Peach is a supporting character of The Annoying Orange and was one of the fruits that was in the Fruit Basket. Before taking on the role of Carol in The Walking Dead in 2010, McBride had several parts TV in the early 1990s. Although, before McBride had Daryl in her life, she did have another long-haired gentlemen love interest in 2003. In Shiloh, Wilson plays an animal-abusing hunter who owns Shiloh and takes the dog from a little boy after it runs away. Emily Kinney has been acting for about seven years and has been in numerous television shows. In the show, her character, Emily, sleeps with the main character’s son, Adam, after his girlfriend rejects his sexual advances. Her character, Hailey, joins a murderous cult and is forced to find and kill a stranger in a public area. Although T-Dog was one of the nobler characters on The Walking Dead, in previous roles, he wasn’t such a nice guy. A year before we met T-Dog, we met Alton, the neighborhood gangster who terrorizes the main character from The Blind Side.
And in the movie Seeking Justice, Singleton plays an assassin trying to kill Nicholas Cage!
Danai Gurira first began acting professionally in 2004, making an appearance on the TV show Law and Order: Criminal Intent. In the play, Gurira portrayed a woman going through troubled times with her husband, who she discovers has infected her with HIV.
That same year, she also starred in award-winning film The Visitor (2007), in which she played an illegal immigrant who illegally sublets a man’s apartment. Jeffrey DeMunn has been acting for over forty years and has played an array of characters over his lifetime. Pictured above, DeMunn with another familiar Walking Dead cast member Laurie Holden (Andrea).
Before he was a pizza boy-turned-survivor on The Walking Dead, Steven Yeun had actually been in Los Angeles for about a year acting. Since rising to stardom, he has appeared on TV programs, such as Law and Order: LA, The Legend of Korra and Warehouse 13.
Pictured above, Steven rocking his My Name is Jerry ‘do from one of his earliest roles. Michael Rooker has been in show business for nearly thirty years, performing in an array of successful shows and movies. After that role, he continued on to have several roles in dramas like Eight Men Out, Mississippi Burning and JFK. Jose Pablo Cantillo has been working in arts and entertainment for over a decade, appearing on a number of TV shows.
Cantillo also appeared in the film Disturbia, where he played a no-nonsense cop with a grudge against Shia LaBeouf. Before Chandler Riggs took on the role of Carl in The Walking Dead, he made his first debut in a low budget piece called Jesus H. Three years after his debut, Riggs was cast in a Get Low (2009) with some big Hollywood names like Bill Murray, Robert Duvall and Sissy Spacek.
And then, one year later, Riggs was cast in the role that made him the parent-defying, gun-trotting, teenager that everyone loves!
Before he donned the eye patch of The Governor in The Walking Dead, Morrissey played a variety of other roles over the years. Although Lennie James doesn’t have the biggest role on The Walking Dead, his performance is one of the most memorable.

Before being cast on The Walking Dead in the US, he had a successful acting career in his home country, the UK. We even have to admit, its strange seeing Morgan so well dressed and not writing “clear” on the walls. After finding a following with the sci-fi show, she began to work with Frank Darabont on several different projects, including The Majestic and The Mist. Almost immediately after the show came to a close early last year, Cudlitz joined The Walking Dead as Sgt. In 2003, Sarah Wayne Callies made her first credited television premier in 2003 on a show that has given many actors their starts, Law and Order. Josh McDermitt made his first television appearance on the show Last Comic Standing in season 4, where he made it all the way to an impressive fourth place! Shortly thereafter, he was cast for a number of roles, including the TV movie Rehab for Rejects and the digital short Iron Man 2 Table Read for Funny or Die.
He played the lead’s best friend in the show, and although it only lasted one season, after 20 episodes his talent shined through.
She made a big splash in her first movie, Peach Plum Pear in 2011 where she played the kind neighborhood girl, Nora.
Soon after her role, she would make her debut in The Walking Dead as Tara Chambler, former Governor follower, current Terminus container resident. Norman’s first feature film was Floating (1997) where he starred as Van, a troubled boy going through several personal tragedies. Then Norman broke out with the cult favorite The Boondock Saints in 1999, where he played one of two fraternal twins crusading to rid Boston of corrupt Mafia members. A few years later, he played Scud in Blade II (2002), which is really all you need to know. Before Jeffrey DeMunn was mauled by Walkers, he was mauled to death by aliens in the first X-Files movie. BY FAR: My favorite performance pre-The Walking Dead, was Michael Cudlitz in Band of Brothers. I saw Jeffery demunn in rocket man, he’s one of nasas honchos, and Scott Wilson comes out in an old comedy called pure luck. She first appeared in Jalapeno and had a crush on Jalapeno, like all of the others in the basket.
She appeared in shows like Matlock, In the Heat of the Night, and, pictured below, the role of Walker Young in the show The Profiler (1996). She played a love interest to one of the most iconic television characters, Dawson of Dawson’s Creek (2003). His first role was in the popular show In the Heat of the Night, which he then followed up with an acclaimed performance in the movie In Cold Blood.
Gaining some attention from his role in the academy award nominated movie, he took a different turn in roles, notably, in the family movie Shiloh. Quite the opposite of the friendly veterinarian who showed compassion daily, even to The Governor. She made appearances in several shows and movies ranging from Law and Order: Criminal Intent to It’s Complicated.
If you think that’s a strange role for an actress who is the closest thing to innocence in a zombie-infested world, her role in The Following will seem even stranger.
It only goes to show IronE Singleton can be more than just a helpful friend, he can play a ruthless thug! But she really made her first splash with her performance in the award-winning play she co-wrote, In the Continuum. Her character, a Nigerian newsreader who is currently pregnant with her second child, must make several difficult choices that will forever affect her family.

He began on the stage, performing in Shakespear’s King Lear to appearing in The Twilight Zone. Anyway, he was cast as the District Attorney who sent Andy Dufresne to jail, despite his claims of innocence.
The same year Yeun joined the Walking Dead, he also had a bit role in the popular show The Big Bang Theory.
Before being cast as a farmer’s daughter, she played a seller of supernatural black market items on the show Supernatural and a villain on the spy comedy show, Chuck. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say Rose met a nasty end, and we hope Maggie doesn’t have the same fate!
The show was about two boys who lived in Liverpool and, tired of their life, decide to run away, only to have their past catch up to them (sound familiar?). He was featured in Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Basic Instinct 2 and, as many of you no doubt know, he was on Doctor Who! One of his first and biggest roles was in the movie Snatch, which had a star-studded cast and directed by Guy Richie. One of many notable shows, Line of Duty, was BBC2′s most popular drama in eight years! After working with him, he convinced her to audition for his newest project, The Walking Dead. He had roles on shows like 21 Jump Street and Step by Step until he landed a role in a major motion picture, A River Runs Through It.
That same year, you may have caught her as a co-star in a modern television remake of Tarzan! Unfortunately, the show did not swing to a second season, but she moved onto other projects such as Numbers, Queens Supreme and, finally, Prison Break. Not soon after, he would make appearances on two AMC shows, the first The Walking Dead, and then Mad Men!
Although it’s a small role, playing any role on Mad Men makes you a hero at the Skybound office. She was on the show for a year, and then continued onto a variety of shows like Malcolm in the Middle (where her real-brother Christopher Masterson played Malcolm’s oldest brother, Francis), Greek, and Grey’s Anatomy. Anyway, after her stint on the Disney show, she got roles on shows including Prime Suspect and NCIS, and this past year, she made her first motion picture appearance in the movie Cheap Thrills.
In her reappearance in Wishful Thinking, Pear was trying to talk to her in the world without Orange, but was unable to, because Orange wasn't there to "pull him out of his shell" and make him more confident with other fruits.
In recent years, Wilson has been playing the moral compass in The Walking Dead show, but this wasn’t his first time playing a moral figure. After working with Frank Darabont, he began to work with him regularly on films, such as The Green Mile, The Majestic and The Mist. He played Sheldon’s former roommate, Sebastian, who shows up to warn the group about Sheldon’s more eccentric tendencies. Although One Summer only lasted five episodes, his performance was memorable in the short-lived show. He followed this up with several other narrative features, including Mimic (1997) and Dark Harbor (1998). His next major role was in the show, Southland, where he played a police officer John Cooper. Love or hate the character, I think we can all agree that Sarah did a damn fine job playing her!

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