make her feel very attracted.
When you display the personality traits and behaviors that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. Since you are making her feel sexual desire and that feeling is building up the more you interact with her, she will then want to release that tension with kissing and sex.
A woman may be going through life with an idea of what she thinks her type is, but that can easily change if she meets a guy who makes her feel a lot of attraction for other reasons. For most women, the attraction that they feel for men has less to do with how the guy looks and more to do with how he makes her feel when interacting with her. If he makes her feel a lot of attraction, she may even realize that she was wrong to have such a restrictive type when it comes to guys and she will open up to him, kiss him, have sex with him and get into a relationship with him. They assume that because guys feel intense attraction to a woman’s looks, women must choose men for the same reason. He can actually make the majority of women (90% of women based on all my experience picking up women and helping other guys to pick up women) feel attracted to him and want to be with him. He doesn’t stop to check whether she’s intelligent, interesting to talk to, or if she has a great sense of humor first before he makes that decision. For most guys, if a woman has other great qualities about her, that’s just seen as a bonus to him.
On the other hand, a woman might notice a guy and feel very attracted to his appearance, but if she interacts with him and he behaves in ways that are not attractive to her (e.g. Most women (not all) are mostly attracted to other things about a man besides his appearance (e.g.
Of course, there are some women who will only sleep with and date good- looking, rich or successful guys, but the majority of women feel attracted to who a man is as a whole. So, if you’re asking, “What makes a woman want to sleep with a man?” because you’ve been blaming your lack of success with women on your appearance, you need to take a moment to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works. He simply needs to meet women, make them feel attracted and hook up with the compatible ones. If women only slept with good looking guys, the world would be full of unhappy, single and sexually frustrated men, because the majority of men are not as good looking as women are. Most of us guys are just guys and we don’t really have any special about our appearance. When you begin to realize that you can attract a woman by the way you think, feel and behave around her, you will have discovered a big piece of the secret to what really makes a woman want to sleep with a man. When you trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual desire by the way you interact with her (e.g.
For example: If a guy has a big nose, she will see that as being a cute feature and will come to really like it because it is attached the guy who is making her feel so attracted. On the other hand, if a guy tries to get a woman to sleep with him before he has properly triggered her feelings of sexual attraction, a flaw like a big nose, or a bald head will seem a lot more unattractive to her. When a guy lacks confidence around women, he will often waste a lot of time looking for some kind of superficial way to make women feel attracted to him (e.g. The magic is in his confidence, his natural ability to make a woman feel girly and feminine in comparison to his masculinity, his ability to make her laugh and many other qualities that naturally attract women. Yet, if a guy doesn’t know that he can properly attract women by displaying some of the personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that naturally attract women, he will lack confidence in himself around beautiful women. He’s just a normal, every day guy, so why would beautiful women want to sleep with him.
Attraction is what makes a woman want to sleep with a man and if you have the ability to attract women, you can sleep with beautiful women.
If you want a woman to sleep with you, simply make her feel attracted to you and believe that she wants to sleep with you. You can’t doubt yourself and your attractiveness to her and then expect her to feel turned on, or expect her to make it really obvious that she likes you and wants to have sex with you. A woman can sense when a guy is feeling insecure and doubting himself by noticing his body language, the way he interacts with her and how he looks (or avoids looking) at her. If a woman senses that you don’t believe in your attractiveness to her, she will rapidly lose interest in you because the number one trait that women look for in a guy is self-confidence.
The more self-confidence you have around women, the more that women will want to sleep with you. When you sense that she is properly attracted, confidently attempt to escalate things to the next level (e.g. If you don’t make a move, it’s more than likely that some other guy will come along and take her from you. If the other guy has the confidence to seduce her and make her feel the way she wants to feel, she’s not going to wait around for you to build up the courage to make a move; she will be kissing and having sex with the other guy instead. In the past, when women saved their virginity for marriage, a guy would wait a long time to make a move and she would still stick around. Hopefully by now, you have realized that you don’t have to be good looking, rich or successful to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you and want to sleep with you. What makes a woman want to sleep with a man is simply his ability to make her feel the way she needs to feel to be willing to have sex (i.e.
So don’t waste another minute trying to make a woman want to sleep with you by being really nice, polite and friendly around her.
Be a good guy, but make sure that you make her feel sexually attracted to you because if she only has friendly feelings for you, she’s not going to want to sleep with you. It’s up to you to be confident and masculine enough (in the way you think, behave and take action) to talk to a beautiful woman, spark her feelings of sexual attraction and then escalate to kissing and sex.
I have moved from listening to Jim Rohn, to reading and watching Jim Collins speak to listening to Tom Peters, and all I could see was passion for what they do. Meanwhile, Ann Marie, his earthling girlfriend, waits for him to emerge so they can cook dinner or watch a movie or go out with friends, things couples who say they love each other do.

Hampton and Ann Marie Slavik, 41, met in Cape Canaveral in 2001 at an apartment complex they describe as being like Melrose Place. More than 200,000 people a€” American, Peruvian, Indian, mothers, fathers, young, old a€” were just as interested in applying. When his application got him into a group of 1,058 selected for Round 2 in January, Ann Marie bought him a small present: a model of the Millennium Falcon. In February, a few days before Bern's, Hampton sat in the living room of his small apartment. Hampton's unbuttoned shirts and gold chain make him look flashy, but emotionally he's reserved. When Hampton told them he wanted to go to space for the rest of his life, they weren't shocked. Though Hampton wouldn't leave for 10 years if selected for the program, time goes fast, the son knows.
Hampton thinks about his sons' futures a€” about the children they might have a€” with a sort of trepidation. On March 8, Hampton and Ann Marie arrived in the parking lot of his Riverview doctor's office.
How much longer are you going to be on the computer with your Martian friends, Ann Marie remembers asking. He got engaged in December, several months after he was accepted into the first round of Mars One selection.
One of them, slated to start next year, could have him living on simulated Martian terrain on the side of a dormant Hawaiian volcano for up to 12 months.
He might take her to an expensive restaurant, buy her flowers and gifts and try to show her that he can take care of her.
She is feeling attracted to him, so she then begins to look at him in a more positive light. Frenzo, share the story of his journey to significance is the realization that reading is part of what makes a man successful.
These men are passionate for excellence in their craft, and you’d agree with me if I say that they indeed have become excellent in what they do. For public speakers, when giving a speech, don’t just look everywhere with your eyes focused on nobody. Next to that is a detailed illustration of Mars One, showing the cylindrical pods of a connected habitat he hopes to spend the rest of his life in.
He's busy trying to lose weight, staying current on scientific news and watching NASA's TV network. In Star Wars, it's the ship Han Solo uses to jet around the universe, smuggling contraband and running from responsibility. Ann Marie was on the couch, facing a wall-sized flat-screen television, listening to Hampton talk about Mars. She is outgoing and has a striking ability to say how she feels and why she feels that way.
If he's selected to go, he wants to spend his last decade on Earth traveling, seeing the pyramids and the Mediterranean Sea. He started a space club at Gaither High School and took his classmates to Cape Canaveral to meet astronauts. Hampton took a short engineering contract, but to Ann Marie it still seemed as though Mars weighed more heavily on his mind than anything else. Strangely, Ann Marie said, that hit her harder than his application to permanently leave Earth. He wants to film a cooking show that would demonstrate how to grow, harvest and cook food in space. I've already helped thousands of guys to achieve instant success with women and I would love to help you too. But not reading any and every kind of books; reading books by great thinkers, men like Tom Peters, Jim Collins, Jim Rohn. Focus on someone and look him in the eye, others will feel the connection and it will be as though you are actually looking them in the eye. In the weeks leading up to it, he spent hours each day on an elliptical machine or a treadmill or at the weight machines in a white plastic sweat suit. He studied aerospace engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and when he got out, he took a job with NASA.
In desperation, he turned to Facebook, hoping the Aspiring Martians could give him details. When it comes down to it, Sweeney isn't sure going to Mars would be worth what he would give up. View customer success stories, browse my products or watch this mind-blowing video about success with women. He swore off sugar, abandoned Coke and started pumping himself full of zero-calorie Propel water. A few years ago in Seminole County, an arrest report says, she kicked a deputy in the face during a confrontation about noise.
As he drifted into other engineering fields, he watched the world that so fascinates him slowly shrink. But he was wearing a pair of lightweight shorts and a featherweight polo shirt just in case. His father told him he'd lie down in front of a rocket before he let his son go to Mars, so Sweeney doesn't bring it up with family, either. She lost her job at a tobacco shop and felt isolated, left home alone with their bulldog, Chunk.
People want to feel valued; a whole world of opportunity and support can emanate from that simple question, what do you think? People have something to say, and there is so much we can gain from the world if we would just listen more. And because the plan was hatched on Earth, it would include, at some point, the making of a reality television show.

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