Mobile Roadie recently announced a major upgrade of their mobile app creation service that includes the addition of an iPad app platform and a free self-service mobile website platform. Mobile Roadie 4.0 introduces a reorganization of their previous offerings, the introduction of iPad and mobile web options and a number of new features. Mobile Roadie has also reorganized their native Mobile App offerings to include both iPhone and Android in the basic package with additional features at $99 a month each.
In addition, they've redesigned their CMS and added a variety of features that you can check out at Mobile Roadie. Statistics show that by next year more Internet users will access the Internet through smartphones and tablets than with desktop computers.
How you’ll go about making your website mobile friendly will depend on how your website is structured. Take a good hard look at the content on your current site and determine which information is crucial and what you could potentially not include, or put somewhere else, for your mobile-friendly website. While it’s true that a picture is worth a thousand words, photos and images make a page load more slowly, so limit your image use to one or two per page. Although most computer-based Web browsers have no problems loading and displaying Flash or Javascript content, sites containing Flash or Javascript may pose a problem for mobile users. Kudos on taking the time to outline what should be done in terms that anyone can understand. Asking Smarter Questions is your go-to guide for the latest points of view, news, trends, insights, statistics and tools regarding data driven digital marketing.
Today, people are increasingly turning to mobile phones as a main way to access the Internet. For many customers, nothing is more frustrating than a mobile site that is difficult to navigate. You want your site to work across all mobile devices and all handset orientations – a feature not available with a site designed using Flash. Whether your goal is for customers to make a purchase, request a quote or just contact you through your website, it needs to be easy for them to do on a mobile phone.
Throughout the day, consumers are hopping from one screen to another – a desktop while at the office, a laptop while sitting on the couch at home, or a mobile phone or tablet when on the go.
A mobile site redirect can tell what kind of device visitors are using and can then send smartphone or tablet users to the mobile-friendly version of your site. Your mobile website should be user-centric, focusing on your customers and providing them with the best possible mobile experience. Creating mobile website for your e commerce site can prove to be beneficial for you and your company.
Before we check our heads and make sure we’re not actually going crazy, we thought we’d get this out there as a way of giving something back! So this September we’re giving away 5 Free Mobile websites to local businesses to celebrate out Mobile services launch!

There will be more mobile internet users than desktop internet users before 2014 (see graph below)!
Don’t risk a potential customer having a bad experience when they go to your website on their smartphone. Mobile Web, offers premium mobile websites to ensure a great experience of your business website on mobile devices. Google and Boston Consulting have produced a fantastic website, video and report on what the internet has done for UK business and economy entitled The Connected Kingdom.
Launching a mobile enabled website is one of the best investments you can make to guarantee your customers keep coming back and bring new business in the door. Mobile website is a separate way of showing information about your business for mobile phone users connected to a wireless network.
With the number of mobile Internet users rising to 1.7 billion by next year, every company or individual with a website should make sure the site is mobile friendly. Companies or individuals using WordPress can use plugins to make their sites mobile friendly. Screens are much smaller on mobile devices so you’ll need to make your font size larger so users don’t have to pinch and zoom to get information, which means you’ll have less room on each page for copy. This will make your pages load more quickly on mobile devices, as well as standard computers, which means people will be able to access your information more quickly whether on a mobile device or a desktop computer. I run my own online store, and personally I sit and browse the internet on my phone whenever I’m not working I mean like every spare second haha, so I knew the importance of getting my site optimised for mobile, luckily my ecommerce software provider are well on top of thing and I now have a brilliant mobile store up and running in conjunction with my desktop site, but you have given me some good food for thought here, such as removing some un needed content from the mobile site, obvious when you know it but I’d never thought of it before, so cheers!
But creating a mobile site for your company means more than just making sure it fits on the screen of a smartphone. Reduce those frustrating, accidental clicks by using large, centered buttons and allowing them some breathing room. Focus on providing information that will aid in conversions, keep the number of steps to a minimum, keep contact forms short and use click-to-call functionality when possible.
Create a seamless experience by converting as much of the functionality of your desktop site to your mobile site as possible. When implemented during your mobile site’s development, customers are able to get the best version of your site depending on their needs and accessibility. And with over 10 billion mobile devices out there, chances are good that your customers are visiting your website on their smartphones.
Our Mobile Web Developing Team are offering small and medium sized businesses with existing websites the opportunity of adding a custom designed Premium Mobile Website to complement their existing Desktop Website. While it’s true that most mobile browsers offer users the option to pinch and zoom in on certain areas of a page, reading large amounts of information this way is time-consuming and undesirable. Those who have custom-built Web sites will need to have a Web developer create new mobile friendly pages or utilize mobile friendly templates. Keep the essential information, such as contact information, and consider moving less important information to other pages to increase readability.

When you do include images on your pages, make sure each one is optimized for the Web so that it’s the right size and resolution. Some mobile devices can handle Flash and Javascript; however, it sometimes takes a couple of extra steps and a few extra minutes to load, so it’s best to avoid these programming options when developing a mobile friendly Web site. Check out our new series to learn the best processes for finding efficiencies across your business. Instead, there are a variety of different factors marketers need to take into account to ensure their websites result in a great mobile experience for visitors. Do this by prioritizing content mobile users are likely looking for, using bullet points instead of large text blocks, and compressing large images.
Avoid the confusion by making your navigation clear and possibly even including search functionality for larger, more complex sites.
Designing your website with this in mind will make it easier for people to interact with it, particularly those with large hands. Include your address or store locator on the landing page, include maps and directions, and allow users to check stock at nearby stores. Today, most people prefer to use their smart phones to do online shopping and several other online transaction. We create mobile websites that are easy to manage, you have complete control and we’re with you every step of the way with creative, technical, marketing and support. Mobile users want easy access to the information they need, which is why every site should create pages that are easy to read and navigate using the smaller screens typically found on mobile devices.
Regardless of how you plan to make your site mobile friendly, there are several important factors to consider before creating mobile friendly pages. Even if you only include one image on a page, if the image is much larger than it needs to be, it will slow down the loading of the page unnecessarily. Thanks to Google, below is a list of 10 best practices for making the most of your mobile site. Creating a mobile site will allow your existing and potential clients to browse through your e commerce site using their cell phones. Contact us today with information on your business and we will design a FREE no obligation mobile site for your business, it’s what we do best. Studies have also shown that mobile Internet users will switch to competitors’ sites if they are unable to easily access the information they need on a specific site. Now, to make your mobile site user-friendly and flexible, you should use a cart shopping software. For mobile websites for other business types, you can also use different software applications as per requirement.

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