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All of these Frog clipart illustrations are instantly available to download after checkout. The game begins with a short animated film featuring Homer Simpson working at the Nuclear Power Plant. After a task is completed, you are granted with money and XP; there is a library of items to purchase with that money- more become available as you level up. This change in pace will occur often if you’re trying to go for the big bucks as the tasks that reward more money often take more time. The most amount of donuts you can buy at a time is 2,400 which will cost you $100, or you can go for a dozen donuts which costs $2. Homer, instead of paying attention to his job, is seen playing a game — much like the one he’s in now — on his tablet. Completing certain structures or assignments will unlock new characters, which are able to perform their own tasks.

There is however the option of speeding up the process by paying for the remaining amount of time with donuts, howbeit the donuts are in short supply. Many items in the game can only be bought with donuts, which is disappointing since you can only buy virtual money with donuts and not vise versa. If you have a free Origin account, you can connect with your friends online and visit their Springfields to earn money and XP for helping them out or vandalizing their buildings; this can only be done a certain amount of times a day. Distracted by his game, he neglects to notice the flickering lights and roaring alarms around him.
For those familiar with the TV show, you will be happy to know the game features authentic voices and most of the characters spit one-liners every time you click on them which gives the game a bit more personality. Donuts can also be bought with real money and can also be exchanged for more virtual money. It isn’t long before a nuclear meltdown reduces Springfield to a small, empty chunk of land.

Despite there being an abundance of things to do, there are those inevitable moments when you will be stuck with no other option than to exit the App and wait for a task to finish. Homer just-so-happens to be the only survivor and he has no other choice but to rebuild Springfield… this is where you come in. First and foremost, “The Simpsons: Tapped Out,” like any other sim game, requires a lot of patience. The game is heavily situated around time-based activities; building structures and assigning tasks will entail you to wait a given amount of time ranging from seconds, to days, to even months. However, if you play your cards right, there are a plethora of characters to keep you plenty busy while you wait out the rest.

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