After years of listening to women in my private practice, many women seem to think that men expect nothing less than perfection. Answer: If they were equal in all other aspects, most women state that they would choose the wealthy gentleman. A man would be wrong to assume that just because a woman likes the characteristic of a man with money that she cannot love a man unless he is wealthy. Young man and woman looking against each other and the jealous girlfriend, outdoors, focus on woman with red hair. If you were to visit some popular men’s websites you would certainly think that unless a woman is both highly attractive and incredibly accommodating, that men have no interest.

Every woman knows the feeling of seeing a man snap his head around to look at a striking woman as she walks by.
This may sound simplistic but I often illustrate this to women by asking this question:“If you had a choice between two men and everything about them was exactly the same, with the exception of one being worth millions and one being poor, who would you prefer?
If given the choice between a woman whom they believe is very attractive, and one who appears to take no interest in her appearance, they will choose the attractive one.
Those women who understand how appealing they are to men, simply by being a woman, are the ones that seem to be at ease around men. Her current husband never thought of her children as anything other than a wonderful extension of his new bride.

What most women don’t notice are the women that men describe as, “there’s something about her.” Those women may or may not be the tallest, most attractive, youngest, etc. Take a look at most married men and you will see thatplenty of women who would not be considered “perfect” have husbands who choose to marry them and feel lucky about their decision.
They will be looking at the tall ones, short ones, skinny ones, curvy ones and on and on and on….

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