After reviewing this chart, I am definitely guilty of many of the signs listed; especially the eye contact and sashaying gracefully back and forth to get their attention. Don’t be shy; do you consider yourself a flirt and have you ever used any of these techniques?
Women are a little more nonchalant about their signals, but if you know what to look for, you’ll be a real ladies man. If a woman is interested she will be sitting facing you with her toes pointed in your direction, the same goes for her standing. The head toss is often portrayed as very dramatic on TV and movies, and it is always very clear that the woman is trying to get someone’s attention. When a woman is interested in someone, she will often play with something in their prescence, such as their jewelry, or they may twirl their hair around their finger like a little school girl, minus the lollipop.

I have been in the dating game for a long long time and one thing that I have learned is that women talk to us guys in a kind of undertone of language or womans body language all of the time.
You see women do get anxious and fidgety and all nervous when she sees a man she is attracted to. If you look deeply into her eyes you will notice that her pupils will widen when she is near someone she is very attracted too. I am so glad today is Friday and I’m even happier that it’s a three day weekend (doing the happy dance, please join me). If her body is not turned to be facing you, then she is facing the direction that she’d like to go in. And let’s not forget, the cry for help, I will ask for directions or ask some question that I already know the answer to.

While checking my e-mail yesterday, I came across this totally cute flirting info graphic How to know, if she’s flirting with you. In fact, I do it unconsciously, but I will take notice of things that could lead to the whole “no you’re not flirting with my man” type of situation.

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