If I'm having a bad day, all I have to do is log on and scan the list. There's always a gem or two. So I figure, since they're so bad, I might as well share them, to let others in on the dumb things that make me happy. Thanks so much for watching EmLovzTV and keep up the good work because you deserve the perfect partner. Columnist Alli Reed creates worst online dating profile EVER, gets 150 replies in 24 hours - seriously?! Montreal's IleSoniq festival is going to kick major ass this year and this playlist proves it! Not sure if this will get your attention but you intrigue me: could be the fact you live close by, your profile is quite vague, you are extremely dedicated, or simply your down to earth personality not to mention you are very pretty. Tell me about your most obnoxious, ridiculous, totally off the wall online dating message you've received this year in the comments below.

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On this list of online dating fails, just like on any Ranker list, you can either upvote an item (if you want it to rank higher on the list) or down vote it (if you want it to rank lower). EmLovz will resolve all your dating woes when you take take her EmLovz Academy For Men or Emlovz Academy For Women today.
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This free service is recommended for those who might be looking to spice up their current relationship or others who might be looking for general dating advice. So a little about me If i didn't mention: I try to see the good in everybody and not take life so seriously. I recently traveled all over western Europe: 7 countries and 18 cities with about 60 people I had never met (London, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Italy, France, Ireland, and Germany) Not to mention just went skydiving this past summer.

I'm trying to stay in shape by playing basketball and other sports i tend to be kinda busy.
I guess what i'm trying to say is I would really like to get to know you better as a person. So if this doesn't get you attention i'm not sure what will" What's the worst online dating message you've ever received?

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