Scorpio men like honesty in relationships, but that they tend to be often misunderstood, because his introverted character. However, they make little effort to clean the air around them, which makes them prone to be misinterpreted.
They spend much time in analysis, reflection and analysis of people and relationships that gives them a good idea about the nature of people.
His focus and determination towards the goals set can come in the form of personal relationships. They are very capable of being able to manage their own lives and it is this characteristic that makes it hard to win the heart of a Scorpio man.

If you want to conquer and come into your life and heart, first learn how to win your trust.
If you want to conquer and rule the heart of a Scorpio man then give you enough space and time to follow their dreams. He recognizes and accepts its contribution and support in your life, wholeheartedly and pampers your love and emotions.
However, if you require your attention and time, then put it out seriously and even interpret that in a poor light. If you do a selfless act, and we appreciate that this is a way you can earn their respect and trust.

What ignites us is her constant search for deeper meanings of life and existence and my need to be understood. I think last lines of the article sum up the relationship aptly : He lives on dark Pluto and she lives on the bright sun.

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