I wish for a man who:- melts my heart with his smile- makes me laugh, even when I feel down- is handsome, in a guy-next-door kinda way- loves me for who I am, but encourages me to improve myself - has eyes that I can get lost in forever- ideally, knows how to cook (because I can't)- has a few interests in common with me so that we have something to talk about- has a few interests different than mine so that I have something new to try- puts up with my quirky sense of humor, strange music tastes, and complete lack of aesthetic senseIs this enough for you? Well, while we wait for shoe size, *rubs lamp for JR and Intensity* One average great guy and one unicorn coming up.
May 9, 2012 By Mike Cernovich 39 Comments A topic of tiresome and endless debate exists over a simple question: What kind of body do women want a man to have? Once you have a body that women are starting to find themselves attracted to, then you’ve earned the right to argue about what is the best body for attracting women.
I have to respectfully disagree with this, for the sole reason that Game trumps men’s looks. Are you seriously trying to compare their ability to be lard*ss old guys who get hot young women to the typical PUA going out to clubs on weekends who doesn’t also own his own private jet? Hard work and nutrition can give you a very decent body that’s should draw attention so that you can spit your tight game. There are numerous examples of fat men who are still incredibly charismatic and could pull top-tier women.
What I am saying is that all things being equal(game, status, etc.), wouldn’t someone in better shape have an advantage?
I think in terms of physique it’s waist-to-hip and waist-to-shoulder ratio that really matter, regardless of muscularity, same as with what men find attractive in women.
Personal question: Have you started experimenting with AAS or are you still trying to reach your natural potential? If you want that physique prepare for brutally hard powerlifting workouts coupled with some steroids for many, many years. This is an old article, but I disagree with Shallowfox if only to illustrate there are many different tastes out there. It depends really on the girl,but as a general rule the original break down is fairly accurate. 3: Straight guys feel comfortable talking to me about facials, eye cream, and the occasional thrill of having a finger up their bum. 4: I have never felt safer walking down the street late at night than when I'm with a big, buff straight guy who despises homophobia as much as I do. 7: Straight men love to be told they have hot bodies, and who better to let them know than a gay man who loves to check out a straight hot body without fear of being punched in the face?

8: The expressions "awesome," "it's all good," "it is what it is," "you're a rock star," and "got weed?" -- they don't know why gay men use them either. 11: When straight men find out that I don't spend all my spare time having anonymous sex, they are a little disappointed. 12: When I find out that straight guys don't spend all their time dating strippers and banging hookers, I'm a little disappointed. 13: While I often have doubts, straight men reassure me that Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Kwanten are indeed gay and would totally do me if we met. 16: Straight men love introducing me to their girlfriends because they know I'm not going to hit on them. 18: Since a lot of straight men don't feel comfortable talking to buddies or female friends about relationships, I'm one of the first people they call when they're going through a breakup. 19: We may have our different traditions, our different backgrounds, our different ways of communicating, but we always agree on one thing: Straight porn is hot! 20: Do you know how many straight guys hate asking for last names, buying drinks, pretending to store numbers, and wasting most of an evening when all they really want is 20 minutes in the sack?
22: It's an unfortunate reality that in today's world gay men are often the most competitive with other gay men.
Unless you have a good body and are looking to take it to the next level, arguing over this stuff just makes you a keyboard warrior.
We’ve all seen the outlier of an out of shape, or even fat, man with a good looking woman. The average man might not be able to make more money, or increase his status in the short term, as much as he could improve both his game and his level of physical attractiveness. You should write more about it, since a lot of guys stay out of the gym because they fear a nice body is unattainable or only attainable through obsessive eating and training. Easily attainable by anyone willing to put in 3hrs a week with the weights and controlling diet a little.
I know that in my younger days, when I wrestled and boxed + high metabolism, I was really in sick shape and very low body fat. With straight guys we can talk about "guy" issues like sex and relationships and beard length without friction. But then they are comfortable admitting to me that most of their "tales of conquests" are packed with lies.

But then I feel comfortable telling them that I lied when I said David Beckham once hit on me. And since it's a known fact that we're more desirable if we're taken, they'll even toss a dirty glance a guy's way to help me secure a date.
Might as well be in a bar.Besides, a lot of pix on teh interwebz show that they extrude rainbows from their ass.
If this chart were measured, from top-left to lower-right, the correct answers would be: 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10.
Once you get a decent body, you’ll learn from first-hand experience what body women find the most sexy. For real life examples of charming overweight men, off the top of my head, there’s Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie. No juice, no supplements other than protein and fish oil tablets and creatine whenever I remembered to take it. I think he did it as an experiment to prove that training as a powerlifter will give you a physique comparable to that of a high level bodybuilder. I’m a bit obsessive so I like to try and find the max out of every single thing from looks to money to walking style to whatever because anything below perfect is a waste of time. Problem was, unless I was at the beach or had an excuse to take my shirt off and show my 6pack and defined chest & shoulders, I just looked thin. Lifting weights 3-4x a week(1 hour a session) 6 months tops with diet reasonably in check will get you there.
Improving all of these(with a sense of realism and reasonableness) will get a man closer to what he wants.
Once I got older and started lifting heavy and eating everything I could, I def got more attention from women. I think for me, once my face didn’t look sucked out and thin + I looked powerful with a fitted button up, I just became more appealing to ladies.
LOokin like the beginnings of a awful plot twist for the title character of this Disney Dream Wish Movie.

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