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Copy the line of code that starts with ‘{google:baseURL}search?’ (it’s a good idea to paste and save this code in a text editor in case something goes wrong). Now when you perform your search directly from Chromes address bar, you’ll get the search results from the suffix you specified.
Finally, launch Chrome, set your default search engine to the entry you just created, and enjoy! Google’s rise to success was in large part due to a patented algorithm called PageRank that helps rank web pages that match a given search string. Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that.

The PRO STRAP is rapidly becoming the choice of professional photographers and people who use large cameras with long heavy lenses. A neoprene pouch that accommodates a small size lens with filter Drawstring closure and padded dust flap provide finishing touches to lens section Small Size - For lenses up to 4 diameter x 5 length This unique pouch is sure to become a classic! When Google was a Stanford research project, it was nicknamed BackRub because the technology checks backlinks to determine a site’s importance.
The weight is evenly dispersed while the strap functions as a shock absorber to eliminate neck and shoulder fatigue.
The patented weight reduction system makes the PRO STRAP absolutely essential for prolonged use of a heavy camera or portable power pack.

The Non Slip Grip adds the finishing touch which enables camera gear to be safely carried slung over the shoulder.
However, you can still get it to work, albeit it’s a little bit more work than before (not too much, though, no sweat).

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