It was the feminist dream of the 1960s a€“ a world in which men and women share the load equally.
History repeating: Wedding bliss in the 1950sMore than 1,500 adults were asked about the attributes that they a€?most valueda€™ in a spouse or partner.
Nearly 40 per cent said a€?financial stabilitya€™ is one of the most important qualities in their husband and they rank gardening as more important than an ability to cook or clean.
Del Vecho says the a€?Do You Want To Build a Snowman?a€? segment was taken out at one point and was in and out of the film a few times.
So given that this is a woman’s view of the perfect man, what traits might make up the opposite list? Because Barbie basically means small waists, big boobs, long (preferably blond) hair and blue eyes. Also, blond hair tends to get darker with age, so a male preference for blond may simply mirror a preference for younger women. Small waists are also an indicator of fertility, because it’s been shown that women with a low waist-to-hip ratio have an easier time conceiving.
In other words, they more clearly show how old you are, and therefore how fertile you’re likely to be. Remember, these preferences became hardwired at a time when life was much more precarious than it is now.
Half of British online shoppers (47%) will now walk away altogether from a brand that doesn’t understand them as a customer, a new UK consumer study* commissioned by Ometria has found.
By using location as the context, BMW UK was able to go beyond proximity targeting and use digital insights to drive action in the physical world. In partnership with media agencies, Vizeum and Amplifi, xAd worked with BMW UK to target the core audience of “aspirers” and “buyers,” to drive engagement and awareness of the new BMW 7 Series among these two groups.

John O'Reilly hoisted his beer and said, "Here's to spending the rest of me life, between the legs of me wife!" That won him the top prize at the pub for the best toast of the night!
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Tanya Jackson, corporate affairs manager at the building society, said: a€?A lot of women used to think they wanted a metrosexual man. According to Austin Reed’s findings, the perfect man earns ?48,000 a year and drives an Audi. According to psychologists Alan Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa, authors of Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters, the average bloke wants, well, Barbie. Small boobs may mask your real age, and the uncomfortable truth is that men (subconsciously at least) want younger women with whom they have more chance of passing on their genes. To make a profit you need lots of customers but cats won't do anything they don’t want to do and need quiet, calm spaces – away from crowds of people, says Lauren Pears, founder of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, London's first cat cafe. The same study has discovered that 84% of consumers feel bombarded by online retailers, in many cases leading them to abandon their favourite ecommerce shops.
One goes to get the food while the other 3 start to talk about how successful their sons became. 1 says her son studied economics, became a banker and is so rich, he gave his best friend a Ferrari. The news crew was covering the story of a man on the ledge of a tall building preparing to jump. Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products.

According to research published today, most men want a traditional wife a€“ and women are often only toohappy to oblige.In turn, it claims that the husband women most desire is a a€?retrosexuala€™ a€“ meaning they are more hunter gatherer than a a€?metrosexuala€™ stay-at-home father.
But evolutionary theory suggests that western men are, in general, hardwired to appreciate these traits. Shiny hair is an indicator of health (sick people’s hair quickly loses its lustre), and Miller and Kanazawa reckon that, because hair grows slowly, long hair is a living, growing health record for the past two or three years. This is a contentious one and is clearly not true of all men, but one psychologist thinks it’s because larger, heavier boobs sag more with age.
With a better understanding of an individual customer’s profile, in addition to their context, BMW UK was able to be more relevant when targeting its core aspirational and buying audience. Anyone who truly displays God's love deserves our trust and understanding, not our blind fear. More than 2.1million women say they do not work because they are a€?looking after their family or homea€™.
Only 193,000 men gave the same answer a€“ a figure which has fallen by 6 per cent over the past year.
I hope you are not offended by this but the Bible speaks against us fearing anything for greater is he who is in us than he who is in the world.
God bless DeleteNate NoeMarch 13, 2016 at 6:00 PMThe fear spoken of is biblical it is more of a reverance or honoring than an actual fear, also i would have to say that a fear of evil would not be becoming of a true christian as we have not been giving a spirit of fear but of a sound mind.

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