Compare PricesThis brilliantly illustrated coffee-table sized book presents the 100 Greatest United States Error Coins. Not only does it beautifully illustrate 100 fantastic examples of error coins; it explains how they were created. Camire and Fred Weinberg to take you behind the brilliant color pictures and give you the background and stories behind these spectacular error coins. Background information on the minting process, combined with descriptions of the different error types and a price guide, make this book a must-have for serious collectors and the interested general public alike.”Douglas Mudd, Curator, the American Numismatic Association’s Edward C. Since error coins are one of the most difficult areas in numismatics to estimate value, all values are given as a range due to the unique status that each error coin possesses.

The book has tapped into catalogs, auction data, and private sales data to arrive at these figures for the years 1980, 2000 and 2010.
Error CoinsThis large format coffee-table size picture book presents each of the one hundred errors in beautiful full color. Mint, numismatic aspects of error coins and the history of error-coin collecting in the United States.
Richard Doty (former senior curator of numismatics at the Smithsonian Institution) and Douglas Mudd (curator of the ANA’s Edward C.
Rochette Money Museum) provide commentary as a means of introduction into the fascinating world of error coins.The No.

10 error coins are presented on a two-page spread with one side giving the details and history behind the error coin and the other page presenting a large magnified full-color photo of the coin. 100 are presented on a single page each with an enlarged photo of the coin at the top of the page and the description below.

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