Facebook Covers InformationFacebook Quotes Cover - Girls want a guy who say I love you every night and proves it every day. MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. If Wearing stopped you on the street today, what would you write down on the piece of paper? One stormy day as the days rolled passed a man in a suite looks inside a window waiting for a warm place to stay. When he seems desperate i don’t know what he is desperate for but most people do end up in a situation where they are desperate for something and it looks to me as if he is desperate or ideas and for creativity in life and something to do instead of repeating his life everyday. This man had just got a divorce withhis beautiful wife and she took their children with her! The man on the corner street grimaced as the early morning sun struck upon him and woke him while shifting the sleepy cobwebs out of the street so the market people could set up their stalls without trouble. The man was lonely, and nothing could make him feel so ashamed of the trials he had comitted, which were now haunting him as he got up to assume his regular job, A plea.
He stood there waiting,waiting for anything to happen something good he hoped.He looked like a rather wealthy man but looks can be decieving he was a tramp and just got enough money for this suit but he was desperate for more he wanted a house a bed, everything an average person would have. So here’s how it all started, Jimmy was doing very well in work until he got told he couldn’t have a promotion and got sacked from being the manager.
The next day I hurriedly got out of bed and realised that it was half past nine so I rushed to do everything and then saw it was the day I had to pay all the bills and the employees in just two hours.
Before very long my smartly dressed boss came out of his room and I was holding the paper in front of my face. Everyone is desperate sometimes and all you can do is ask, and it would help if you just give. Hi i’m Bob and i have lost my job but still dress like this because ithink i have a job in a card boared box.
I was walking down a lonely street when I saw a man, he looked quite posh wearing a suit and tie but he was holding a sign. A chairman of the goverment in desparate need of help for the globel econemy because of the credit crunch and to help the banks. Every night he would go down to the rubbish bins and try to find something to eat in our rubbish.
I used to invite him into my apartment every now and again and give him a little food and try to persuade him to find help with Social Security or something, or find his family and friends. Then I went away for a couple of years to Bordeaux to launch a small restaurant with a friend. When I got back to Lyon he had disappeared, and a neighbour told me that no-one was sure where he was, and that he had most certainly left the area. A couple of months later I was coming home from work and there was an ambulance outside the apartment building.
Those who are rich dont think about the every day troubles people have im desperate we need to get these people out of this disgusting world. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
Gillian Wearing asked random people who walked by to write down their thoughts on a piece of paper.

He may not be the best looking man in the world but he thinks that one day he will find the perfect woman but for now he’s still going to carry on being desperate! Senor was flicking luvhart when a man stopped and asked us what we were thinking, and if we could write it down on a piece of paper.
It seems as though no one wants any workers….its not the great depression, so wheres the employee-less buisnesses?? He told me this story once I had asked him to write his feelings on a piece of card and he wrote ‘desperate’ while his fingers were trembling. He couldn’t pay for the house, bills and now he can’t afford his wife because she wants everything!
Plus he now has to pay back all of the money he used for his credit card, and this why Jimmy Clarkson is DESPERATE! My name is George Regal and I’m desperate for a job because I’ve been unemployed for 2 years. As pleasure less Bob came out from the loo, he scrutinised his eyes.” Is that my Molly kissing another man?” After looking for two seconds his heart snapped in two. So obviously he was going to see the state that my presentation was in “What is this?” my boss exclaimed. He has all the money of the world, but one day he reads the independent and it says, richest man of the world is the king.
He is always desperate for success, desperate for love, desperate for life and desperate for death. His life, was never full of magic, the exciting burst you get when you see an old friend in the street, winning your first ever art award, or writing a prize winning adventure story. Every night, we could hear him ripping open the plastic bags and opening and closing the rubbish bins and talking to himself. The landlord had the police enter his apartment a couple of hours ago because he hadn’t paid rent for nine months. No one thought about why he suddenly disappeared and no-one thought to question why no-one had seen a removal van or people to help him move.. Well I flipped out, and well, I trashed his desk and threw everything on the floor, including him. If this young man is so desperate why is he wearing a suit that he could clearly sell and buy him another pair of clothes. It happened exactly one month later he had enough money for a lottery ticket but guess what he hit the jackpot he won the lottery and he even found a lady friend with perfect blonde hair rosy red cheeks who really liked him they soon became closer and closer they bought a house together and the he did it asked the question he was happy now in love and they got married but the only thing he was desperate for now was her love. Jimmy is years old and has a beautiful wife called Amanda Clarkson, who wants and needs everything as well as having two children, a young boy aged nine called Jimmy jnr and his teenage girl Amy, aged thirteen. Just yesterday I was given the opportunity to work for Asda, but first I had to go to a job interview. Well I was sitting in my messy office and I was going through all the mail and I found that all it was bills at three thousand pounds.
The man was outraged, how could the king be richer then the worlds greatest and most succsesful bank maneger. The thrill you get when you find old socks with ?50 in them, or the sweet and sorrowful melancholy tunes of a grand piano.
The shopkeeper from the general store next door was there and I asked him what was going on. When he came to Albert, he was so nervous, the boss thought he looked very suspicious and when he asked him some questions, he hesitated so much his boss wouldn’t take any chances so he fired him.

The news is nothing but depressing cases over and over again with never ending evil games that syko weirdos who would do anything to spill some blood of their enemys. Is he important, chase him, follow his thoughts, he may give you money, dissapointment, mabey he wants a friend he can relie on to speek his mind. Today I am returning to Asda to see if I get the job or not and it would mean the world to me if I got it because if I did I would no longer need to live with my mother.
My heart dropped at the site of the high prices which was very unfortunate because I still had to pay all the house bills and my employees. I have no food and im poor i have only 2 sets of clothes and in desperate need of food drink and new clothes. Never was his life like ours, with pain but secretly love between the heart breaking gaps to it, the soothing of a savage breast by music on the breeze, or a different culture, celebrating the days made in history, or a summers day, turning into a summers night. Nobody pays attention, because he is nothing against the backdrop of crowded people, chattering in the morning sun. He just died, alone, poor, and hungry, without anyone in the world knowing, in his kitchen, with people above and below and on either side of him. Maybe he turned out to be lucky and something or someone came along and helped him so he wasn’t desperate. It was full of sad and needy people, desperate for someone to save them, and them the man had an Idea. The usual faces that gave him sympathatic looks, now not needed was depressed to see him go, but happy for his fortune.
I have a friend that lives beneth the bench with me and we share the same leaves to sleep on. Maybe he wasn’t so lucky, maybe no one came and helped him, maybe he is still desperate.
And then, as the wind carried him away, in his van to move to a new house, the faces of his past swirled around him, sending him into a drifting tide of sleepiness.
He would buy lots of flashy cars, designer wear, expensive after shave and lots more including all the nice things for his pushover wife.
We live in the cold, dark and scary alley ways with only the birds and the bats to keep up company and maybe occasionly a lost dog.
Slowly, one by one, the people vanish into midnight, and the man is once more alone on the street. He spoke it out loud “Well, I think I should apply for this newspaper, It seems full of needy souls, which I shall reach out to and touch the heart” he said, and followed the adress on the paper.
Maybe he has forgotten he was desperate or maybe he still remembers it like a sharp pain from yesterday.
He wishes that those people would look towards him, and acknowledge that somehow a human being is being neglected. Their faces beam, and he realizes that they had noticed, they had hoped he would get his life together.
But he knows this is schizophrenzia [sp?] and those voices should be, undoubtedly, ignored. Im lonely and need some help so please dont just walk past come and give me some attention- I deserve it.

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