Rolling Stones 50th Anniversay Whiskey ($TBA)- This is the reason Mick and Kieth are as well preserved as they are! Jack Daniels Sinatra Select ($TBA)- Frank Sinatra used to drink Jack like it was water (in the desert). 360 Glazed Donut Vodka ($16)- Why not drop a bottle off at your local police station on Christmas Eve.
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He made parmesan broccoli, grilled turkey burgers, and I made a tossed caesar salad with turkey pepperoni, croutons, avocado, and parmesan.
Friday morning, I ran three 10 minute miles on the treadmill at an elevation and then turned it down to a low speed and walked for about eighteen minutes at an elevation with five pound hand weights.
They also sent me a code for my readers: satva1 -the code is for 20% your next order! All of their items are organic and you can read their story here! The items are made from eco friendly cotton and non-GMO bio-ingredients. After finishing up work on Friday, I headed to pick out an outfit for Nick’s company party.
I forgot to take photo that night, but one of Nick’s coworkers said she’d send me one she took of us!
After breakfast, we headed to Home Depot to pick up yard tools, cleaning supplies, fire wood, and more! We decided to pick up the dogs so they could run around the backyard while we cleared everything.
The house is over a half acre, so we are going to extend a privacy fence all the way down to the road so the dogs have room to run.

There was about a foot of leaves covering the backyard, so we spent hours raking and burning.
I was so proud of myself for starting the fire by myself without gas, using a really bad lighter, and with all the wind.
I spent hours raking up leaves with Anthony, digging out tree stubs, burning leaves, bagging leaves, cutting barb wire off the fence, and ripping up roots and weeds.
Someone actually called the fire department because they saw smoke coming from the back of the house.
Anthony and Nick were over watching football and testing all the food.  We brought the cookies and baklava over to Nick’s parents house and I finally watched Elf! Monday morning breakfast: almonds, chocolate raisins, Greek yogurt with banana, and a bowl of cherries. Yesterday morning, I headed over to pick up my prescriptions and then relaxed a bit with the pups. I feel so bad when I can’t go out and walk with them, so I like to let them just run and play to get all their energy out. No, it is not Sponge Bob underwear, a Hello Kitty jacket for his iPad Mini, or a piano tie. For the Christmas of 2012, Jack is paying Sinatra back for his undying patronage by giving him his own damn bottle.
His choices include six 50ml mini bottles of Rose of Syrah from Bugay, Coppola Chardonnay, zinfandels from Jake-Ryan and Easton, Rhone-style Red Blend from Twisted Oak, and Feather Cab. I promise you're gonna miss me being there, putting up with you, refusing to give up on you.
It’s all we can do with it right now until the contractors show up to fix up the insides and structure.

I was sure we’d dig up a dead body somewhere in there because we dug up about six pairs of shoes. Here are the icky before photos. Below is our inspiration board and what we plan on doing to it.
I actually decided to do something different to my hair, so I used a heat protector, and curled the ends with my straightener. The fireman came to the back of the house and started cracking up when he saw our little fire pit. Luckily, I have this morning time to relax and recap for you guys before I get up and around for the day.
They got me in there right away because I had it in my lungs and my airways were starting to close and I also had a fever of 101.4. It makes it harder for me to get everything I need to do done, but I’m trying my best. They kept me under watch until the labored breathing went away and my temperature went down. These steroids have me looking pretty cute and the constant itchy feeling is killing me inside.
I contemplated on sharing a couple photos from the hospital, but they are too embarrassing, so I’m keeping those to myself.

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