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The crackling radio alerts you to the nurse standing behind this grate in a delightful homage to the Silent Hill games. Silent Hill Alchemilla begins in a dingy house that has clearly fallen into a state of disrepair.
Silent Hill Alchemilla manages to include a lot of memorable elements from the previous games such as the mysterious voids cutting off the streets.
The first real section of the game showcases some of the auditory strengths and weaknesses in Silent Hill Alchemilla. Seemingly random ambient sounds left me sufficiently paranoid and unsettled.
I hit a severe hiccup trying to solve some of the puzzles in Silent Hill Alchemilla. I had a difficult time remembering some of the specific notes or which particular items I had picked up. Silent Hill Alchemilla includes a few sections where the world is literally turned upside-down. I was also disappointed at the lack of any sort of enemies or combat in Silent Hill Alchemilla. So we have an ADVENTURE type game in Silent Hill universe with NO MONSTERS and NO GUNS, MELEE.
In our game you will not find inventory system or notes system and the reason the same – there are no people who could do that on Source engine (people start to hate it cause it outdated). I’ve been involved in mod teams myself so I can understand making due with the resources you have. Silent Hill Alchemilla was downloaded for free by the reviewer and reviewed on the PC platform.
Summary : Silent Hill Alchemilla is an admirable attempt at making an adventure game in the Silent Hill universe that unfortunately falls flat on both counts. Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata has gone on the offensive, arguing that the company was not forced to backtrack on its plans concerning the mobile market, as reported by some outlets. A variety of media have written that Nintendo is cornered a number of times, but I do not think we were cornered at all. Instead of seeking out a company, Nintendo says the DeNA CEO spoke with him about remaining in the background, while being able to utilize Nintendo’s intellectual property to create new experiences on mobile. According to Iwata, the DeNA firm presented the right amount of knowledge and willingness to work with Nintendo that provided the right time to step into the market. We have finally found a clear way to achieve a win-win relationship both for the dedicated video game and smart device businesses by deploying Nintendo IP raised in dedicated video game systems to smart devices,” Iwata said, implying that a smartphone strategy was previously rejected only because Nintendo was yet to identify a satisfactory solution. One of the many statements thrown around by press after the announcement was that Nintendo was too late to join the mobile market, that firmly established companies have already been taking advantage of the boom in mobile for years now.
As for your criticism that the decision is late, I think that whether it is late or not will be decided by what we produce in the coming years, and it could rather be described as the best timing. This is because the developers hail from Ukraine and Russia according to the flags on their Mod DB page. English is clearly their second language as there are quite a few grammatical oddities in the dialogue and written elements throughout the game. You can click around on various things such as the bookcases or refrigerator and get little bits of background information or interesting dialogue.
However, one of the early music tracks was very distracting – it had a particular sound in it that sounded like banging or footsteps of a sort.

The game relies heavily on you reading and interpreting various clues left throughout the level (whether they be a written note, a page in a book, or written in blood on the walls). You’re presented with two valves embedded in nurses on either side of a door with metal bars blocking the way. We wanted to implement these features strong enough and we searched for people for the last days and sadly didnt find any who could help us to do this quite well. So just sit tight, take pen and notebook and play as hardcore gamer, make notes yourself, draw your maps yourself. Programmers are difficult to come by (talented programmers even more so), and sometimes you have to make compromises in the face of what your team is capable of. There are certain puzzles where you have to push buttons in a certain order such as a keypad to unlock a door. I thought it was a bit strange that you couldn’t just save in whatever slot you would have liked to but it was by no means a big deal.
They did an excellent job at getting the atmosphere and setting just right for the most part in Silent Hill Alchemilla. CCGs, Tabletop Games, Pen & Paper RPGs - I've tried a whole bunch of stuff over the years and I'm always looking to try more! Iwata had long been a hold out when investors asked about Nintendo’s mobile plans, but after the surprise announcement of his company forming a partnership with Japanese mobile firm DeNA, many felt as though Iwata was backtracking on previously made statements. Needless to say, we are also aware that unless a company can deal with the rapidly changing world, it will face decline.
According to Iwata, this is exactly the type of arrangement Nintendo needed in order to get its feet wet in the mobile pool. He was careful to reiterate that Nintendo has received several offers from other companies, but it hadn’t found the pitch to join mobile until DeNA came along.
Iwata doesn’t see it that way however, as he says the products they produce in the future will be the determining factor of whether or not the company was late to the boom. But as he stated here, it’s definitely possible for the company to change its mind, once the right partner and right strategy are found.
Kuzminski’s commentary in the Daily Star of May 14-15, “Development must help all of us,” he urges our local politicians to “get off the dime” and start advocating for the restoration of passenger rail service between Oneonta and Cooperstown. When I heard that a Source Mod called Silent Hill Alchemilla (developed by White Noise) dropped on Mod DB I absolutely had to check it out. One of the facets of previous games that Silent Hill Alchemilla has managed to expertly emulate is nearly every door is locked, broken, missing a doorknob, or otherwise not functional for mysterious reasons.
I fruitlessly explored the tiny courtyard until I resigned myself to reluctantly entering the lobby. It became less scary and more annoying as I was trying to make my way through the hospital. I ended up relying on taking external notes about which items I found and where I found them. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the fact that these missing elements were a detriment to the overall experience.

The buttons give no indication as to which one you are about to push such as being highlighted – indeed, even with my cursor over a particular button I found that I ended up pushing another one. You’re provided with just enough save points to keep from repeating sections of the game too often if you manage to slip up and die to one of the rare environmental hazards. In a chat with investors that has now been translated, Iwata stated that he doesn’t feel as though Nintendo is backtracking from its original goals.
But I would like to emphasise here that our alliance [with DeNA] is not the result of a lack of better options for a cornered company. After that, the more we discussed, the more I realized that DeNA knew so many things that Nintendo did not. The only thing that remains to be seen is whether or not this strategy will pay off for both Nintendo and DeNA. We stare silently at the dark corridors of an otherworldly hospital where the walls are covered in rusty grates and blood. If they had managed to make a game half as good as any of the first few Silent Hill games I would have been pleased.
A handwritten note on the counter got me started on the path to making my way through the hospital. The only way to refer back to them (short of using a walkthrough) is to take screenshots and look at them occasionally with Shift & Tab (which is exactly what I did). This is another major weakness of Silent Hill Alchemilla as it relies strongly on solving puzzles and finding keys. I was excited to encounter a nurse creepily standing behind a grated wall at one point in the game – I had hoped to soon find a weapon and find myself fighting for my life. Mr Moriyasu even said that DeNA did not mind remaining in the background as long as it could collaborate with Nintendo, and I came to realize that this could be a very productive opportunity as in comparison to what Nintendo might have been able to achieve by itself. He has a bit of a Slavic accent to him, but who’s to say everyone living in Silent Hill was a born and bred American who spoke English with a New England accent? I referred to a walkthrough and watched a couple YouTube playthroughs hoping to find a solution but was unable to do so.
I was disappointed to find that the only hazards were environmental ones (such as a hole in the floor) and a puzzle or two that will kill you if you incorrectly solve it. Despite these minor nitpicks, the overall atmosphere presented to the player was definitely fitting of Silent Hill.
I eventually just kept turning the valves seemingly at random until the doorway was opened.

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