Why do you advertise all these beautiful clothes, yet do not give the price or place to send off or go to if a person wants to purchase them.
I have seen many items I would love to purchase but you never give the price or place to purchase the items from. Janelle Monae recently did an interview stating that taking her clothes off is not what makes her sexy, and we agree! Le smoking tuxedo suit that was introduced in 1966 by Yves Saint Laurent makes a huge comeback and it’s definitely one of the hottest trends this year. Please note that we localize prices and sizes where available, and the common language within our global community is English.
The sleek and elegant look of the white tuxedo jacket can dress up any pair of jeans or can be paired with an evening gown for an edgier look. But we must admit that we love seeing the gorgeous songstress show a little skin and wear something that accentuates her figure!

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Some celebrities even choose to wear a white tuxedo look from head to toe which is a modern, black tie option for the summer. Monae rocked a sleek swoop curl pompadour and a white low cut tuxedo with black lapels to celebrate her May Essence Magazine cover.
Great with black skinnies, pencil dresses, jeans… an easy way to dress-up an outfit, just by throwing on a jacket.
Worn cropped, oversized, fitted, or in a boxier cut, there are plenty of silhouettes to choose from to flatter your figure or any look.
It comes in velvet and in many colors which gives this androgyny look an interesting 70’s Glamour rock twist. The masterfully tailored suit is paired with high waisted, wide-legged pants and feminine silky shirt underneath, look that is often complemented with other menswear inspired accessories such as bow-ties and fedora hats.

We will have to starve, or make ourselves homeless because we spent our rent money on a designer blazer, woe is us!”Don’t worry, though, help is at hand!
In addition to overseeing the editorial content of the site, she shares her fashion, beauty, and pop culture obsessions in her weekly column The Love List. View Comment December 8, 2011 Creme & Co Office WearLove these blazers though white blazer with black lapels is getting kinda boring these days.

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