Portions of this post were also featured on The Stir by CafeMom, and in a TV segment on ABC Action News, the local affiliate in Tampa. I know a special someone who’s getting a personalized ball gag this Father’s Day! Make a quick list of everything he is “into”.  Is there any small purchase on that list that shows you really know him, and what makes him tick? How about a really thoughtful card that looks like it was written just for him and his relationship to you.  Or get yourself a blank one, and write your own heartfelt note.
Do you have a special cherished picture of you and Dad that he might like blown up and framed?  If he knows it is special to you, it will be special to him.
If your Mom is around, ask her to conspire with you in figuring out what would really tickle his fancy.
One of my Dad’s prized Father’s Day possessions is a hat that says “Number One Dad”.  I thought it was cheesy as heck, but 10 years later, he still wears it on occasion.
Consider making a small donation to a charity in his name, if he has been involved in one.  (You may even be able to write this one off by using a check.
I think Dads in general are not looking for big expensive purchases – they tend to make them feel “obligated”. John has been online since the dinosaur age, when there was no graphical web and browsing was done with a text engine called Gopher. One of these days, I’m going to get my dad whirled peas and see if that will suffice. Just the other day I noticed that the Father’s Day card I gave my dad 3 years ago was still on display. For parents living in a community setting, a photo mug will help them brag in the cafeteria. Is there an app, podcast, or tech convenience that your father might love as much as you do? Reaching out to help fix a tech problem or introduce a useful service can be a gift that keeps on giving. For me, I love spending time with my children, but I also love spending a little time away from them too.
Give dad the gift of a few hours to himself and a few hours of some serious fun with his kids — without having to plan it.
For more active activities, check out the various local zoos, museums and amusement parks that offer free admission to dads on Fathers’ Day.
A few years ago, I was aghast at the cost of 3 cards I bought for Fathers’ Day when the cashier rang them up.

Plus, with an album, you won’t wonder when enough time has passed for you to be able to throw out the card. If you haven’t already, check out my Frugal Giving Pinterest Board for more ideas, and send some pins my way if you have any suggestions. I always liked a hand written card, even if it it’s printed out like one of those ancient Microsoft office ones! I usually give my dad a coupon book of IOU’s, like labor around the farm or house, a home cooked meal, etc.
After graduating with over $200,000 in student loan debt, my husband and I felt challenged to enjoy life for less. Father’s Day is just around the corner and what do you get for the guy who has everything?  Why, a one of a kind piece of art made by YOU, that’s what! It’s like trying to figure out how to get my toddler to not have a meltdown every time we pass the Spiderman aisle at Target. The little babies want to clench those little hands, and it’s really hard to get a good, outstretched little paw to plant a good paint stamp on the paper. We are family owned and operated and are committed to offering our customers the finest in floral gifts, backed by our 100% guarantee. He'll love the humor in it, and although he won't be able to drink this cold one, he'll enjoy the bar snacks they come with. Succulents are perfect for someone who claims to not have a green thumb, as they require just an ice cube when they get dry.
He is excited about the power of social media and the opportunities it provides for consumers to share information in these challenging economic times. At about $5 a card, our family would spend over $100 a year on cards for our immediate family alone. Although we continue to pay over $1,300 per month, we love the lifestyle it forced us to adopt: Frugal giving, frugal fun, and the pursuit of passive income -- to help us break free from our student loans once and for all.
Which is really convenient because there are sooo many inexpensive ways to make photo coffee mugs, and you can customize them even further by adding a great quote from your dad. We've been named Best of Phoenix by Phoenix Magazine and CitySearch Best Florist, among many other awards. John enjoys writing about the experiences and techniques he finds along the way to financial freedom. Pack a lunch, a blanket, and a frisbee or a soccer ball, and we can have fun for hours without spending a dime.
Each year, my son answers the same questions, adds a photo, and maybe draws something, on the next page in the album.

Each year you get a new page, you can revisit your five-year-old daughter’s princess drawing just by turning the page. And even if your dad’s retired, chances are he uses the computer or cell phone a fair amount.
Another friend gets her husband baseball tickets, since he loves going to games with his brother. Handwritten notes are rare and precious these days.  If your handwriting is truly atrocious, consider having a calligrapher do it for you.
You can have your kids answer questions about their dad or questions about what they love about their dad, or make up your own version. Plus, when you have a baby, they give you a TON of free money on them, something like over $100.
Spend $8 for the mousepad, or $20 for the iPhone case, upload a great picture of you with your dad, and send it to him. Come over to his house that morning, bring his favorite coffee and some groceries to make his favorite breakfast. My friend Laura’s husband loves cooking, but has yet to master brown butter sage sauce, so she bought him a private session with a chef. I don’t live near my dad, so I always like to make sure we get a Skype or Facetime session in with the kiddos. In fact, my 3 siblings and I have even organized a group video chat, so my dad can see all his kids at once: in Texas, California, Florida and Washington. One year, I got my dad a personalized mousepad. He just loves the photo I chose, of a happy family memory jet-boating on the Rogue River in Oregon. I made it personal by adding a photo of him with my son, and then I wrote how he takes his coffee on the side. For another gift, I found a cool frame and mat at Walmart, so I used one of my favorite photos of my husband with our kids and used black paint to add their footprints. If you want to get fancy, you can even get a small monogram of his initials sewn onto the sweatshirt, or just under the waist band on the sweat pants.

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