I think it's probably better to marry later in life, though possibly that's influenced by the fact that both of my parents married at a later stage in life.
I'm 27 right now I don't consider if I marry now, I don't consider marrying early so, I guess marrying late is better. I think you should marry when you're older, but I don't think that means that marrying when you're younger is necessarily a bad thing.
I used to believe that marrying young is better than marrying later in life, but now that I married later, I think it was a good decision to do whatever you want to do when you are young and you have experienced things you couldn't have done if you were married so I'm really happy to be married a little later in my life.
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I AM NOT, i repeat NOT giving anyone ideas but it’s a different and striking approach to a proposal. I think you should get married when you have found the right person and you're really sure that this is someone you want to spend the rest of your life with. The reason I think that is because it allows you to really discover who you are and to do a lot of the things that you would want to do while you're young. Students and teachers are free to download, copy and distribute these materials for educational purposes.
I know a guy who arranged for a movie to be stopped half way at the cinema so the entire hall could witness him propose to his girlfriend.

Please share your thoughts and similar stories on how people have executed a marriage proposal in the past.

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