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When a woman is committed she wants complete transparency, honesty and loyalty from her man. She wants to be with her man in every step of his life so that she can be his biggest support.
She feels loved when she is appreciated and admired for all her small efforts and gestures. They enter the bookstore and threaten the bookstore owner ( Kang Shin-Il ).Around this time, the bookstore owner's daughter Mi-Do ( Shin Se-Kyung ) goes to the public welfare office to get free rice.
To be very honest when a woman is in love with a man she wants to be emotionally, soulfully and telepathically connected to him….

Even though she tells the reporter no, the TV reporter repeatedly asks her for an interview.
Mi-Do asks her father about the men, but he doesn't tell her anything.The next day, Tae-Sang learns that the bookstore owner left a last will and disappeared. Mi-Do then receives a phone call from her mother and learns that her father has disappeared.When Mi-Do arrives back at the bookstore, she sees her mother and father harassed by a bunch of men.
He went from a smart kid with good grades to an enforcer for a gangster.Tae-Sang then sees Mi-Do's report card in her bag. The loan shark has now lost all faith in Tae-Sang.A few hours after the 3 PM deadline, Mi-Do appears at Tae-Sang's office. Mi-Do, trying to stay as calm as possible, offers to sell herself to Tae-Sung to pay off her father's debt.

Mi-Do, trying to stay as calm as possible to hide her fear, listens to Tae-Sang in the hotel room. Tae-Sang tells her to payback the principle without the interest.Later, Tae-Sang, the loan shark boss' girlfriend Sung-Joo ( Chae Jung-Ahn ) and Tae-Sang's men gather for a birthday party for their loan shark boss. Tae-Sang tells her that if someone helped him at her age, his life would be different.Meanwhile, the loan shark boss sends several men to kill Tae-Sang. Right before the attack, Tae-Sung receives a phone call from the boss' girlfriend tipping him off that he is about to be killed.

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