We attempt to put special activities into our monthly outings or provide opportunities for older Scouts that are completely separate from the younger Scouts. Instead of having our senior Scouts teach classes they don’t want to teach, we put them in charge of games and activities.
He would also get them talking about Scouting: which camping trip or merit badge they liked best, what they thought the troop could do better, what they would like to see the troop do the next year.
When the troop’s adult leaders met each month, it was amazing to hear what the assistant Scoutmaster had learned. Using the patrol method and creating a Venture patrol within the troop gives the older boys that are just standing around [both] a goal and their own program. Make it challenging for them, and they’ll be eager to work harder to achieve the level of preparation they need for this adventure, setting a good example for the younger Scouts. This entry was posted in Leaders, Venturer Activities, Venturer Resources, Venturers, Venturing Leadership, What Would You Do?
Lead an ethics debate with your Venturers about how to respond to inappropriate Internet content.
Enter to win great prizes in our contests, including a $100 scoutstuff.org gift card and fundraising prize packages from LUCI Light.

All rights thereunder reserved; anything appearing in Scouting magazine or on its Web site may not be reprinted either wholly or in part without written permission. Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowQ: Why does my husband expect me to hang out with his friends, but when I ask him to hang out with mine, he makes an excuse to get out of it? Most Popular This is one of those questions you have to go straight to the source with: Ask your husband.
He’s looking for suggestions to keep these older Scouts engaged in the troop program. Now, instead of complaining about being bored, they come up and ask if they can start a game or activity. He would sit those Scouts who were just goofing off down in a quiet corner and get them to talk. Perhaps some want to advance, perhaps some just want to be with their friends, perhaps some enjoy camping and other high adventure activities. They seem to have the ability to motivate this type of Scout, something the older adults could never achieve—which shows that a troop using all its resources is able to overcome most problems. Such a patrol is still part of the troop, but the members can do their own big adventure or activity.

A: I get variations on this question all the time, and I never know how to give one single answer.
He would ask them what was going on in school, how things were at home, what was the last movie they saw—things like that.
Maybe he really wants to, but his excuses are real and he just can't get his schedule to work.
Maybe he doesn't even expect you to hang out with his friends and would be cool with you bailing to go do your own thing.
It fosters an important sense of individuality that is important to being part of a healthy couple.

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