If you’re looking for a nice icon set for design your iPhone app or Android app, here is a nice set for you. There are hundreds of new apps added to the Android market every day, both free and paid versions available. But its often difficult to find the best apps for your needs once you have a good Android phone.Here are some of the best sites to search and find new Android apps. These act as a directory where you can get a glimpse of the app in screenshot and a small description on the app.
9Apps is your very own Android Market App, helping you find the Games & Apps in your local area! Google Play:Google Play is the official app market for all Android phones, you can download free apps, purchase new ones and also track the list of apps you have installed.

AppBrain:App Brain is another good site to search and find best Android apps for your phone. Unlike Google Play, AppBrain offers more features in terms of searching apps, which includes top rated apps for a particular day, week and all time popular. AppBrain features search, rankings, categories, screenshots, related apps and also the simplest of UI.3.
AndrolibThe site has fully categorized apps and contains user reviews, screenshots, QR codes for downloads.
It also shows pretty much accurate stats for number of downloads and star rating available on Android’s 5-star scale. It features search, browsing by category, screenshots, QR codes, etc and one of the unique features is the reviews of the app from other sources.

You can also find the hottest apps, the apps which are mentioned across the world and on social sites.5. Android Zoom:This site allows you to search apps by category and install them via QR codes. The site has user comments, which means you can check out the feedback from users having tried the app. You can also see the most viewed app as well as the most downloaded app.Which service do you use to search and discover new Android apps?

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