Getting advice from one of those aforementioned people is pretty useless because they are giving advice that is meant to make a woman feel better about herself and not give her what she actually needs to hear. The truth hurts and no one wants to give advice out that might make someone feel even shittier than they already do.
I’m convinced women don’t know, don’t appreciate or don’t care how much money a man typically burns on trying to keep them happy. It’s a complete waste of our time but we know we have to do it so we suck it up and deal with it. A man has put in his time and his money and he’s looked into what exactly he’s getting back from it and the answer was “Not much.” This always happens.
First and foremost, your pussy devalues over time much like the way a new car depreciates in value the moment you drive it off the lot. Cook - The new trend with women these days seems to be that a lot of them either can’t cook or they don’t cook for their man.

Cater to him – When you had a rough day we’re expected to rub your feet, get you dinner and generally sit around and listen through your bitch fest. We don’t like shopping with you, dealing with your emotional outbursts or half the shit we do with you…but we pretend. Look, your bullshit tofu-only diet might make you drop some weight but its not getting you in shape. Immediately he thinks “why doesn’t my girl do that?” All it takes is one friendly conversation with a single lady who is working out at the gym for your man to start thinking “Damn, why am I not sleeping with this chick?” Beside that it also shows that you actually care about your own health.
We clown him excessively for being whipped but we would NEVER try to get him to break up with her because we all know she’s good for him. Now I’m sure some woman will hit back with “Oh there’s things yall need to do too” and that’s true. Secondly, while good men out there do need to stay up on their game, the numbers work way better in our favor.

I’m not condoning a man’s fuck ups, I’m just acknowledging that the field is much smaller for women.
I won't argue with that, but I think men need to clean up their own yards before worrying about how to 'fix' women. It's seems to me that men feel like they can do as they please because they have 'options'. Sure you can switch things up in the bedroom and make things more “exciting” but all that does is postpone the inevitable.

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