But honestly, being openly braggy about having beaten the shit out of your ex-boyfriend is reason enough for me to cheer against someone.
But ummm, Silva won that fight and Sonnen came out of it looking more beat up than Silva despite the fact that Sonnen controlled most of the fight. Rousey better get back in that gym and maybe even take another fight and come back and try again in 6 months to a year if Holm still got that strap. I guess they lost GSP, Silva and Jones so I understand why they were all in on rousey but some of that shit was ridiculous calling her the most dominant of all time and shit was disquesting. Floyd turns it off, Floyd actually shows respect in the ring, Floyd is actually a great fighter, Floyd is actually the excellence they was trynna HYPE Ronda to be.

The attitude she’s given before other fights, though, have come off as more of a publicity thing (is there a term for that?).
She’s a real fucking boxer, she knows how to use her reach, and there was no way she’d let Ronda get close enough to her to take her down in 30 seconds.
I actually wanted to see Holly give her a good match, and I'm thrilled she won, but I also think it might be humbling for Ronda. Ronda’s never had to fight that long, and it was inevitable that she’d get sloppy once she got tired, angry, and flustered.
Sure she uses her confidence to power her fight, but do you think she was getting a but cocky, almost self-entitled?

She’s never fought someone like Holm, and I’ve never seen her absolutely disrespect her opponent in the ring like she did tonight.

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