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A non-geographic number is a great alternative to a landline or mobile number, as it immediately gives off that professional appeal. It's ideal for those businesses who work nationwide, often your potential clients may be put off if they see you are based far away, but that issue is immediately resolved with a professional 08 number.
Just found today a cheaper phone number for Microsoft UK noticed in Which Computer Mag that I also subscribe to. They have now changed to 0344 800 2400 03 numbers cost the same as 01 and 02 Geographic numbers and inclusive in your minutes plan on Landlines and Mobiles. Be aware that spammers will eventually get round to showing this number on Phone Caller display where they can show any number they please.
This is in compliance with Ofcom and Government regulations deadline 1st July 2015 covering Retailers, Government Depts. Very useful for when Windows 10 is installed and users have problems and need to contact MS. Zero-rated tariff: Zero-rated tariff applies to the first hour of direct-dialled calls to numbers beginning 01, 02, 03 and 0870 (not other numbers such as those beginning 084 and 070), starting within the relevant period. Please do check your facts before calling Virgin Media actually charge 10.5p per minute for calls to 0344 number.
Calls to 03 numbers cost the same as calling 01 and 02 numbers and count towards inclusive allowances on landlines and on mobiles.
Most people nowadays make all of their calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers as part of an 'anytime' inclusive allowance.
It only takes about 10 to 15 minutes per week of chargeable weekday calls to 01, 02 or 03 numbers made on a 'weekend' callplan, to run up an overall monthly bill that will cost more than having the 'anytime' call plan. There is oodles of clever technology at our fingertips that can help us be more savvy with money. Whatsapp (Free for first year)This is a handy app that allows you to text people, send photos and videos and even call them for free no matter where in the world they are. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. In August 2015, Renaissance Theaterworks traveled to New York City to produce and direct LUCKY NUMBERS by Gwendolyn Rice, Wisconsin playwright and 2014 Br!NK award winner. In August 2014, Renaissance Theaterworks produced Gwendolyn Rice’s play THE GRIOTS as a staged reading in the Br!NK New Work Festival. WeQ4U is a FREE App and Service that helps you get through to UK Call Centres without getting stuck in the queue. Once you're in a queue for an agent, just press 9* to disconnect your phone from the call -that's 9* to wait off hold. We'll stay in the queue for you, and once we've found you an agent, your phone will ring twice. Calls through WeQ4U are included in your standard national minutes (whether you get stuck in a queue or not), so you don't pay high 08 rates, even when using the service to dial 08 numbers. Mobile operators typically charge a single per-minute rate for all calls to 0870, 0871, 0872, 0873, 0843, 0844 and 0845 numbers. When you use WeQ4U to skip a call centre queue, we find out which call centres have long queues, so we can help them with our business solution. We are registered as a Data Processor with the Office of the Data Commissioner, and fully comply with the Data Protection Act. We will not pass on any Personally Identifying Information to any other company or organisation. The only time we pass your CallerID on to any other party is when you are making a call through the service, in which case it is sent to the Call Centre as CallerID, just like a normal call. We do make use of data about your call - specifically about particularly long waits - in order to approach call centres that may need our business solution, WeQ4U 4 Business.
We may from time to time make use of aggregate call data in order to produce statistics on call centre performance, or league tables of poorly performing call centres, for example. We do not access your contacts, or any other information on your phone, for any purpose other than the delivery of our service to you. According to this article from the BBC and also the official OfCom statement, calls to 0800 numbers really will be free from Mobiles, but not until June 28th, 2015.
There are also going to be changes to the 084 and 087 number ranges that could mean that calls to these number ranges might actually go up, depending on your provider and the number concerned. Orderly Telecoms (AKA WeQ4U) is looking for a bright, friendly support engineer to provide front line support for our call centre and consumer applications, as well as product customisation and new product development.

Initially the role will focus on end customer support and documentation while you learn our current systems.
Once you have a good technical understanding, you will be expected to contribute to new product development, customisation and upgrades. You will be assigned a silicon-valley trained Mentor to help you learn the skills you need as your career progresses, as well as a Manager who will be responsible for your day to day activities. We are looking for a compassionate person who is also a fast learner, with some Java programming experience, excellent written and spoken English and communication skills, and a genuine interest in learning the technologies that make online business tick, as well as a keen analytical mind. Here's your chance to learn the end-to-end technologies, from server to web site to App, that any modern business must use to produce and deploy online services, direct from a silicon-valley trained master.
Entrepreneur Matt King, who has invented a revolutionary new system to eliminate annoying call centre queues, is pitching his invention on the BBC TV show Dragon's Den on October 21. Matt is the brains behind WEQ4U, a smart free app which saves people from being held in annoying queues at call centres. Matt's smart time and money saving device works with any phone and is available via iTunes and Android for mobile phone users, connecting them to hundreds of thousands of 08 numbers for free, saving them 30p per minute on their 08 calls.
Under BBC TV publicity guidelines, Matt is unable to talk about his experience in the Dragon's Den until after the show is broadcast at 9pm on BBC-2 on October 21.
Being held in a phone queue is one of the nation's biggest gripes, which is why Matt has developed a clever queuing robot that does all the waiting for you. The phone remains the most popular channel of communication for inbound and outbound contact (Infinity CCS 2012 survey), with 70 per cent of people preferring to make contact using their phone as opposed to email, text or social media. The average UK consumer however spends 45 hours a year waiting on the phone (source: Co-op).
A free app which saves people from being held in annoying queues at call centres, has been downloaded 10,000 times, saving every single user, on average, a hefty £76 pounds per year. Until call centre operators get their acts together, using the WeQ4U app is really people's only option if they want to save themselves time and a considerable amount of money too. His smart time and money saving device works with any phone and is available via ITunes and Android for mobile phone users, connecting them to hundreds of thousands of 08 numbers for free. WeQ4U app users get 08 calls included in their regular minutes, saving mobile users approximately 30p per minute. Calls are to standard geographic 01 numbers, and are included in callers' inclusive minutes, so there are no expensive 08 charges with the service. To use it via a landline, dial 0333 5432 111 and enter the number of the call centre you need to reach. A brilliant new invention from a British entrepreneur is set to solve one of the nation.s biggest gripes - being held in a phone queue. Matt King's new WeQ4U service is set to save frustrated callers millions of minutes a year being held in customer service queues as they try to get through to the UK call centres run by hundreds of British service industries. Software design expert Matt has developed a clever queuing robot that does all the waiting for you. App users get 08 calls included in their regular minutes, saving them about 30p per minute. WeQ4U works with ALL 01, 02, 03, 0800 and 0870 numbers, and MOST 0845, 0844, 0843, 0871 and 0872 numbers. If you are a Call Centre Manager and your number is not in our database, please contact WeQ4U Support and we'll be happy to add it for you, and help your customers reach you more easily.
Wouldn't it be great if all your callers could get through as easily as the ones that use WeQ4U? Companies using our unique solution typically enjoy a reduction in abandonment of 90%, without the need to hire additional staff - so we can save you many thousands of pounds, while eliminating complaints about queues.
Our solution deploys at the network level, so there's no hardware to install or complex integration - we could have you up and running in as little as half an hour. Such changes will help reveal the true cost of taking part in phone votes for reality TV shows such as Britaina€™s Got Talent. Not only are they very affordable, but they give your business that instant professional appeal, before your potential client has even rang you. Having multiple phone numbers, with different area codes is definately something to think about. Microsoft will never phone you unless pre-arranged and you are already in contact with them about a problem. I was not sure where would be the best place to show this in view of all the scam calls purporting to be from Microsoft in order to safely call the genuine phone number for the UK.

Inclusive calls to Virgin Mobile phones in the UK are included if mobile numbers called have been active in the previous 90 days (i.e. If you are paying a per-minute rate for ordinary weekday, daytime, calls to 01, 02 and 03 numbers then you are likely on the wrong price plan. Once you have the 'anytime' call plan, you can make as many calls as you like, at any time of the day or night, on any day of the week, without running up any additional cost (as long as each call is less than 60 minutes long). It can register up to 130 cards, including major reward schemes such as Tescoa€™s Clubcard and Sainsburya€™s Nectar.To add your membership details to the app, use your phonea€™s camera to scan the front of your plastic reward card.
LUCKY NUMBERS was chosen as a semifinalist from over 1,500 entries in the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival.
As soon as it's stopped ringing, just hit Last Number Redial on your phone, or dial us on 0333 5432 111, and we'll connect you to the agent straight away.
WeQ4U access numbers start with 01 and are included in these free minutes, but may be charged at your provider's normal UK landline rate if you go over your included minutes, just like any other 01 call. We may pass this information on to other businesses, such as our partners and resellers - but never information that would allow them to identify your specific call. If you have any further questions about privacy, or how we make use of data generated by the use of our service, please ask us by writing to Customer Services. Since its launch earlier this year, the app has been downloaded more than 10,000 times, saving every single user, on average, a hefty £76 pounds per year.
And 60% of customers say they find it difficult to get through to call centres (source: Future Foundation). And if users get stuck in a queue, they just press 9* and their place is held for them free of chargeuntil an agent answers, without using up any minutes at all.
His smart time and money saving device works with any phone and is now available as a handy app via ITunes and Android for mobile phone users. And if users get stuck in a queue, they just press 9* and their place is held for them free of charge.
In fact there's nothing worse than being told that your call is important and will be answered shortly when it clearly isn't.
And 60% of customers says they find it difficult to get through to call centres (source: Future Foundation). Join brands such as Bensons For Beds and River Island in finding out what a massive difference running an optimised queue can make for your call centre and callers.Best of all, it's FREE for UK Call Centres! Everyone know's an 0800 number is free to call (from a landline, of course), so immediately is encouraged to call you! We all love the local-man for whatever it is that we need, so adding additional numbers with different area codes is a great idea! You will then be able to leave your cards at home and just scan your phone at the checkout.The app also makes it easier to stay on top of how many points youa€™ve collected in each scheme and redeem them.
Renaissance Theaterworks’ mission is to improve gender parity in theater and tell women’s stories.
A huge THANK YOU to the thousands of people who voted for us and made this possible, and to the competition organisers for making us part of the Future 50 and the Judges' Favourite 10. As soon as it's stopped ringing, hit Last Number Redial or dial 0333 5432 111 to be put through to the agent immediately. Not only does the client feel you're more local to them, but all the calls redirect to your landline or mobile, so you don't have to be in several places at once!
This trend is likely to continue so it becomes ever more important to make sure you are on the right call plan that matches your needs. After being selected as one of the 30 semi-finalists to perform in NYC, Rice asked Renaissance to produce the play. We have handy Apps available for iPhone and Android, but if you don't have these, then use the 0333 number.
0871,0872,0873 are 5p - 10p per minute, but most companies that have these numbers charge the full 10p. In particular, an 'anytime' call plan ensures you never have to pay the extortionate out-of-plan per-minute-rated call charges levied for calls to ordinary 01, 02 and 03 numbers that would otherwise be encountered.
This doesn’t include other services beginning with 07, such as Personal Numbering, Mobile WiFi or Paging services etc.

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