We all know that Microsoft has released Windows 8 final version (RTM) to public and now anyone can purchase and install Windows 8 in computer.
Although this offer is valid only for the customers who qualify the above mentioned condition but it seems currently the offer is working for everyone.
So initially the upgrade offer was introduced for Windows 7 PC owners who purchased the PC after June 2, 2012 but now anyone can get its benefit. I am not sure if the Product Key they have provided will work or not, will just wait and see. Inspiration The new Facebook page layout also known as Timeline provides us with tons of opportunities to promote and advertise any content or products via visual means. We’ve already examined best showcases of creative incorporation of brand design into social media. Now it’s time to examine top 10 successful promo campaigns on Facebook that brilliantly integrated their appeal into a special design on their Facebook pages. Cover photo: A cover photo is one of the best helpers to inform your audience about brand news and upcoming events. Milestones: A creative add-on is also able to constitute a harmonious design biosphere of a Facebook promo campaign. Apps: Promo apps fit the overall design, educate or entertain the Facebook audience, they also inform about news, upcoming events or new services. If all these puzzle units merge together (or at least the chosen ones will be joined perfectly), you’ll get thousands of fans who will eye-worship your page and many loyal clients who will stream to your website or store, longing for a new product, service or special offer.
Now let’s look at some Facebook pages for the best design examples of promo campaigns and analyze their tricks.
Subway successfully manages two Facebook promo campaigns: Avocado Season and ANY campaigns.
The first Avocado Season in Subway campaign was focused on the healthy eating culture that considered consuming fresh products.
The second Facebook campaign launched by Subway – ANY - utilizes all possible visual promotional means provided by Facebook like cover photos, a special tab with discount coupons, offline events and contests for fans. Verizon organized one of the most brilliant promo campaigns with the help of a Facebook cover photo and Verizon page activities. JESS3 is a creative agency which promotes their own data visualization and visual story-telling services in social media. Since the agency is famous for its unconventional and funny infographics, JESS3 show only a part of work, so to say – visual teasers of their design. Fanta also cleverly use the Facebook Timeline layout and the Milestones features to actively engage both existing and new fans.
Evernote regularly inform their fans about two current promo-campaigns - Evernote Food and Evernote Ambassador.
In a word, the company puts essentially different design approaches into practice to reach different audiences. DrPepper is one of the best examples of the unified branded design where all Facebook content elements match each other like puzzle stones.

Pringles follow the Dr Pepper pattern and emphasize the product in each creative image like cover photos, Timeline pics, videos, apps, etc.
Opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Onextrapixel. Tatyana Danilova is editor at Photo Software & Design Blog, where she writes about photo editing techniques, examines best design showcases in social media and web, and reviews excellent photo apps for Android.
Join the community and stay updated with useful design and development resources and materials for FREE. You can either do a fresh installation of Windows 8 in your PC or you can upgrade your existing Windows OS such as Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 to Windows 8. If you enter a valid promo code in the order form, you can get a discount and you'll need to spend less money i.e. This promo code is provided by Microsoft to the customers who purchased a Windows 7 PC after June 2, 2012 as mentioned here. At the moment anyone can get a free promo code and can use it while purchasing Windows 8 to get the big discount.
May be its an intentional move from Microsoft to encourage more people to purchase Windows 8 legally as it costs very less amount using the promo code in comparison of the actual cost of Windows 8 i.e. It asks for a product key and fails when provided a valid key purchased prior to June 2, 2012. So far I only register one for my new Soni laptop, as it was bought on July 7th lol, I was lucky to be in this time frame. Many brands grasped this idea long go – the corporate Facebook pages design is the key to a brand’s popularity and fans close engagement.
In addition to attractive business pages, brands also organize stand-alone campaigns on Facebook devoted to a new product launch, sales and important events such as company anniversaries.
An unusual approach to distribute important content and info in the form of images on the social network increases fans’ engagement. Contests ensure maximum reach of the audience that will 100% include a fan’s friends there for broadening your potential audience.
All design efforts were concentrated on this topic: green and white colors prevailed in the layouts during that period.
ANY displays tasty food, popular holidays and other important occasions in which all people are able to take part.
Unlike Verizon, Skittles decided to insert user photos into their branded background in such a way that each picture matches brand style guidelines.
A smart usage of images, pins and arrows gives a stunning visual effect and solid audience involvement. Meanwhile, the full infographic picture is provided at their website which makes their users parade there. It’s a unique example that illustrates the use of a cutting-edge technology in Facebook images. If you do not have an appropriate graphic that tells the milestone story, any visual that displays the milestone essence is often much better than no visual at all.

The brand tries to be up to modern teenagers’ standards, so they published customized memes, funny quotes, celebrity-related content, polls; they also hold events and sweepstakes for fans.
Such creative variety lets the fans associate Pringles with something new and always up-to-date.
We strive to share the best web resources with the community but we are not affiliated to any other agency or company. You just need to enter your name, email ID, telephone number and a few details about your existing Windows 7 PC such as date of purchase, PC brand and model number.
The company advertises new devices like Windows Surface and the next-generation OS Windows 8. Besides, Microsoft have crafted a special app - Windows PC Finder in a similar corporate rainbow tile style.
Each day, Verizon rotated its cover photo using the fans’ images and a picture of the fan who took the photo. Each fan’s pic is highlighted, so images straightly indicate a fan’s attachment to the brand. An image itself attracts fans attention and if you put an incomplete image, you’ll cause curiosity. Fans can jump in the timeline through the decades, browse pictures in the years like 1956 and 1988. On the one hand, in its photos, Evernote Food follows the so popular Instagram and Pinterest style and displays food in fine fashion. Although you should enter the correct details but it seems the form doesn't check the validity of the details and you can enter any information but the date of purchase should be greater than June 2, 2012. If I decide to buy, with this promo code it would cost me only around 500 baht for an edition of Windows 8 that is packed with great features. Verizon compile pure photos into photo collages, apply Instagram style and promote even local events in many towns on their Facebook page in order to be closer to the users. In addition to 3D branded content for fans, they also enrich Facebook page with apps, video commercials and Facebook game named Fanta Fruit Slam.
On the other hand, Evernote Ambassador campaign unites personal fan content (photos) and branded backgrounds.
On the eve of the most important Hollywood ceremony, Pringles tweaked red carpet photos and placed chips instead of actors.
There are many visual elements and design approaches to express your brand vision, inform about various company events and new products.
Fanta paints all types of visual content into brandedsunny and joyful colors: orange, yellow, red.

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