The goal of this meetup group is to meet others with DID, to help you connect to those who have walked a similar path. Hypnosis was the typical form of treatment for DID when it was first discovered in the late 1700s. Until about 1880, a commonly held belief was that everyone had a background consciousness that was greater than the consciousness responsible for the primary personality.
Around the same time, doctors began to make a connection between the symptoms of DID and early childhood trauma, and also to recognize that more than one distinctly different personality could develop as a result of the mind compartmentalizing the trauma -- its attempt to protect the host personality.
Another doctor of the same time period, Pierre Janet, had a different way of thinking, however.

While DID is often thought of as a modern creation, there is a rich, documented history of the illness. At that time, hypnosis (then known as animal magnetism) was quite popular, and a doctor who practiced hypnotism used it to treat a patient who was switching between two distinct personalities -- the normal personality of the German woman, and a personality of a French woman.
He was working with patients described as hysterical, and he concluded that some of them did have different, distinct personalities, born of things they'd witnessed during traumatic episodes. Under hypnosis, the French personality could easily be drawn out, and at the conclusion of a session the German personality would emerge from the hypnotic state.
Prince attempted to and -- by his own account -- fully succeeded in re-integrating the personalities and forcing them back into the subconscious, resulting in a unified and permanent personality.

As we'll see in the next section, this brought about changes in treatment, public perception and public scrutiny.

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