To grow together as a couple, rather than only one person growing and leaving the other behind. To always feel feminine in comparison to your masculinity, rather than her becoming the more dominant one or both of you becoming neutral equals.
To have open communication about everything (you need to lead the way with this by being emotionally strong), rather than feeling as though you and her need to hide things from each other.
To feel as though she can always count on you to be emotionally strong no matter what and to stick to your word like a man.
To see that you love her so much that you still put in some occasional effort to be romantic, regardless of how busy your life is. To see that you continue to respect her, care about her and have her best interests at heart. To be able to laugh and smile with you, regardless of how challenging or stressful life gets.
To see that you are willing to compromise on things every now and then, rather than always trying to get your way. To feel as though she can trust you to remain faithful, even though you’re an awesome man who other women will flirt with and hit on. Essentially, it all boils down to being able to guide both yourself and her into deeper feelings of respect, attraction and love for each other over time.
A relationship will become stuck together with super glue if both you and the woman develop deeper, more meaningful feelings for each other over time. One of the most important things in a relationship is for a woman to be able to respect her man. Without respect, a woman is unable to feel proper attraction for her man and without respect and attraction, she will gradually fall out of love with him.
So, first and foremost, you have to make sure that you are the kind of man that she can continually look up to and respect.
Respect (noun): A feeling of deep admiration for someone based on their personal qualities, abilities or achievements. Being insecure and submissive around other people at work, socially or at family gatherings.
Have her back by pointing out good things about her and making her feel confident, rather than belittling her and embarrassing her in front of others. Work hard at achieving your biggest ambitions and dreams in life, rather than using her and the relationship as an excuse to hide from his true potential in life. Be a confident, self-assured man, rather than being insecure and submissive around other people at work, socially or at family gatherings. Let her feel as though she is free to express her true identity and hang out with friends, rather than trying to control her (e.g. Unlike in the past where women had to stay in a loveless relationship for life because it was shameful to break up or get divorced, most women today will gladly break up with a guy they don’t respect, love and feel attracted to.

The pressure that we men are now under is turning us into wiser, stronger and more truly loving men who can give a woman what she really wants and needs from a relationship. In the past, men didn’t have to worry about women and simply married one, made her pregnant and expected her to cook, clean and take care of the children. Even though today’s modern woman usually has her own job or career, makes her own money and can usually buy most of the things she wants for herself, most women (not all) still like to know that the guy they are with, will be able to take care of her and guide both him and her towards a better future.
This doesn’t mean she expects him to do all the work, but most women in a relationship need to know that their man is the one who is making sure that they will be reaching their future goals together as a couple. After all, if she is like most women, she wants to be feminine, which means that she isn’t going to be as emotionally consistent and strong as a masculine man. For example: A masculine man will make sure that they stay on track to buy a house together, rather than use all their savings on frivolous things like going out to expensive dinners every week or buying too many clothes, shoes, or other things that they can do without for now. Another example is where a guy will continue improving his qualifications so that he can get a better job, which will then provide a better future for both of them. This then allows the woman to give up on her career if she suddenly decides that she wants to be a mother, because her man is rising through the levels of his potential and putting himself in a position where he can be a better provider. Alternatively, he might also encourage his woman to carry on with her studies, so that she can accomplish her goals and they can have a better life together in the future, rather than only focusing on partying and having fun. When your woman can see that you are rising through the levels of life, while also encouraging her to become the best she can be, her feelings of love, respect and attraction for you will grow and she will feel happy to be in a relationship with you.
Although many women build up their own career these days, most women eventually get to a point where they want to stop running in the rat race and become a mother instead.
Whatever happens and whatever the woman decides now or in the future, she wants to know that she can rely on you to lead both you and her to a better life together as the years go on. It’s only natural that when you are in love with a woman, (especially at the beginning of a relationship when everything is new and exciting), that you’re going to want to spend as much time with her as possible.
The sex is so new, fresh and interesting and the conversations that you have are enjoyable because you’re falling in love, happy to be around each other and learning more and more about each other all the time.
However, in a relationship with a woman, problems will begin to emerge if a guy stops focusing on other areas of his life and instead focus all his attention on her. Although a woman might initially love the feeling of being the center of her man’s world, she will want it to calm down eventually and will want to see him put just as much focus on achieving his biggest goal and ambitions in life.
Of course, there are some women who love to have a man at their beck and call and to cater to their every whim, but most women hate it. A woman wants to know that her man is excited about his own life and is working towards achieving his goals and making his dreams come true, while still being able to give her the time, attention, love and support she needs to accomplish her goals too. If you give up your old friends, give up your interests or stop pursuing important life goals just to spend time with her, she’s going to gradually lose respect for you because of it.
At the beginning of a relationship, a man and a woman will usually find it difficult to keep their hands off each other. Based on this physical passion and attraction, a woman will know that her man is attracted to her, appreciates her, finds her sexy and wants to be with her.

Yet, over time, some guys make the mistake of continually pointing out any physical flaws (e.g. The couples who are still attracted to each other even after decades of being together have a dynamic where they still look at each other as being sexy and attractive. Of course, this is all a matter of perspective and is comes from what I call, the Love Goggles. Rather than focusing on any negatives about each other, you will feel turned on to have sex with each other based on the loving attraction you feel.
You’ve got to be able to guide both you and her into deeper feelings of love, respect and attraction over time. A big part of what a woman wants in a relationship is to be able to look up to you and feel proud to be your girlfriend, fiance or wife.
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You have Love Goggles on, so you focus on feeling good about the things that you like, love, admire and respect about each other.
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