20 Stunning Short Layered Hairstyles You Should TryCheck out this list of fabulous short layered hairstyles that are extra trendy, but also super functional and easy maintenance for women like you! The short cropped pixie hairstyle can charmingly frame the jaw-line showing off the jagged cut layers throughout the sides and back that enhances shape to the simple length. The front layers contour the face ideally and the jagged cut bangs finish off the style excellently. Cut layers up to the top and round the sides to form this gorgeous shape that matches perfectly for people wishing to be attracted. Comb the middle hair to the top to create some front proof to the front in order to add more wow factor and enhance the look ideally.
Short hairstyles for women are incredibly popular now and although we may have forgotten short haircuts for a few years, it’s time to take advantage of their incredible benefits again!
First of all, short hairstyles don’t have ‘bad hair’ days and you never have to fight to control hair that has grown out of its shape and started to behave very badly. Another of the latest trends that will add a modern touch to your look is the asymmetric bob. Long faces look good with a chin-length, sliced bob that creates some nicely rounded volume at the sides, to add width at cheekbone level. For women with dainty features, a short hairstyle with a layered fringe is a good way to show them off, without there being too much hair to overwhelm and hide your pretty eyes, nose or mouth. And for any woman, a light curvy fringe combined with a short hairstyle, is one of the best ways to create a frame in the upper face which accentuates the eyes perfectly.  Mature ladies can use a carefully cut fringe to cover those lines on the forehead which they would prefer to conceal. Very short hairstyles are far cheaper to maintain as you don’t need cans, tubes and bottles of all the new hair-styling products in order to keep it clean, well-conditioned, heat-styling protected and artificially glossy! I don’t know about you, but I was finding it ridiculously expensive to keep up with the latest serums, hair oils, hair creams and specialist shampoos on offer to keep my long hair in good health. Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Thick Hair An older woman should decide her hairstyle with due consideration. Short thick hair done in fine spiky layers and colored with brown highlights looks quite stunning and smart.
Of course to sport short hairstyles for women over 50 it is necessary to have some kind of face that supports it.

Keep right up to date with approaching trends here and now as we cover the major trends and the best hairstyles for 2015- 2016!
This is one of the most frequently featured hairstyles for 2015- 2016, as seen on the runway models from Wang, Chai, Zimmermann and Som plus lots more. The popularity of braids will continue and judging by the imaginative new braid styles that delight us each new season, we can look forward to some fascinating new braiding techniques and styles! There will be a resurgence of vintage braid styles – and there’s a centuries’ old tradition of braids to choose from! Top Tip: Try making a thin French head plait from forehead to crown instead of a parting for a totally unique take on the braided detail! The combed back just-out-of-the-shower-look is being promoted as an ultra-modern hairstyle for 2015 by several top fashion brands, including Lanvin. Last year, I only remember seeing it on a ‘red carpet’ celebrity once – and she was ridiculed by comments asking if she had just stepped out of the shower and not had time to style her hair!
The pony-tail will keep its position as one of the best hairstyles for 2015- 2016, as it can be infinitely varied to suit every face shape and personal style!
For a stunning evening pony-tail, copy the extra-long bubble ponytail or take a leaf out of Victoria Beckham’s posh look-book and opt for a simple centre parting, with a straight pony-tail at the nape. For a casual, grungy look there are messy ponies from ‘Rag & Bone’ and we loved the funky idea of creating different sections of texture and colour in a long pony-tail.
For instance, take a piece of fabric and fasten it to a section of hair by winding a piece of fine cord or string around them both. I love these ideas especially because I am currently growing my hair longer; love the braids too.
I’ve noticed that I feel a lot calmer now I’ve switched to a short hairstyle, because I’m not always worrying about how my hair looks!
The geometric, angled bobs are especially suitable for balancing out a round face, as the strong asymmetric lines counteract the roundness in full cheeks.
However, each fashion brand has created a different look with a distinct shape and texture, reflecting the versatility of the side-swept hairstyle! I expect to see messy 1960’s Brigitte Bardot side-plaits along with some sleek and elegant formal braids for evening wear.

Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy models wore fantastic braids and braids intertwined with silk scarves, ribbons, rags and bits of old lace are finally being featured by the big fashion brands. Then crimp another section, and twist some beads around a third section until you have a totally unique eclectic pony-tail!
You’ve made your resolutions and are feeling like a new person. Now to actually do something about it!
Just putting gel on your hair and combing it straight back from the forehead isn’t a flattering way to wear hair! If you are ready to try short spikes, consult a hairstylist to know which style will suit you the best and go along with your personality and appearance as it can be extremely messy and edgy.
Here are a list of fabulous short layered hairstyles that are extra trendy, but also super functional and easy maintenance for women like you!#1 Pastel Ice CropWritten by Cynthia NicasioHere is an edgy spin on this trending haircut.
The contrast of the soft pastel color makes a bold statement in the way this has been styled with texture.
This product is a styling serum that leaves your strands silky soft and shiny while giving the hair great movement.
It will give finer hair types more natural volume.#7 Whispy FlipWritten by Cynthia NicasioA little flip styling takes some time to master, but it is always a great look.
For curly and wavy types, be generous with product to avoid frizz.#9 Sophisticated and PoshWritten by Cynthia NicasioUpstyling on shorter hair always makes a big impression. It gives an even mist of product, gives a dry finish, and does not leave the hair feeling tacky. This style is a great fit for curly and wavy hair types as well as the thicker and coarser hair.#10 Vintage StyleWritten by Cynthia NicasioTimeless classics like this one take a little practice but are sure to pay off.
The asymmetry in the front, along with the longer bangs, helps confuse the eye and make a longer face appear shorter. This style is almost no maintenance at all!Style by Attitudes A Salon, Toledo, OHHow To Style: Towel dry hair and add a little wax to create definition and movement throughout your layers.

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