If you want to design a website but don’t necessarily want to learn code or pay for hosting, then a free website builder is definitely the thing for you. Now, let’s talk about the top five best options you can choose from if you want a free website builder. WordPress makes the cut because it is quite simply the most versatile free website builder on the planet. Squarespace is quite literally one of your best options because not only do they let you build a free website, but they also let you use y our own domain name without paying extra.
You can check our original post on free website builders here if you’re not quite sure what they are or you want to know more.
The site features an easy to use drag and drop function, hundreds of pre-made themes, and lots of great graphics.

WordPress features more than 1,000 free themes from around the web, and while you can’t use plugins (which add extra features) on the free version, you can upgrade your site for less than $100 a year to get your own domain. The best thing about using a free website builder is that if you don’t like it, you can always delete your website (to take it offline) and go start on a new platform. It’s also a beautiful HTML5 layout, offers plenty of resources including hundreds of free themes and web apps, and is great for portfolios, single page websites, and ecommerce pages. Wix is best for photo sites, cooking sites, portfolios, and any site where you want to use any sort of flash graphics. WordPress is excellent for anyone who wants to blog, but you can also use it for single page sites, sites with contact forms, and even sites with a home page and then blogging. This is great if you want a memorial page, medical site, one page website, or any basic site with a lot of text.

However, they only have a little more than 100 free themes, and most of them aren’t fabulous.
Wix sites are very pretty, and should you choose to pay for a non-branded site, it will look very professional. It’s very easy to learn, very easy to set up, and you should be up and running in next to no time. There are a couple of free headers you can use and a lot of available support if you need it.

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